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The Heavy Adaptive Combat Unit "Virga" is a Homunculus and boss that appears in Bayonetta 3.

Anatomia Complex[]

A gigantic Homunculus type with a segmented body.

With heads at both ends of its body, it is difficult to discern the front from the back. Using that to its advantage, it tracks targets with both heads, quickly changing direction as necessary to pursue.

The multiple legs that support its heavy body cause damage simply by moving, and also have powerful suction cups that allow the giant creature to even walk on walls.

Aside from its raw power, it can also attack by firing blades of light from its legs, breathing fire, and even shooting Stratus types like missiles from its back, making it difficult to approach let alone defeat.


Virga is a massive serpentine Homunculus, with heads at either end of its body. Each head has a large eye usually hidden in a second pair of jaws, and additional eyes can be seen on the sides of its body. Its feet have two toes each, as well as a suction cup that lets it walk up walls. Fused Strati can be seen protruding from its back.


In addition to trampling Bayonetta, Virga can breathe fire, shoot beams from all over its body, and attack with homing missiles.

Recommended Weapons[]

Virga's eyes are its primary weak point, but the eyes on both heads have to be attacked within a very short time of one another while they are glowing red to exploit this weakness. Wartrain Gouon is ideal for doing so on account of its speed and long body.


  • "Virga" (plural "virgae") is Latin for "rod", and refers to a shaft of precipitation that falls from a cloud but evaporates or sublimates before it can reach the ground.
  • A reference to Nian of Chinese folklore, a mythical being that is a key character of the Chinese New Year and being cited for several traditions of said holiday, such as scaring this beast away using fireworks. This is referenced in Bayonetta 3's Side Chapter 4, where the explosions used to damage Virga are described as "fireworks".