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The Heavy Bestial Decisive Unit "Volutus" is a type of Homunculus in Bayonetta 3 and a more menacing evolution of the fodder enemy, Asperatus.

Anatomia Complex[]

An enhanced version of the Asperatus type Homunculus.

In addition to its inherent viciousness, it has also been given the ability to emit flames from its hooves that deal additional damage to its targets.

Like Asperatus, it uses charging tackles as its main method of attack, and also leaves a sea of flames in its wake.


Volutus resembles a darker colored version of Asperatus, with heavier armor and larger tusks.


Volutus attacks primarily with charging attacks, and leaves trails of flame that can deal additional damage.

Recommended Weapons[]



  • "Volutus" (plural "volutis") means "having been rolled, tumbled" in Latin, and is another name for "roll clouds". These are clouds that resemble long tubes, as if rolled up.

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