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Bayo0 - All Wisps Saved

All of the Wisps after being saved by Cereza and Cheshire

Wisps are the souls of humans who were lost and killed by the faeries in Avalon Forest, first introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

The unofficial leader of the Wisps is Colm, who is also the first Wisp encountered in-game.

Known Wisps[]


  • Height: Regular-sized house plant
  • Weight: Small clump of moss
  • Personality: Carefree
  • Hobby: Sunbathing
Mossy has a reputation for taking things slow. Even for a Wisp. The large part of his day is spent sunbathing, and he lays so perfectly still that the grass tends to grow straight over him.

But that doesn't bother ol' Mossy at all. Nothing makes him happier than a good nap in a soft blanket of sunlight. One would think that lying out in the open would make him an easy faerie target, but he blends in with the surrounding shrubbery so much the faeries don't seem to notice him much anyway.

The other wisps find his bright outlook and laid back disposition to be a breath of fresh air, and sometimes Wisps will congregate together to sprawl out with him. Woe be the Wisp that would unsuspectingly take one of Mossy's favourite sunbathing spots, though the calm-natured wisp will blow up like a cannon.


  • Height: Approx. 8 nails
  • Weight: A standard hammer
  • Personality: Stubborn
  • Hobby: Studying
There's a rumour in Avalon that the nail in Nail's head is bent that way because they couldn't get it through his stubborn head.

Completely by-the-book, everything about him is straight and narrow (except the nail of course). He shows no mercy to rulebreakers, be they friend or foe, so most other wisps see him as the local enforcer of the law and order.

In his younger days, he was quite studious , and his academic scores were nothing to sneeze at. But he rebelled against the future his parents wanted for him and ran away to Avalon. This would lead to his capture by the faeries and his turning into a wisp. Regretting his actions, he now has a remorseful determination towards the importance of abiding by the conventions created by others.


  • Height: Just over 4 large cogs
  • Weight: 3.5 small cogs
  • Personality: Sarcastic
  • Hobby: Musical preformance
Metalhead is known as the sarcastic wisp. He's always looking at things a bit slanted, always smugly sure there's something more to it than everyone can't see. Despite all of that, music is like a doorway to his soul. It's nigh impossible to find and instrument dropped in the forest, so he resorts to collecting twigs and other materials to make his own. As a craftsman, he accepts nothing short of perfection; each of his creations is a masterpiece of musical beauty. His playing skills, on the other hand...leave something to be desired. He is known to often break out into pure unmelodious cacophony, but he just looks so one has the heart to stop him.


  • Height: 3 head bolts
  • Weight: Medium wrench
  • Personality: Two-faced
  • Hobby: Mountain climbing
Holt is a very different wisp depending on who he's with.

Those close to him and anyone he considers "below" him, he can be very direct and assertive with. But put him in front of a stranger, or anyone he thinks is "important" and you can't get a whole sentence out of him.

His two-faced personality is pretty infamous along the wisps, but Holt himself seems curiously unaware. According to Holt, to be a good mountain climber (Holt's favourite hobby) you need a good grasp of what's below you, and what's above you. This ideology just king of seeps into his everyday personality, you could say. Holt also happens to be notorious at getting lost- they even say in his previous live, he didn't have a lot of lick ever making it to the top. He's been trying to recruit a few wisps to his newly coined "Holt's Trailblazers"...but hasn't had any luck so far.


  • Height: Dashingly tall
  • Weight: Some roses and chocolates
  • Personality: Narcissist
  • Hobby: Self-gazing
"Love thyself and others shall surely love you too": this is the core of Rattles's philosophy. Everything that comes from his mouth is usually sweet nonsense, but he does have a certain charm that the other wisps can't put their finger on. Perhaps that's why no one has that much bad to say about him. Which makes sense, because when everyone isn't looking, Rattles put a lot of effort into trying to make himself shine. He watches his diet to be sure his spectral aura glows brilliantly, and he polishes his chains so they're always squeaky clean. He's even been doing a little weight-training in case a poor wisp in distress comes along in need of rescuing.

Of course, he would die before he let any of the other wisps discover his painstaking efforts. To be loved, his greatness must seem effortless.


  • Height: 40 marking pins
  • Weight: 3 sewing needles
  • Personality: Fussy
  • Hobby: Cross-stitch
Pinpoint is the go-to gal for all the clothing needs of Avalon's wisps. The faeries may have originally bagged the wisps with their hoods, but someone needs to do upkeep or they'll get ragged and torn. Pinpoint uses supplies collected by other wisps in the forest to do alterations that make sure every hood is well maintained. No wisp can deny she does skilled work, but she's so fussy about every detail that even the smallest job takes forever. All of her needles need to be of a certain sharpness and shine. Make one mistake in the pattern and she'll unravel the whole hood and start over again. This means at any given time there are a long line of wisps waiting for her repairs. Some wisps go so far as to try and hide litle rips in their hoods just to avoid getting involved in the whole process.


  • Height: A normal hammer
  • Weight: A few hammers
  • Personality: Troublemaker
  • Hobby: Camping
The perfect word for Plop is probably "racsal" - he runs around the forest causing mischief every day with what seems like an endless reserve of energy.

The hammer stuck on his head doubles as a tool for his tricks, especially to bop other wisps with.

These antics constantly get him in trouble, but Plop never seeems to mind - come tomorrow he'll be waving his hammer-head at someone all over again. Maybe it's because he became a wisp and never got the chance to grow up.

Plop is an avid lover of nature, so Avalon might be the perfect place for him - it certainly gives him plenty of time for camping, his favorite hobby. The fact that he seems so well adjusted to his life in Avalon is something that a few of the other wisps secretly find somewhat vexing.


  • Height: About a bow
  • Weight: About one arrow
  • Personality: Quick-tempered
  • Hobby: Hunting
Robin was a hunter as brave as they come. He has struck down many a beast with his trusty bow and arrow. He had confidence in his skill and believed there was no prey he could not fell.

Being a heroic lad, he set his sights on the faeries of Avalon, who were rumoured to be whisking away many a child. Sadly, this is where fate turned against him. His bow and arrow proved worthless against the faeries, and the hunter became the hunted. But even after his attacks proved worthless, Robin's sense of honour would never allow him to turn his back and run. He still hopes to get back at the faeries, though now it has perhaps become more personal. He likes to think of the arrows stuck in his head as a constant reminder the enemy is still out there.

Recently, he has been poaching small animals around the forest, testing his skills, hoping for a rematch some day.


  • Height: Movie star tall
  • Weight: Shame on you
  • Personality: Haughty
  • Hobby: Shopping
Kingsley considers herself something of an actress. She claims she definitely has the face of one, though no one's ever seen her under her hood. One of her favourite things to say is, "My looks could drive even a faerie wild, darling." Sadly, these same faeries don't seem to have much interest in her after she became a wisp.

She acts like royalty and demands to be treated as such. She finds living in a place without a single jewellry store to be absolutely dreadful, but she makes the best of her time in Avalon by having several wisps go find valuable-looking stones and the like for her.

Why these wisps listen to her is anyone's guess, but perhaps they hope their loyalty may one day earn them just a glance under the hood - something which, again, has never been achieved.


  • Height: About as tall as two paintbrushes
  • Weight: Momma's apple pie
  • Personality: Easy-going
  • Hobby: Painting
Candy was originally a boy who loved art.

He would often be moved by the things he would see, lock them into memory, and give them new lift on the canvas. After finishing a painting, his mother would always be waiting with words of encouragement and a delicious apple pie.

One day, he wandered to Avalon Forest in search of inspiration and never made it back. After being made a wisp, he realised he could no longer see. Still, he has never let his circumstance change his passion for painting. Though he now only sees a flood of red, he is still able to conjure up vistas from yesteryear, and thinks up new grand worlds as well. He makes his drawings on faerie flyers that other wisps collect for him.

He may never be able to lay eyes on his own work again, but it is still enjoyed by many of the other wisps. And that's good enough for for him - that's good enough to keep him going.

He'd be able to see fine if he just took the nails out, but...he may never figure that out.


  • Height: 6 pairs of glasses
  • Weight: 1 lens
  • Personality: Innocent
  • Hobby: Exploring, singing
Double-O is an innocent young boy. He loves to explore and he loves to sing, so he's often humming around the hideaway in search of secrets. His definition of "exploring" can be summarised as sniffing out various junk on the ground, but he's quite serious about inspecting said junk. He proclaims one of his discoveries will prove of legendary importance to the wisps someday, so he puts his all into his excursions.

The glasses hewears aren't perscription, they're just another of his findings. He believes them to be a good luck charm for his treasure hunts. The melody of "The Great Wisp Explorers", a litle tune he made for his searches, is fairly catchy, and often hummed unconsciously by other wisps in the hideaway.


  • Height: 4 boxes
  • Weight: 2 boxes
  • Personality: Loner
  • Hobby: Hide 'n Seek
Boxby is...a wisp with a box on his head. His shyness is so severe that the box serves as an essential comfort - sheltering him from the unknowns of the outside world. He would never dream of taking it off.

The box has been with him for a long time, and is starting to accumulate a decent amount of holes and tape. It was given to him by another wisp he met in the forest long ago, and he'd never think to replace it.

As part of his reclusive personality, his hide 'n seek skills are second to none. When really trying, it could take days to find him. That is, if it weren't for the box, which is kind of a dead give away. So ultimately, he's probably just as easy to find as anyone.


  • Height: Grandiose
  • Weight: Supreme
  • Personality: Doubting
  • Hobby: Poems, singing
Flick is a wisp off in his own world. He believes himself to be of an alternate, greater dimension, and he behaves very strangely doing what he calls "rituals".Sometimes he goes off by himself chanting the same hymn for hours at a time.

This curious behavior started with a betrayal by one of his closest wisp friends. Ever since, his mannerisms have served as a defence mechanism to distance himself from the other wisps of Avalon.

Deep down, he's much more straightforward than he would ever let on. The poems he writes are simple and easy to understand, and pure. He has a beautiful voice that some wisps would secretly try to listen in on when he sings. Ever since coming to the hideaway, he has been surrounded by a warm bunch of wisps who are breaking down his defences, ever so surely.

Fun Guy[]

  • Height: 4 cutting boards
  • Weight: A kitchen knife
  • Personality: Mothering
  • Hobby: Cooking
Fun Guy is probably the greatest chef of all of the wisps. His ability to turn the random assortment of knickknacks the other wisps find the forest into delicious dishes has made him a quite valued member of the hideaway. And while he loves to cook, he loves others enjoying his cooking as well.

Since he was a child, he always loved experimenting with new and exotic flavours, which led him to Avalon. He's not remorseful about becoming a wisp, telling himself that now he can eat and eat and never gain weight. The only problem the other wisps have with Fun Guy is that sometimes his zeal for trying new tastes can lead into him sneaking suspicious shrubbery into his recipes.


  • Height: 4 dandelions
  • Weight: Patch of thistle weed
  • Personality: Curious
  • Hobby: Zoology
Vince is a scholar on a mission to study all walks of life - becoming a wisp hasn't changed that a bit. Every day he treks deeper into the forest on another wildlife excursion, notebook in hand. To Vince, that's all there is; nothing else could give his life meaning. He even tries studying the faeries, his curiosity seemingly overcoming any fear or hatred towards them. When he spots one, he sneaks up as close as he can to observe them, almost completely disregarding his own safety.

Vince's insatiable curiosity has always been with him, even in his previous life. He left a respected academic position to seek the truly unknown, which is how he first arrived in Avalon. He tries to impart the wisdom of his findings and observations to the other wisps, but they find him a little hard to understand.


  • Height: A slightly short fishing rod
  • Weight: Approx. one wooden lure
  • Personality: Gossipy
  • Hobby: Gossip
Captain is a wisp that loves to gossip. Factually proven? Save that boring stuff for the dictionary. Inconclusive...that's just another word for alluring mystery. Fishing for a big scopp has been known to get him into trouble a few times, but that just adds to the thrill. At the hideaway, he calls himself an ace reporter, mostly as an excuse to butt into the other wisps' private lives. He has a regular column in the "Wisp Weekly", where the small town gossip he picks up suddenly gets decorated with lavish colour; a true favourite read of local wisp residents. Recently he's been hoping to do some street journalism with a few faeries, but alas, he doesn't speak the lingo.


  • Height: A tiny tuna
  • Weight: Just a tad more than a striped bass
  • Personality: Scatterbrain
  • Hobby: Fishing
Anything you want to know about fishing, just ask Fishy.

A crazed fish enthusiast, he provides the hideaway with the majority of their fish intake. His skills as a fisherwisp are no joke; he always brings in a large catch. The problem is the catch rarely makes it back home. Often he'll be so absorbed in fishing, forest animals will sneak up and take what he's already caught. Other times he'll get lost on the way and everything will spoil. The big fishbone latched onto his head is there because he thought he might be able to catch something big if he used himself as a lure. He's a bit of a fishbrain, but most of the other wisps in Avalon find that side of him to be endearing.


  • Height: Still growing
  • Weight: Getting there
  • Personality: Rugged
  • Hobby: Physical training
Wrapper is a girl wisp with a bandage wrapped around her head.

The bandage covers the bruises she receives during her excruciating daily exercise routine. She trains tirelessly day and night to be bigger and tougher than any wisp, or faerie for that matter. That said...her results are still mediocre at best. She continually challenges bulkier wisps to duels, but loses almost every time; hence the bandages and bruises.

Goal-focused, she sometimes modifies the playground equipment in the hideaway to make her own personal exercise machines. The other wisps, having no idea the equipment has been tinkered with, are very curious as to why they suddenly feel stronger than before. Ironically, this has made an endless line of rivals for her.

Big Nails[]

  • Height: 112.624 cm
  • Weight: 21.262 g
  • Personality: Sensitive
  • Hobby: Cleaning
Big Nails has some nails jabbed in his head, and one in his belly too. He's quite sensitive; he notices and cares about little things that other wisps wouldn't.

He loves to clean, and is extremely serious about it. He goes after all the tough spots in corners and nooks that most overlook, and everything is said to have a shimmer and glean to it when his work is done. Woe to the wisp who gets stuck cleaning with him; he demands the same meticulousness of others that he does of himself.

Appearance-wise, he doesn't look so neat kept, which is something he himself seems a little bothered by. He's been trying hard to diet recently, but he still hasn't realized that wisps don't gain or lose weight.


  • Height: 2 helmets
  • Weight: About 5 helmets
  • Personality: Headstrong
  • Hobby: Fossil collecting
Hardhead is about as stubborn of a wisp as you can get.

His opinion is the only right one, in fact it's the only one. He will not change his mind no matter the situation. If any wisp is ever fool enough to try and argue with him, it's a swift headbutt with his rock-hard head and sturdy half-helmet.

He enjoys collecting fossils, especially those of faeries in the forest. He's amassed quite an impressive collection, but it's probably best not to ask him about it - once he starts drolling about his stones, it could be hours, even days until the unsuspecting victim is set free.

Sir Toppie[]

  • Height: 8 top hats
  • Weight: A gentlemen's weight
  • Personality: Showy
  • Hobby: Hat making, singing
Sir Topple is a wisp that values his appearance more than anything else. He loves to stand out, which the hat probably has something to do with. He occasionally puts on impromptu singing shows, just to try and get the attention of other wisps with his handsome baritone voice. His top hat is handmade, by himself, and he has a different one for each day of the week. He makes sure that no version is particularly fancy, as he wants to save that one for a special occasion. The fact that he is able to make his everyday hats look so identical seems like a talent in itself - but it just goes to show how he will do anything to look prim and proper.


  • Height: 5 saws
  • Weight: A big ply of wood
  • Personality: Uneven
  • Hobby: Carpentry
Sawtooth is the local wisp carpenter. His work primarily consists of making more playground equipment for the wisps, and other modifications to the hideaway to make it a little more comfortable.

Avalon has all the wood a carpenter could ever need, so his work keeps him pleasantly busy. He could probably be a little more careful though, as his measurements often tend to go somewhat under or somewhat over, so a lot of what he makes looks a little crooked. Still, this doesn't mean he's an amateur by any means, and he's definitely contributed a lot towards the hideaway's development.

The saw lobbed on his head was originally stuck there by the faeries, but he actually appreciates the convenience.

Lil' Snug[]

  • Height: A stack of flapjacks
  • Weight: Apples & oranges
  • Personality: Foodie
  • Hobby: Eating, singing
Always waiting for his next meal, food is Lil' Slug's favourite thing, and he can't live without it (even though wisps don't necessarily need it). He leads a simple life - he's either eating, or trying to find a meal. When he eats something he likes, he sometimes sings for joy. The other wisps find it so cute that sometimes they can't help but give him a little snack. His body is always packed with energy due to his excessive eating, making him a favourite faerie target.

When he's hungry is another story - he gets to be so dangerous that even lower-ranking faeries would hesitate trying to capture him, lest he gobble them for lunch. Needless to say, it's best to keep your distance when he's got an appetite.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Personality: Silent-type
  • Hobby: Unknown
He's Snout...and that's pretty much all the other wisps know about him. One day, he mysteriously appeared in the hideaway. No one knows how he got there, or why he came to the forest in the first place. Even the name Snout is just a nickname given to him by the other wisps - what his actual name is, no one knows. No one knows anything about Snout because...he never says anything. He just grunts sometimes. He seems to get by for the most part with some simple gestures. He doesn't say anything more, and no one asks. No one pries about his past because they understand some wisps have things they might not want to talk about. They also don't seem to notice that he might talk if someone just took the restraints off his face.


  • Height: All the darts sticking on him, stacked together
  • Weight: All the darts sticking on him, stacked together
  • Personality: Flatterer
  • Hobby: Darts
Punk is a wisp with a bunch of darts pinned to him. After the traumatic experience of being used as a dartboard by the faeries (which he's still recovering from), he tries his best now to make sure he's on everyone's good side.

He likes darts himself though, and draws little pictures of faeries on paper for his own target practice. As nice as he seems on the outside, the other wisps see his enthusiasm in this daily ritual, and they're careful not to get on his bad side either.

Recently, his life as a wisp knows little trouble, but it's unsure if that's because he's nice to the other wisps, or because they're secretly scared of him.


  • Height: Heavenly
  • Weight: Almost floating
  • Personality: Merciful
  • Hobby: Prayer
Angel is a wisp with a halo and wings taped on. Friendly to a fault, she can always be seen with her signature smile. She has a deep compassion for all the living things of this world, never forgetting to give them a little daily prayer. Most wisps obviously have a lot of resentment for the faeries, but Angel actually wishes there were some way that she could talk things out and bury the hatchet. She's even considering studying faerie language to better mediate. Born in a land fraught with endless war, she escaped to Avalon seeking refuge at a young age. Even now, she lives each day performing what good deeds she can, hoping true peace may come to this world someday.


  • Height: Sticks out like a sore thumb
  • Weight: Just heavy enough to not get blown away
  • Personality: Single-minded
  • Hobby: Fortune telling
Bullseye is a wisp with a one trick mind and a teensy obsession with fortune telling. She wants to meet the person of her dreams, and she's tried every thinkable way to do so: tarot cards, crystal ball, horoscopes, you name it. Her favourite thing is actually throwing knives with her as the target. In this game, luck is determined by your aim and your throwing arm. It sounds a bit cruel, but it's garnered quite a bit of attention just from its novelty. The hard part is that Bullseye herself gets to move around while you throw, most wisps can barely even hit her in the first place, let alone the target on her hood. If anyone were to make a perfect toss, Bullseye would surely consider them to be "the one", but no one has been lucky(?) enough to do so yet.


  • Height: 7 bumps on the head
  • Weight: A small sandbag
  • Personality: Resilient
  • Hobby: Sparring
Bruce has a slightly strange obsession with pain.

Ever since becoming a wisp, he has thought one thing: You can overcome pain if you just get used to it.

All wisps can only die by releasing too many negative vibes; this dries out their life essence. Bruce realised that this means as long as you control your negative vibes, you can theoretically live forever. So, he began training himself to become immune to pain, in hopes to cut off any of the negative feelings released because of it. He tells the other wisps to think of him as their own sandbag, free to whack and thwack as they please. The other wisps are kind of worried why Bruce would ask for people to do this. They think he's a little weird. But Bruce disregards their judging looks - this too, he says, is all part of the training.


  • Height: Don't care
  • Weight: Don't care
  • Personality: Lazy
  • Hobby: Napping
Cindy is the lazy one of the bunch. She's got a few singes, but that doesn't really bother her (nothing does). Anything she is asked to do, she will almost definitely not do. Her morning routine is wa`ke up, then back to sleep. After that, it's time for her afternoon nap. When she's finally awake, she's usually crawling around on the ground like a slug. All of a sudden it's night again, and she's back to bed. She's lived this way for so long now, everyone around her just accepts that's the way she is. On the extremely rare occasion she ever feels inclined to work, the other wisps can barely hide their concern - something must be terribly wrong.

In her previous life, Cindy was actually quite the workaholic. Exhausted and overworked, Cindy escaped to Avalon hoping to find release from the stress of society. All things considered, becoming a wisp may have actually been good for her.


  • Height: 5 stacked lighters
  • Weight: Bag of lighter oil
  • Personality: Impassioned
  • Hobby: Cooking in his smoker
Scott is a wisp with a few burn marks. Long ago, he was captured by the faeries in order to protect a close friend. The faeries threatened him, trying to learn his friend's location. But Scott refused to break. As a result, he got burned up pretty good, but it doesn't bother him. He's proud he was able to stand up for someone he cared about. Sometimes this mantra of his can get a little intense, preaching to the other wisps about standing up against oppressors and the like.

He's got quite the knack for smoking fish and nuts and such. His whole setup is made from special herbs he collects himself. After a cookout, he gives what he made to hungry little wisps about the hideaway.

The fire that originally scarred him still seems to burn away at him to this day, little by little, but he just tries to be a walking example of the philosophy he holds dear - don't forget what's important, and fight for it.


  • Height: 2 meters, if he tried
  • Weight: 10 grams, minus the head
  • Personality: Insensitive
  • Hobby: Plant collecting
Sprout is a wisp that loves to collect and study plants. It seems as if the faeries planted something on the top of his head after hooding him. He realises the plant is sapping some of his body's energy, but he's never considered removing it. On the contrary, it seems to have made him love plants even more, constantly trying to expand his little collection in his corner of the hideaway. Some of the wisps find him a bit cold because he will never, ever give up one of his plants to a hungry wisp - to him, plants take first priority. Day by day, he gives his all trying to make the perfect little hideaway garden.


  • Height: 16 belts
  • Weight: A belt buckle
  • Personality: Nosy
  • Hobby: Chatting
Leatherhead is a chatty little wisp that can talk on and on for hours at a time.

She loves to rub her nose in other wisps' business. Any time she spots a wisp in trouble she comes running to help, broadcasting her plan of action the whole way. She's needed to learn a lot to fill her constant stream of words, so many wisps rely on her for practical advice. She does have a habit of getting ahead of herself, though, sometimes drawing conclusions well before she's heard even half of what the other wisp has to say. Still, as soon as trouble strikes, you can bet that she'll hear about it, so most wisps have to sit through her advice whether they want to or not.


  • Height: 1 long needle + 1 short one
  • Weight: 2 long needles
  • Personality: Calm & collected
  • Hobby: Embroidery
Needy's defining characteristic must be his unparalleled powers of concentration. If he starts working on something, no matter what distractions intervene, he will sit there and keep working on it until it's done. This ability to focus has helped him create beautiful works of embroidery that are cherished by the others. He is always completely composed; no wisps have ever seen him lose his temper for even a second. Sometimes, his abilities of concentration can work against him though - so focused on the task at hand he forgets to even eat, eventually passing out from hunger. The other wisps find it adorable that someone with such a masterful hand could be so clumsy at living, and many have learned to quietly leave a little food nearby him when they see him working.


  • Height: Same as the wire
  • Weight: Same as the wire
  • Personality: Shy
  • Hobby: Dancing, singing
Wired is a happy, cheerful girl. She's a bit shy and embarrasses easily, but she has a smile that can light up a room. Her hobbies are to dance and sing, and she can never turn down a little performance when asked, though she blushes almost the entire time. Secretly, she laments the fact that the barbed wire the faeries have wrapped around her head pervents her from close contact with the other wisps. But the other wisps try not to let it get to her. Her cheerfulness is a much needed medicine to heal some of the wisps' tired, heavy hearts.

In the past, she had dreamed about one day performing in the bright lights, so she seems happy to have found a little crowd that appreciates her song and dance now.


  • Height: Pair of scissors + half a pair of scissors
  • Weight: Half a pair of scissors
  • Personality: Sharp
  • Hobby: Chess
Snipster is the sage of the wisps. He's a quick thinker and he's execellent at maths.

His smarts are put to great use in expanding the hideaway, as he is able to create clever designs for new playground equipment all from random faerie garbage. Most of the equipment in the hideaway was either designed or improved by him, so he's really contributed quite a lot to the wisp commmunity. Unfortunately, he refuses to do work on anything he doesn't consider stimulating, which is why the defence systems of the hideaway are always lacklustre. He believes that living in a scary place like Avalon, a place to play and have fun is more important than anything. The other wisps agree: Snipster gives them something to take their mind off the threats lurking in every corner of the forest, so they can just relax for a moment. And it's this philosphy that has truly made Snipster the sage wisp.

Straight Edge[]

  • Height: Two razors stacked sideways
  • Weight: Same as the razor stuck in her head
  • Personality: Bossy
  • Hobby: Arguing
Straight edge is the type of wisp who doesn't really hold back.

She likes a straight answer, yes or no, and she hates anything in between. This has led to more than a few altercations with other wisps in the past, and some even avoid her in fear of being her next target. Straight Edge notices this, but she won't let it change her. Wisps are always at risk in Avalon: sometimes a moment's esitation could mean the difference between life and death. She stands firm for the greater good. If that makes her "mean", she says so be it. That all said...she also just loves to argue in the first place, and especially proving someone else is wrong. This doesn't mean she doesn't care about the other wisps...but her curtness might not be solely for the sake of others, either.


  • Height: 7 wrenches
  • Weight: 3 nuts or bolts
  • Personality: Just
  • Hobby: Reading
Pipes is probably the most dedicated and caring of the wisps.

Always lending a hand to those in trouble, he'd stand against a faerie at the pindrop if it meant saving another. His hobby of reading has given him a wealth of knowledge that he uses to support Colm how he can, almost like a trusty advisor. He also happens to be quite strong for a wisp, leading his own patrol group to keep watch around the hideaway. He's really a very good example of both brains and brawn. He never lets his own abilities go to his head, treating each and every wisp equally. This lack of flaws has made some of the wisps say they'd rather deal with a faerie than be on Pipes's bad side.


  • Height: Undisclosed until properly measured
  • Weight: Undisclosed until properly measured
  • Personality: Tempered
  • Hobby: Long distance running.
Machina is all about routine. He believes it important to get up the same time each day, eat the same thing, and follow the same scehdule. He goes on long distance runs along the same route every day - something other wisps would probably find monotonous, but he finds reassuring. His motto is "If it's been done before, it's proven - and can be done again." His greatest joy is simply to complete something he planned to do, no matter how arbitrary the task.

Obviously, this means that any wisp who interrupts his routine is met with great scorn. The wisps who have known him for a long time say he used to be a lot more laid back, but his personality seemed to change after the faeries burned that bolt in his head.


  • Height: About 15 rolls of bandages
  • Weight: A corset
  • Personality: Quiet
  • Hobby: Walks, singing
Patches is a very sweet girl. She has a frail frame and she never feels very well, resulting in her falling and scraping herself often. This has made being wrapped in bandages part of her trademark. She is younger and quieter than the other wisps, so many of them treat her like a little sister. She loves walks and loves to sing, so she can often be seen strolling a humming a little tune.

In her previous life she was chronically ill, and she visited Avalon hoping that becoming a wisp might relieve her from having to deal with her sicknes. Sadly, the sickness remained. Nevertheless, she seems to have found happiness in her new life with the other wisps, always humming her sweet tune around the hideaway.


  • Height: Much shorter than a Great Oak
  • Weight: A crinkled leaf
  • Personality: Disciplined
  • Hobby: Meditation
Trent has lived in the forest as a wisp for many ages now. He is said to maybe even be the eldest of all living things in Avalon, which few deny when seeing he is slowly turning into wood. As can be expected with his age, he is wise, and considered to be like a living book of truths to the other wisps. Some of his wisdom has aged poorly, though, leading the younger wisps to not always see eye to eye with him. His time in the forest has made him very disciplined, requiring little food or sleep. He says it is necessary to do away with the temptations of the physical world to survive here, but everyone knows he naps during his daily meditation sessions. He seems to have a past with Ignis, but refuses to divulge any of it.