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Zero, King of Little Devils

Zero is a secret playable character in the first game, Bayonetta.


Zero is unlocked by beating Lost Chapter: Angel Slayer, or through a cheat code on a phone booth after Chapter 2, Verse 3: ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → Punch

Zero's fighting style is nearly identical to Bayonetta's. He can enter Witch Time through precise dodging and frame-perfect parrying and can use accessories and items, but takes exactly 7900 damage from all enemy attacks. As a result, he cannot survive more than two enemy hits (three with all Witch Heart upgrades). Like Bayonetta and Jeanne, he will not die in one hit as long as he has more than 1 HP, so even the slightest healing helps him survive.

Zero can summon the Little Devils by holding PunchKick. He does not need the Infernal Communicator, and equipping it does not add to the effectiveness of the summon. While this means Zero can use other accessories' powers at the same time, doing so weakens all powers in play; e.g. Zero cannot summon more than two Little Devils, two Pulley's Butterflies and/or one shadow from Sergey's Lover at the same time.

Zero gains magic much faster than Bayonetta and Jeanne, at approximately one orb per Wicked Weave. His normal ground movement is also faster than Bayonetta and Jeanne with Odette, but Beast Within does not increase his speed.



  • Zero and the Little Devils appear to be based on the Grim Reaper (also known as Death), whose most common depiction is that of a skeleton wearing a black robe and hood with a scythe. In Greek Mythology, Death is a man with wings who is responsible for guiding souls to the Underworld.
  • Zero does not have most animations properly implemented.
    • Beast Within has him move normally with a flower trail behind him, and Crow Within leaves him floating in mid-air with his regular idle animation.
    • Because Bayonetta's weapons were rigged for Bayonetta and Jeanne, most weapons float at Zero's side while he attacks, and he continues to hold his scepter.
  • Zero only speaks through grunts, sighs, ticks and growls - except the final Climax Attack against Jubileus, where the incantation to summon Queen Sheba uses the exact same voice clip as Bayonetta and Jeanne.
  • A version of Zero's model, with his crown and scepter recolored blue, is in the files of Bayonetta 2. It is fully rigged but remains unused, as Rosa was made the third playable character in his place.