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Worship is an angelic enemy that appears in the second game, Bayonetta 2. It belongs to the Second Sphere: 'Powers' in the Hierarchy of Laguna. Along with Resplendence, it is one of the rarest angelic enemies in the game, only confronted in a single encounter in Chapter XIV.

Hierarchy of Laguna[]

Ranked sixth in the angelic hierarchy, Worship is a Second Sphere Power with the body of a giant warship.

In contrast to Kinship, a Power used for transporting angelic armies across the battlefield, Worship uses the divine power of God to decimate his enemies. Worship's entrance into the fray is a sign that the battle is reaching its climax.

Past followers of Laguna believed to sacrifice their souls and become part of the ship was to receive the highest form of bliss.


Worship takes the form of a gigantic flying angelic battleship, similar to Kinship, and is seemingly the angelic version of Insidious. Despite its size, it is dwarfed by the much larger Resplendence. It had multiple faces over its bulk and is adorned in the usual gold angelic decorations, modeled to appear similar to Lumen depictions of the sun.


Despite its size, Worship is not a difficult enemy to face off against, especially due to Bayonetta's usage of the Umbran Armor. The angel will attempt to use projectile attacks, for the most part, consisting of energy bullets, laser attacks, and the cherubim missiles first seen used by Sapientia. When up close, the faces on its side will peel back to reveal a monstrous set of jaws that lunge and bite at Bayonetta. Through the use of Witch Time Worship soon falls.


  • Like Kinship, Worship's name works as a pun, as it serves as a "war ship" for the armies of Paradiso.