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Viola is an Umbra Witch in-training from another world, bonded with an Infernal Demon named Cheshire.[1] The daughter of Bayonetta & Luka from another universe, she arrives to warn Bayonetta of the Homunculi and the threat they pose, joining her fellow witches on a journey across numerous realities in order to stop them.

Viola is a major supporting character in Bayonetta 3 and acts as one of the playable characters with her own unique moveset and abilities.


In her home universe, Viola was often told stories about the possibility of parallel worlds by her father as a child. As she grew up and began to train in the ways of the Umbra, Singularity arrived and began to destroy her world with his Homunculi forces. Viola would later join Connor Sigurd's resistance against Singularity alongside her mother, Bayonetta β0.

As Singularity began to near his goal of destroying Viola's universe, Bayonetta β0 was defeated and killed by the entity; Sigurd gave Viola their last world bridge so she could save herself, before also losing his life. Viola swore revenge against Singularity and escaped to another universe just as her own was destroyed.


Bayonetta 3[]

Viola initially appears falling out of the sky and directly into Enzo's car just as the Homunculi begin to invade New York. Barely conscious, she demands to be taken to see Bayonetta before passing out.

After narrowly escaping the attack, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Enzo and Rodin are taking refuge in The Gates of Hell when Viola makes her presence known. Though she greets Bayonetta and Jeanne with some degree of familiarity, neither witch knows who she is, but she is able to prove her claims by using Witch Time to show her magic skill. Viola explains the nature of the Homunculi and their ultimate aim to destroy the multiverse. She also explains that the Sigurd of their world, a doctor who knows of artefacts called Chaos Gears, would be able to help them as both are needed to stop Singularity from collapsing the multiverse in on itself. To do so, Viola asks Jeanne to track down Sigurd while she transports both herself and Bayonetta to the island of Thule in order to find a way to the Alphaverse, Singularity's home reality.

Arriving on Thule, Viola is quickly separated from Bayonetta, with the pair of them meeting up later in a parallel China. The two witches work together in order to destroy a Cumulonimbus, where Viola tries to bluff and impress the more experienced witch before Luka interrupts them. Sensing an opportunity for the young woman to prove herself, Bayonetta instructs Viola to chase after Luka to stop him getting into trouble. During her search, Viola is suddenly attacked by the mysterious beast Strider and loses sight of her target after having to dispatch a Volutus in her way.

Returning to Thule, Viola continues her pursuit of Luka and ends up travelling to a parallel Egypt. Briefly losing Mab Dachi in the crossing, and by extension Cheshire, she wanders the desert for hours and is luckily able to find the sword before collapsing of exhaustion. Cheshire is able to find water to save her and the pair continue through the ruins until they stumble across Luka once again. Luka warns Viola to stay away, as he suddenly transforms into Strider. Though Viola is able to hold her own for a while, Strider suddenly impales her with his claws and leaves her for dead. However, the grievous injury awakens a dormant power within Viola and she is able to revive herself into the form of a faerie and beat the monster down, making him flee just as Bayonetta arrives.

Realizing that the beast is Luka and the transformation is getting more unstable as the multiverse is destroyed, Bayonetta instructs Viola to keep following him while she collects the rest of the Chaos Gears. With new powers at her disposal, Viola returns to Thule when she is confronted with a mysterious light. She follows it across the island and crosses into another reality where she meets Lukaon, the leader of the faeries and the origin of her new powers. Lukaon reveals he is being called by the same force that is forcing Luka to change and suspects that Viola has a link with him. As he departs, Viola is transported to yet another new world, this time in the middle of an alternate Paris.

As she explores the barren streets, Viola is suddenly attacked by Strider again. Though she is able to beat him, she tries to appeal to Luka inside the monster and reveal that she is his daughter from another world, but Strider instead knocks her away. It is only through Lukaon's intervention and his transporting of both herself and Strider to the Alphaverse that she is saved. Meeting Bayonetta again in the middle of the Homunculi nerve centre, the pair are shocked to discover the body of Sigurd wired into it. Realising that Singularity duped them by pretending to be the Sigurd they were searching for, Viola laments how they are now trapped in the Alphaverse and that Jeanne has been killed. However, Lukaon uses his power to restore Luka and give him control over his Strider transformation, granting him the ability to open a portal to Singularity. As he departs, he gifts Viola a strawberry lollipop, just like her father once did.

In the ruins of New York, Viola arrives to see Singularity attempting to repeat the same method of execution he had used on her mother against Bayonetta. She tries to interrupt, but the entity's power holds her at bay and Viola is unable to do anything but scream for her mother as the killing blow nears. However the intervention of two other Bayonettas stop him in his tracks. Thanks to their efforts, along with the arrival of Luka, Singularity is destroyed in a final battle but Bayonetta loses her magical power and the summoned Gomorrah strikes her down. Viola is then left to watch as Bayonetta and Luka choose to go to Inferno together, once again leaving the young witch an orphan.

As the universe of the battle begins to collapse, Viola finds herself in the last remaining ruins of the world and confronting the shadow of what was once the Alphaverse's Bayonetta, Dark Eve. Using the strength and inspiration given from her parents saving her, Viola defeats the darkness with her powers and is given a final conversation with the spirit of her mother who grants her a new identity.

Some time later in the restored New York, Viola is now attending school and doing jobs for Rodin in the Main Universe. Though her clumsiness still gets her into trouble and causes her "cuts" of the work to be penalised, Rodin assures that her father is still in contact to keep up to date with how she is doing. Now donning her parents' glasses and scarf respectively as she heads off to her latest job, Rodin addresses Viola by the 'family name': Bayonetta.


Viola is a thin young woman with a colorful pixie cut hairstyle, consisting of blonde bangs with violet streaks and a pink undercut. She has grey eyes and wears vibrant purple and blue eyeshadow with magenta lightning bolts at the corners of her eyes, as well as blue lipstick and two piercings on her left ear. Her outfit is composed of a black latex jacket adorned with spikes, black leather gloves, and a white graphic shirt depicting the character Lucky from the popular television show "Torture Cats" being burned at the stake, hence "STAKE!" being written on it. The jacket has a holster for her sword along the back and the inside of the jacket contains slots for her spiked darts. Her belt has numerous blue tartan pouches and her pants have a red and black plaid design. Lastly, she wears a pair of black knee-length leather boots.

Viola carries her katana, Mab Dachi, in a scarlet and gold tosogu holder on her back. At the end of the game, she wears Bayonetta's glasses and Luka's scarf.

In her faerie form, Viola changes into a cat-like humanoid with clawed limbs and purple fur covering most of her body. Her eyes are covered by a mask resembling stained glass, and she wears a cloak that functions like a pair of wings that is made of the same material.


In stark contrast to Bayonetta's classy elegance and confidence, Viola is brash, blunt, crude, short-tempered, and highly sensitive to perceived slights to her pride (especially being called Kitty by Bayonetta). Her cheerfulness and natural energy express themselves in her punk outfit, although they are often masked by her temper. She's also a bit of klutz, similarly to her father.

Viola is keenly aware of her inexperience as an Umbra Witch and tries to act tougher than she is in an attempt to compensate, taking on situations with bravery that verges on recklessness. She has a debilitating fear of enclosed spaces, something else that she tries to keep hidden for the sake of her outward appearance. Nonetheless, she has a flaming determination to stop Singularity's antics, having lost her parents and homeworld to him. She cares deeply for her parents, both the versions from her own universe and those from the Main Universe, and despite her lack of patience with them, she secretly admires them both. But despite her tough nature, like Cereza when she was young, she cried when she was alone.


As she is still not a fully fledged Umbra Witch, Viola does not use the Bullet Arts that others of the clan use in combat and instead relies on her sword and her darts in order to fight her enemies.

As a playable character, Viola uses blows from Mab Dachi combined with ranged attacks from Bull Kiss against her foes, able to charge up her sword strikes to inflict damage on multiple enemies at once. Though she can dodge if she chooses, Viola must instead block enemy attacks at the last moment with Mab Dachi in order to trigger Witch Time, similar to a parry. Though she is not granted a unique visual effect for it, Viola can also perform blocks with the same timing as Bat Within to still be granted Witch Time (as of version 1.2.0 of the game).

Viola can summon Cheshire to aid her in battle using her own version of Demon Slave, along with the variants of Wink and Assault Slave. Unlike Bayonetta, Viola does not directly command Cheshire and he instead attacks enemies of his own volition for the duration of his summoning. When Cheshire is active, Viola is still able to move, use her darts and engage in normal melee combat. As Mab Dachi is the conduit to summon Cheshire, Viola is unable to block attacks during Demon Slave, depriving her of Witch Time.

By drawing upon her love for her father and her mother's magical power, Viola can harness the power of the faeries and take on their form once she has gained enough magic power, similar to Masquerade Rages. In this temporary powered up state, Viola can perform incredibly fast combos of claw slashes and move so swiftly that she appears to teleport. Additionally, her health regenerates over time while transformed.

During exploration out of combat, Viola uses a zipline gadget similar to her father to traverse the environment. Upon gaining the ability to transform, she replaces the zipline with faerie wings that allow her to glide long distances.


  • "I'll be back for you, asshole!"
  • "They're Homunculi. Man-made bioweapons."
  • "Look, we don't have time! If we don't stop them, this world is history and reality as we know it gets wiped out for good!"
  • "I want you to find a scientist named Sigurd. He's somewhere in this world, and he can help us."
  • "My name is Viola!"
  • "Don't make me say it again! My name is Viola! V-I-O-L-FUCKING A! VIOLA!"
  • "Luka, wait! You can take a break anytime now!"
  • "Slow down, damn! I swear it's like he can't hear me!"
  • "AAHH! HOT! HOT! HOT!"
  • "I'm hot, soaked, tired of this shit!"
  • "You want some too? Fine. It's bacon time!"
  • [Imitating Bayonetta] "'You've only got nine lives, Kitty.'"
  • "'ppreciate it, Cheshire."
  • "Ok Luka, funny joke. A little early for Halloween though, don't you think?! Come on snap out of it!"
  • "We might be from different worlds, but I know you feel it! It's me. I'm your..."
  • "MUMMY!!"
  • "Daddy... Mummy..."
  • "Thanks, mummy. I'll treasure it. Always."
  • "Let's dance, baby!"


  • "Bring it on!" - Short Taunt 1
  • "I'm right here!" - Short Taunt 2
  • "The name's V. I. O. L. A. Viola!" - Long Taunt 1
  • "Shut down and shut out!" - Long Taunt 2
  • "Gonna serve you up medium-rare!" - Long Taunt 3
  • "Time for a warm-up, huh?" - Idle 1
  • "OK, so now what?" - Idle 2/Waypoint
  • "Huh." - Enemy is stunned
  • "All right!" - Enemy is killed
  • "Ready to tear it up!" - Enemy is killed
  • "Nice!" - Enemy is killed
  • "No fucking way!" - Cheshire is pinned down
  • "Not so fast!" - Assault Slave
  • "Hey, maybe next time!" - Assault Slave
  • "You serious?" - Assault Slave
  • "I'm really feeling it!" - Faerie Form is ready
  • "OK, I can do this!" - Activating Faerie Form
  • "Harakiri!" - Activating Faerie Form
  • "Burn!"
  • "You're done!"
  • "See you never!"
  • "See you never! Hey, wait!"
  • "Ha, get em'! Argh, that hurt!"
  • "Hook!"
  • "Uppercut!"
  • "Not bad!"
  • "Bring it on!"
  • "Bullseye!"
  • "Caught ya' sleeping!"
  • "Tick off!"
  • "V-Blade!"
  • "Burning V-Blade!"
  • "Oraoraoraora! Strike!"

Low Health[]

  • "Not looking good!"
  • "Time, time!"
  • "You're gonna pay!"
  • "Bullshit!"

Activating Witch Time[]

  • "Take your best shot!"
  • "Too easy!"
  • "My turn now!"
  • "You kidding me?"

Demon Slave[]

  • "You're up!"
  • "Over here, Cheshire!"
  • "You got it!"
  • "Come back, Chesh!"
  • "Don't think so!"
  • "All you, Big C!"
  • "Not bad!"
  • "Bring it in, big guy!"

Torture Attacks[]

  • "Peace!"
  • "Sayonara!"
  • "Bonus shot!"



Concept Art[]



  • Viola's gameplay is reminiscent to Raiden, a character from the Metal Gear series who later on serves as the main protagonist of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, in that both wield swords in combat, both have rock music and both have a mechanic that involves parrying a foe(s)' attacks.
    • Additionally, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was also made by Platinum Games.
  • "Viola" is the Latin and Italian word for "purple" or "violet", as well as a type of string instrument.
    • This is rather similar to Viola's mother and grandmother having Spanish names after something of a particular color, in this case, red. Her name could also reference the purple color theme of the game.
  • Viola's concept art features some distinct differences to her final design. Her hair appears to be styled more swiftly, her lipstick color is purple, her eye makeup eye is yellow and lacks the the lightning bolts, and her Torture Cats shirt has "BooPH" written on it.
    • "Booph" could refer to the slang term meaning to finish with ease.
  • Before her parentage is revealed, there are hints that foreshadow Viola as the daughter of Bayonetta and Luka:
    • In the opening narration, Viola mentions that her father would give her strawberry candy as a child; this parallels how Luka gave Cereza lollipops in the first game. The reference to this scene comes into play later when Luka, before leaving the Alphaverse, tosses Viola a lollipop and calls her "Violita", just like how he called Cereza "Cerezita".
    • The Cheshire demon she is paired with strongly resembles Cereza's doll, and a similar-looking doll is also attached to the hilt of her sword as an accessory.
    • Viola announcing her name to Bayonetta when they meet and her hating the nickname "kitty" could parallel the quotes Luka made in his first meeting with Bayonetta and his dislike of her nicknaming him "Cheshire".
    • Before awakening her Faerie powers, Viola uses a grappling hook, which Luka also uses.
    • The running gag of Viola's tendency to miss her target and fall is also shared with Luka's innate clumsiness.
    • Luka appears to recognize her upon a closer look; later, Lukaon remarks that Viola has a "deep bond" to one of his counterparts.
    • When battling Luka in his Strider form, Viola nearly reveals their family ties before he attacks her.
    • When they discover Sigurd within the Aureole, Viola nearly calls Bayonetta "Mummy" before catching herself.
  • Like Cereza and Loki from previous games, Viola appears on the Chapter select screen of Bayonetta 3, where she throws her darts into the wall to make selections.
  • Viola leaves behind multi-colored glass shards when she walks, referencing her ties to the faeries.
  • Because of the variant naming convention, Viola's full variant title would technically be "Viola β0".
  • One of Viola's lines whenever activating Faerie form is, "Harakiri." Harakiri, more commonly called Seppuku, is a form of Japanese ritual suicide that involves slicing the belly open. The animation for activating Faerie form involves Viola stabbing her own stomach, mimicking the injury that Strider gave her which awakened the power in the first place.