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Variants (Bayonetta 3) Renders

Bayonetta Variants

Variants are the equivalent to a person in an alternate reality within the Human World. Variants of nearly everyone, notably the titular witch Bayonetta, Jeanne, Luka and more, are spread throughout the Multiverse, as explored in Bayonetta 3.

Diversity of a variant is a wide spectrum in terms of appearance, personality, and ability; some variants can differ from each other drastically in all of these details, but tend to share traits unique to the person they represent, as well as an undefined spiritual connection. Some worlds may even have variants of those who are no longer alive in other worlds, such as Rosa, or have no alternate variant to speak of, such as Viola.


Cereza (Records of Time: The Witch Hunts)[]

Main article: Cereza (RoT: The Witch Hunts)
Cereza single

Cereza is the younger self of Bayonetta who was pulled from her time by Balder and brought 500 years into the future as part of his scheme to awaken the Left Eye.

Her return to her time with knowledge of the future creates an alternate universe, one where she was never sealed away or lost her memories.[1]

Cereza (Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon)[]

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Cereza B0 Transparent

Cereza, A Flower, Yet to Bloom

Cereza is a variant based on the protagonist of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. This witch-in-training ventures into the Avalon Forest in the hopes of finding something that will save her mother; upon running afoul with the faeries that live there, she inadvertently manages to summon a demon into her doll to assist her.

This Cereza is briefly playable in a secret chapter in Bayonetta 3, unlocked by finding the keys to the Old Picture Book; a costume resembling her can also be unlocked upon completing a special requirement inside the chapter.

Bayonetta (Records of Time: The End)[]

Main article: Bayonetta (RoT: The End)

Bayonetta is a variant that hails from the Records of Time: The End Universe. Her appearance is identical to Bayonetta from the second game in the series, albeit the timeline of events plays out differently.[2]

Transported 500 years into the past, this version of Bayonetta is pitted against angels and demons alongside her mother before she is confronted by the Masked Lumen.

Bayonetta β0[]

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Bayonetta β0

Bayonetta β0, The Indomitable Witch

  • Height: 11.951 uwh
  • Weight: 4.67 uww
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Special Skill: Witch Time
  • Age: Unknown

Bayonetta β0 is a Bayonetta variant from Viola's universe, who is also her mother. She is identical to Bayonetta's appearance in the first game, save for her beauty mark being located under her left eye. She wields Whittingham Fair, a set of guns that look strikingly similar to Scarborough Fair.

The Bayonetta counterpart of Viola's home world, who is also Viola's mother.

Joining Connor Sigurd's resistance, she fought tirelessly against Singularity's invasion but was ultimately defeated by his absolute might on the streets of a ruined New York, and after bestowing the last of her magic power upon Viola, she was wiped from existence.

― Bayonetta 3 Character Archives

Bayonetta β1[]

Bayonetta β1

Bayonetta β1, The Street-Smart Witch

  • Height: 11.951 uwh
  • Weight: 4.67 uww
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Special Skill: Yo-Yo Tricks
  • Age: Unknown

Bayonetta β1 is a Bayonetta counterpart encountered on the first parallel world Bayonetta visits. Bayonetta β1 has long pink hair pulled up in a pony tail and wrapped in a yellow bow. Her outfit consists of a two-piece set of a black top and shorts with straps all across, yellow stockings strapped like chaps, black high heels stylized after sneakers, and a silver jacket, zipped down to her stomach. The back of the jacket also unzips. Her home universe is set in Tokyo, Japan.

The Bayonetta counterpart encountered on the first parallel world Bayonetta visits.

She battles commanding the Infernal Demon Phantasmaraneae, the "phantom spider", and uses the Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo that channels his power.

With a base of operations in Shibuya, she fights alone against the oncoming Homunculus invasion.

― Bayonetta 3 Character Archives

An Echo of Memory from Bayonetta β1's perspective suggests that she became a full-fledged Umbra Witch only recently, and is very pleased to have finished her training.

While successful in destroying the Iridescent Core and downing Iridescent, Bayonetta β1 is taken unaware by Uncinus bursting out of the ground and is caught in the jaws of them. Bayonetta is too late to save her counterpart, but receives the Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo from Bayonetta β1 before she dies. Iridescent absorbs her power, transforming it into Arch-Iridescent.

Bayonetta β2[]

Bayonetta β2

Bayonetta β2, The One-Eyed Witch

  • Height: 11.951 uwh
  • Weight: 4.67 uww
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Special Skill: Military Science
  • Age: Unknown

Bayonetta β2 is a Bayonetta counterpart encountered on the second parallel world Bayonetta visits. Bayonetta β2 wears a crimson Gekka, along with a dark purple and gold Armor on her limbs. Her calf-long black hair is pulled into two ponytails wrapped into buns decorated with red conical ornaments. Likewise identical to Bayonetta, this Variant has scars across her face and is missing her right eye, the socket covered by a red eye patch. Her home universe resembles ancient China.

The Bayonetta counterpart encountered on the second parallel world Bayonetta visits.

As a general leading several thousand troops, she wages her own war against the Homunculi in the midst of a war-torn China. She had previously enjoyed a carefree, untethered life, but seems to have later formed a bond with a general who later lost his life in battle, and she took command in his stead.

Having survived an almost incomprehensible number of deadly encounters, rumours about the origin of the eyepatch over her right eye abound. Some say she sacrificed the eye to save a friend, others say she lost it in a wager with an enemy, and still others say she sealed it herself to curb her own fearsome power. The truth is that the impressive figure she cuts as she rages across the field of battle has led her to be known as "The One-Eyed Witch".

It is said that no army can stand before the power of her Dead End Express, imbued with the power of the Infernal Demon Wartrain Gouon, but in the face of the relentless Homunculi onslaught it may only be a matter of time.

― Bayonetta 3 Character Archives

An Echo of Memory from her perspective has Bayonetta β2 reflect upon the general that she served, implied to be a Luka variant; though his attempts at grandeur came off as unintentionally humorous, she came to understand that by showing his own moments of weakness he could lift the spirits of his men and inspire them to fight on even when all hope seemed lost. Upon his death, she resolved to use her strength to lead by example and protect the land he loved in his place.

She and Bayonetta fight Pyrocumulus with the aid of Wartrain Gouon, but the Homunculus unexpectedly emerges from the lava it fell into and forcibly absorbs her into itself; Bayonetta tries to stop it, but does not succeed. Upon absorbing Bayonetta β2's power, Pyrocumulus transforms into Arch-Pyrocumulus.

Bayonetta β3[]

Bayonetta β3

Bayonetta β3, The Cloistered Witch

  • Height: 11.951 uwh
  • Weight: 4.67 uww
  • Birthplace: Al Haram
  • Special Skill: National Rule
  • Age: Unknown

Bayonetta β3 is a Bayonetta counterpart encountered on the third parallel world Bayonetta visits. Perhaps the most striking Bayonetta variant, her skin tone is darker and her overall color palette is a complete mirror of her original one, being clad in white and having silver hair. She holds the status of princess in her universe, and her regal design reflects this. Her costume consists of flowing, wispy robes, with ornamental golden elements encrusted with teal jewels and her limbs are covered in black, glittery dust. She wields the Simoon weapons and forges a pact with Malphas during the events of Bayonetta's visit. Her home universe resembles ancient Egypt.

The Bayonetta counterpart encountered on the third parallel world Bayonetta visits, who is also the ruler of a nation that stretches across an entire desert.

Although she receives instruction in the magic arts from her retainer Jeanne, her somewhat timid demeanour prevents her from mastering them completely, and while she is a Bayonetta counterpart, she alone suffers from an apprehension that keeps her from being worthy of the Arch-Eve mantle.

Although she is a kind witch who is averse to conflict, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, her resolve to finally become a warrior and unlock the limitless potential hidden inside could become the key to saving existence.

― Bayonetta 3 Character Archives

Bayonetta β3 makes her first direct appearance after the battle with Cirrocumulus and Cirrostratus, mercy-killing Jeanne β3 before her power is completely lost to Singularity. She then aids Bayonetta in fighting Stratocumulus, and when Bayonetta is about to be sucked into a black hole formed by its defeat she gives up the Simoon and Malphas to ensure that she can escape, sacrificing herself in the process.

Bayonetta β4[]

Bayonetta β4

Bayonetta β4, The Phantom Thief Witch

  • Height: 11.951 uwh
  • Weight: 4.67 uww
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Special Skill: Street Performance
  • Age: Unknown

Bayonetta β4 is a Bayonetta counterpart encountered on the fourth parallel world Bayonetta visits. Bayonetta β4's getup is not unlike that of a magician, with a dapper suit covered by a matching red and blue cape and hat; the latter is also part of her weapon set, Abracadabra. As opposed to the black hair of her main counterpart, she has blonde hair, a trait shared with her mother. In battle, she commands the Infernal Demon Mictlantecuhtli. Her home universe is set in France.

The Bayonetta counterpart encountered on the fourth parallel world Bayonetta visits.

She makes a living as a travelling performer, circling the globe showing off incredible illusions and sleight of hand - but her true persona is that of the mysterious thief Papillon d'Ombre the 2nd, daughter of master thief Papillon d'Ombre.

However, the women are not simply thieves stealing from the corrupt and giving it to the unfortunate, but are in fact Umbra Witches who have devoted their lives to reclaiming Umbran treasures that have been scattered around the world.

After being chased tirelessly by Inspector Enzeau, the Interpol officer charged with bringing in the mother-daughter pair of master thieves, she has begun to form an odd kind of friendship with him as she continues to give him the slip.

― Bayonetta 3 Character Archives

She confronts Bayonetta not long after the latter is forced to kill her mother, and in the aftermath of their battle is enslaved by Singularity through a Perlucidus. Bayonetta defeats her possessed counterpart with the help of Baal Zebul, destroying her body. Bayonetta only hopes that she can be reunited with her mother.

Bayonetta 1[]

Bayonetta Variant 1

Bayonetta 1, The Witch in Remembrance

  • Height: 11.951 uwh
  • Weight: 4.76 uwh
  • Birthplace: Vigrid
  • Special Skill: Hoodlum Burial
  • Age: Over 500 Years

Bayonetta 1 is a Bayonetta counterpart who appears during the final battle with Singularity. She works together with another Arch Eve Variant to lend Bayonetta the strength she needs to defeat him.

A Bayonetta counterpart who appears during the final battle with Singularity.

She appears to be a possible Arch-Eve from a world very similar to Bayonetta's, but her eyes give off an intensity that hints at an almost unfathomable number of trials and hardships.

Her weapon choice is Scarborough Fair, a set of four handguns. With her lithe movement and unmatched aim, she takes out targets in the blink of an eye.

― Bayonetta 3 Character Archives

It is implied that Bayonetta 1 is the same Bayonetta from the initial timeline of the first Bayonetta (or one that is nearly identical to it), as she uses the same mannerisms and dialogue that she once used on the time displaced Cereza when she arrives. This is further emphasized by her wearing the original costume from the first game, wielding Scarborough Fair instead of a variant weapon, having her beauty mark in the same place, having one red ribbon in her hair instead of two, and utilizing the original model of Madama Butterfly from the past two games when summoning her as part of Demon Slave.

Bayonetta 2[]

Bayonetta Variant 2

Bayonetta 2, The Witch with Discerning Eyes

  • Height: 11.951 uwh
  • Weight: 4.76 uwh
  • Birthplace: Vigrid
  • Special Skill: Umbran Climax
  • Age: Over 500 Years

Bayonetta 2 is Bayonetta counterpart who appears during the final battle with Singularity. She works together with another Arch Eve Variant to lend Bayonetta the strength she needs to defeat him.

Another Bayonetta counterpart who appears during the final battle with Singularity.

She also appears to be from a world very similar to Bayonetta's, and is almost exactly alike in appearance and fighting style. Among all of Bayonetta's counterparts, she seems to have walked an almost identical path.

Filled with confidence, her sharp gaze appears to be fixed on the future, and gives pause to any who stand against her.

With her four guns titled Love Is Blue, she uses the Bullet Arts combat style passed down by the Umbra Witches to battle as if dancing.

― Bayonetta 3 Character Archives

Even though her pact is with Madama Butterfly (as evidenced by her shadow), she summons Labolas as her Infernal Demon.

Like with Bayonetta 1, it is hinted that Bayonetta 2 is from the main universe of the game series due to her identical beauty mark location and her bio's direct reference to her experiencing almost identical events. However, it is also possible that she could be the variant found in the Records of Time: The End universe, but this is never confirmed.

Dark Eve[]

Dark Eve

Dark Eve, Caster of Strife

  • Height: 1.8 m (estimated)
  • Weight: Approx. 0.02 kg
  • Birthplace: Alphaverse
  • Special Skill: Calypso's Embrace
  • Age: Unknown

Dark Eve is the shadow of what was once the Alphaverse counterpart of Bayonetta.

The shadow of what was once a counterpart of Bayonetta.

Once a resident of the Alphaverse, the world where Singularity was born, she was also that world's Arch-Eve. Working together with its Arch-Adam, she fought to stop Singularity but was utterly destroyed, and her body was destroyed.

She managed to barely survive as a residual consciousness, but as Singularity continued to erase more and more parallel worlds, the consciousnesses of those worlds' Arch-Eves flowed into the Alphaverse where they merged and became Dark Eve.

Her body is composed of those swarming, warped hearts and no longer possessed of any clear awareness, acting solely on an impulse to destroy.

Her existence is masked even to Singularity's eye, and she simply roams the Multiverse, attacking everything she comes across.

― Bayonetta 3 Character Archives

Dark Eve is the final boss in Bayonetta 3, wielding Cassiopeia as her weapon and summoning the Kraken. It is implied she is the one responsible for Kraken's appearance during the Prologue of the game. She is banished by Viola, who earns the right to call herself "Bayonetta" from her mother's spirit.

Unknown Arch-Eves[]

During the battle with Singularity Balance, Bayonetta shatters Singularity's energy field, freeing countless absorbed variants from universes long gone to fight alongside her. These vary from simple costume swaps and unused concepts from the first game, to completely new appearances. Their bodies seem to be unstable as they flicker and quiver, seemingly glitching between realities.

3D Appearances[]

The following Witches were seen fighting alongside Cereza and other variants. Their costumes are either recolored or made with slight alterations, and appear in the game files.

  • Two Witches wielding Simoon, clad in costumes identical to that of the Umbra Komachi Couture Bullet from the first game, one lilac and the other white and red. Their hairstyles are unique, as they feature traditional Japanese hairstyles with Kanzashi.
  • Two Witches using Ignis Aranaea Yo-Yo, outfitted in Jeanne's costume, the d'Arc Couture Bullet. One colored yellow, with Bayonetta's pixie cut from the second game, the other colored black, with Jeanne's long hair from the second game, with a black to red ombré.
  • Two Witches equipped with Dead End Express, both wearing the Nun Couture Bullet from the first and second game.
  • Two Witches using Abracadabra, both wearing what appears to be a modified Queen Couture Bullet from the first game, with a very simple retexture and flat colors. One, colored pink, with matching pink hair, and the other, blue.

2D Appearances[]

These Witches are either made of completely unique designs, or unused Bayonetta concepts from the first game, updated with detail and a fresher look. Presumably not intended to appear in 3D, or their models not being finished in time, these only appear as 2D graphics.

Unknown Eve 1

Bayonetta 1 Concept Art Arch-Eve with Scarborough Fair.

  • An Arch-Eve wearing an unused Bayonetta concept featuring a red headband. Her costume is made of a black suit with a mesh pattern on it, and large, white fur cuffs with a black ribbon wrapped around them, along with a matching collar upon which rests her Umbran Watch. Her hair is styled in an updo nearly identical to that of Bayonetta's beehive hairstyle. It is left to flow from her hairdo, spliting in half behind her back. The very same kind of medallion chain mesh as Bayonetta's Serious Mode/Umbran Climax can be seen hanging off the top of her beehive. She seems to be equipped with a variant of Scarborough Fair.
Unknown Eve 2

Bayonetta 1 Concept Art Arch-Eve with blonde braids.

  • An Arch-Eve wearing a second unused Bayonetta concept art. Uniquely, she has long, golden locks wrapped into multiple braids into which are interwoven red ribbons, and her fringe falling freely around her eyes. Her suit is what appears to be a black lace suit with large sleeves that puff out near her wrists, adorned by small circular flower-like medallions. Her weapon is a pair of two red blades with half-circular handguards, and a sort of charm hanging off them. They have two blades, one long and one shorter one, and are held in a reverse fashion.
Unknown Eve 3

Bayonetta 1 Concept Art Arch-Eve with auburn hair.

  • An Arch-Eve wearing another unused Bayonetta concept. She has long auburn hair flowing at the front, with the rest of it covered by her black fur capelet and hat. Her capelet is an ornate piece with a deep red lining and golden hems. Her outfit is a black catsuit with ornate lace decorating her décolleté, and purple fabric woven into the middle section. Her arms are covered by grey opera gloves. She wields a large, black and golden staff with a sort of purple gem.
Unknown Eve 4

Nurse-themed Arch-Eve.

  • An Arch-Eve donning a white and black costume reminiscent of a nurse costume. She wears a large, decorated nurse's cap, revealing only her iconic fringe. The rest of her hair is partially covered by a habit-like cloth, but hangs off the end of her back. Her costume is an asymmetrical coat with the left side flowing freely, and the right side being short with belts hanging off. There is presumably also a cape covering her shoulders. She wears black boots that go above her knees, and have a deep red finish. She wields a syringe, as well as what appears to be a large spiked wheel. Numerous red vials hang off her belts, presumably blood, as her right side reveals a blood bag attached to her costume.
Unknown Eve 5

Pirate themed Arch-Eve.

  • An Arch-Eve wearing a large, black and red pirate getup. Her outfit is made of a large coat with a red lining and collar. Her hair, covered by a large feathered pirate cap, is of a burgundy-purple color styled in a large, curled pig tail on the left side of her chest. Her hairdo is adorned by golden chains and medallions. Her right leg seems partially exposed. As for her weapon, it appears to be a duo of large hooks on a chain.
Unknown Eve 6

Ballet-themed Arch-Eve.

  • An Arch-Eve dressed in a very ornate and one piece large ballet-like tutu getup. Her long block hair is colored purple by the ends, in an ombré style. She is crowned with a large headpiece separating into two white and purple almond shapes, and a large spiked golden crown. From her headpiece hang two purple crescent moons. She wears a white neck piece, separate from the costume, upon which rests her Umbran Watch. She has long grey gloves, finished off by large puffy sleeves near her shoulders. Her legs are covered by thigh-high boots with decorative patterns. She appears to wield a set of batons with purple jewel-like finishes.
Unknown Eve 7

Futuristic-themed Arch-Eve.

  • An Arch-Eve wearing a black futuristic costume comprised of an asymmetrical mini-skirt with golden finishes, and electric blue embellishments. Her long hair is a black to blue ombré with slicked bangs and two hair cones, similar to cat ears, that reveal blue streaks of hair. Her eyes are covered by a sleek orange visor. Her legs are again asymmetrical, her right pant leg seemingly a part of the black costume, while her left one is covered by a leather stocking with a white/blue gradient. She holds what appears to be a dagger, or a wand.
Unknown Eve 8

East Asian-themed Arch-Eve.

  • An Arch-Eve wearing what appears to be an east Asian themed robe set. It's mainly black, with the exception of seafoam green lining and golden lace. Red ribbons seem to float off her body, and flow from her robes. Her black hair is tied up in a ponytail, decorated by a Korean crown that vaguely resembles a spider. She wears discreet red heels on her otherwise bare feet and legs. She seems to wield a large, circular hand fan.



Jeanne (Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon)[]

Jeanne B0

Jeanne, Cereza's Best Friend

Jeanne is a variant based on the younger Jeanne from Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. She appears in a secret chapter in Bayonetta 3, unlocked by finding the keys to the Old Picture Book, where, at the end of the chapter, she senses Cereza is in danger in Avalon Forest.

Jeanne β0[]

Jeanne β0 is a variant of Jeanne that resided in Viola's universe.

Although she is not seen or heard of within Bayonetta 3, Viola makes specific mention of her death at the hands of Singularity when first meeting Jeanne and Bayonetta.

Jeanne β1[]

Jeanne beta1

Jeanne β1

  • Height: 11.948 uwh
  • Weight: 4.56 uww
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Special Skill: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown

Jeanne β1 is a variant of Jeanne from the same universe as Bayonetta β1. Clad in a yellow version of Jeanne's Bayonetta 2 biker suit with long platinum hair, she is only seen in a vision being slain by an Asperatus.

An Echo of Memory that appears to be from her point of view suggests that Jeanne β1 has a strong competitive streak with her world's Bayonetta, although much to her frustration their contests always seem to end in draws.

Jeanne β3[]

Jeanne β3

Jeanne β3, The Unwavering Witch

  • Height: 11.948 uwh
  • Weight: 4.56 uww
  • Birthplace: Al Haram
  • Special Skill: Royal Education
  • Age: Unknown

Jeanne β3 is a variant of Jeanne from the same universe as Bayonetta β3. She is visually a very different variant, with a darker skin tone and having black hair. Her outfit completely contrasts with her universe's Bayonetta, wearing black and red robes as opposed to Bayonetta's white and teal. She wears various gold accesories and her limbs are covered in red, glittery dust. She also wields the Ribbit Libido-BZ55 as her weapon of choice.

An Umbra Witch Bayonetta encountered on the third parallel world she visits who serves as a retainer to the princess Bayonetta.

Possessed of an incredible magic power, she excels at summoning and manipulates the Infernal Demon Baal at will.

As Bayonetta's instructor in both magic and combat, she is hard on her pupil but their relationship has grown beyond that of servant and master, and they are more like sisters bound by a strong bond of trust that lead Jeanne to face the encroaching threat facing the world in Bayonetta's stead, going off to face this new enemy alone.

Her noble spirit and strong mind make her the Arch-Eve of this world, but she knows the true power that lies within Bayonetta and yearns from the bottom of her heart for the princess to take her place as the true Arch-Eve...

― Bayonetta 3 Character Archives


Luka β0[]

Luka β0 was a variant from Viola's universe, who was her father.

Not much is known about this variant other than he & Bayonetta β0 had Viola together; also that he used to tell Viola stories of the potential existence of other worlds and often giving her strawberry candies. He is not seen after Singularity invades, presumably having died/disappeared before this event.



Lukaon, The Wandering King of Twilight

  • Height: 1.9 m (estimated)
  • Weight: 87 kg (estimated)
  • Birthplace: Avalon Forest
  • Special Skill: Miracle of Balance
  • Age: Unknown

Lukaon is a variant of Luka who appears in Chapter 10 of Bayonetta 3 when Viola accidently strays into an unknown realm.

A mysterious man that Viola encountered while lost in Ginnungagap, who also happens to be an exact double of Luka. Not appearing to be a resident of Paradiso, Inferno, or the World of Chaos, he merely leaves behind mysterious words that leave it unclear if he was friend or foe before leaving Viola alone with her thoughts.

However, he was later revealed to be the king of a group known as "faeries" that resides in a secluded corner of the human world, and a counterpart of Luka.

Like Luka, he was guided by a voice in his head that compels all Arch-Adams to seek "the single truth", and he has travelled continuously between worlds.

The Faeries are said to be residents of a particularly far-flung part of the Multiverse that possess a mysterious power humans do not.

As a result of Singularity's erasure of numerous parallel worlds, resonance between the counterparts occurs, and Lukaon's power has an effect on Luka, and later, his blood relative Viola.

Also as result of meeting Lukaon face to face, Luka was reawakened as Arch-Adam Origin and able to fulfill his true purpose.

It is said that since long ago, the faeries have hidden themselves in worlds where humans live, leading quiet existences, and hints to the truthfulness of that idea can be seen in folk tales and legends from around the world.

― Bayonetta 3 Character Archives

He later arrives in the Alphaverse along with Viola, where they rescue Luka from certain death. As the Alphaverse begins to collapse, Lukaon, sensing what must be done to stop Singularity, calls forth the remaining Arch-Adams, including himself, to merge with Luka. Luka is reawakened as "Arch-Adam Origin", granting him control of his Strider form to fulfil his true purpose and assist Bayonetta in defeating Singularity once and for all.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon introduces Prince Lukaon from the main universe who perished when he was a child; this may imply that the Lukaon from Bayonetta 3 is also a variant of Prince Lukaon.

Dark Adam[]

Dark Adam

Dark Adam, Vengeful Revealer

  • Height: Approx. 4.2 m
  • Weight: Approx. 0.02 kg
  • Birthplace: Alphaverse
  • Special Skill: Supernova
  • Age: Unknown

Dark Adam is the shadow of what was once the Alphaverse counterpart of Luka. His possession was what caused Luka to involuntarily transform into Strider and wreck havoc. In Chapter 13, Bayonetta was able to separate him from Strider and ultimately destroy him.

A tragic symbol and former counterpart of Luka who lived in the Alphaverse until being overtaken by malicious forces.

Once a soldier fighting to stop Singularity's plans for domination, he fell in battle and his body was destroyed - but his consciousness survived.

Intent on getting revenge, he called out to other counterparts throughout the Multiverse but his thirst for vengeance drew only malevolence, and he was transformed into a thing of hate, his former emotions now gone.

Dark Adam's call of "the single truth" troubled Luka for years, eventually bringing him to Thule where Dark Adam was able to merge with Luka's body, which had just gained the power of the faerie.

Dark Adam could be thought of as a polar opposite to Lukaon, with both of them vying for Luka, the Arch-Adam Origin, and imparting their own darkness and light.

― Bayonetta 3 Character Archives

An Echo of Memory from his perspective suggests that Dark Adam is no longer sane or even lucid, and the mere act of viewing the Echo threatens to induce madness in whoever witnesses it.


Rosa (Records of Time: The End)[]

  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 69 kg
  • Birthplace: Vigrid
  • Special Skill: Umbran Armor
  • Age: Unknown

Rosa is a variant from the Records of Time: The End Universe. She is identical to the main universe's Rosa, brandishing the Robes of Banishing and Unforgiven as her weapons of choice. She briefly fights alongside her daughter against the angelic hordes before the two are separated.

Rosa β4[]

Rosa β4

Rosa β4, The Witch of Steel

  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 69 kg
  • Birthplace: Vigrid
  • Special Skill: Torture Attack
  • Age: Unknown

Rosa β4 is the mother of the Bayonetta counterpart encountered on the fourth parallel world that Bayonetta visited. Rosa β4 wears the Robes of Banishing as her original incarnation, but they are split into shades of red and blue to match Bayonetta β4's colour scheme when wielding Abracadabra. Instead of a butterfly mask, she wears a monocle akin to what Balder wears. In combat, Rosa β4 uses the Tartarus set of weapons and summons the Umbran Clock Tower as her chosen demon. She is also capable of summoning and piloting the Umbran Armor.

In her universe, Rosa is the first Papillon d'Ombre. With her daughter, she works to reclaim scattered Umbran treasures, making her way through the unseen corners of the world. Her magic power is much stronger than that of her daughter, and she could easily level an entire city were she so inclined.

Although she and her daughter are surprised by the persistence of Inspector Enzeau at every turn, they've come to view his attempts to catch them as a form of entertainment, and consider thinking of new ways to tease and torment him a guilty pleasure.[3]

When Bayonetta encounters her, Rosa β4 attacks without warning. Noticing that her eyes are glowing green and that a tether of light like those of the Homunculi is visible on her back, Bayonetta realizes that she is being mind-controlled by Singularity through a Perlucidus and must fight her to claim the Chaos Gear she possesses. Upon being defeated, Rosa β4's mind reasserts itself long enough to ask Bayonetta to kill her before Singularity can take control of her again. Bayonetta reluctantly does so and Rosa β4 thanks her as she dies, revealing that she recognized Bayonetta as her daughter's alternate self.


Masked Lumen (Records of Time: The End)[]

Masked Lumen Sage Bayonetta 2 render

Masked Lumen is a variant of Balder from the Records of Time: The End Universe.

Visually, he has the exact same appearance, with a gold and white robe and golden mask. The mask loses a piece after a small fight with the Bayonetta from this universe, revealing that he possesses the Right Eye.


MC Enzo[]

MC Enzo

MC Enzo is a variant in the first parallel world that Bayonetta visits. Seen on the giant monitor within Shibuya, he is the host of a TV show alongside his co-host Rodin.

Enzo β2[]

Enzo B2

Enzo β2 is a variant in the second parallel world that Bayonetta visits. This Enzo is a soldier, briefly encountered shouting after Luka when the journalist staggers into him as he is carrying a ladder.

Unused files reveal that Enzo β2's title was meant to be The Talkative Soldier.[4]

Enzo β3[]


Enzo β3 is not seen in person, a painting of this world's Enzo is visible in the third parallel world that Bayonetta and Viola visit.

Inspector Enzeau[]


Inspector Enzeau is a variant of Enzo in the fourth parallel world that Bayonetta visits.

An Interpol inspector who is assigned to catch Papillon d'Ombre and her partner-in-crime, Enzeau is constantly outwitted by Bayonetta β4 and Rosa β4 in his attempts to apprehend them.

Unused files reveal that Inspector Enzeau (Enzo β4)'s title was meant to be The Defective Detective.[4]


Connor Sigurd[]

Connor Sigurd

Connor Sigurd, Vanguard of the Resistance

  • Height: 1.95 m (estimated)
  • Weight: 85 kg (estimated)
  • Birthplace: America
  • Special Skill: Speed Field Stripping
  • Age: 40s (estimated)

Connor Sigurd is the man who led the anti-Singularity resistance on Viola's world, alongside that world's Bayonetta. He doesn't possess any special abilities, but his quick thinking and cool judgement have gotten him through countless difficult situations.

Among the members of the resistance group, he took a special interest in the still-immature Viola, treating her like family and supporting her outside of battle as well as on the field. However, heavily outnumbered by the enemy, his fellow soldiers were decimated and after leaving his final hopes with Viola and giving her the means to travel to another world, Sigurd himself succumbed to Singularity's attack that led to his death.[3]

Midmyers Sigurd[]

Sigurd (Render)

Midmyers Sigurd, Student of the Multiverse

  • Height: 1.95 m (estimated)
  • Weight: 68 kg (estimated)
  • Birthplace: America
  • Special Skill: Multiverse Analysis
  • Age: 40s (estimated)

Midmyers Sigurd is a G.O.R.C scholar and scientist who has dedicated his life to researching the nature of the Multiverse, Sigurd was the first one to discover the nature of the World of Chaos, a world made up of multiple layered universes stacked up against each other. He began to research the Multiverse at a secret agency and subsequently discovered the existence of the Homunculi and their plans to erase all the others worlds of the Multiverse except for their own, the Alphaverse.

During his attempts to prepare for battle with Singularity, Sigurd managed to create a method of communication between worlds in the Multiverse and was able to contact his own Multiverse counterpart, resistance commander Connor Sigurd.[3] During this time, he was also made aware of the existence of the Chaos Gears, objects that would allow travel between universes. However, he was killed by Singularity, who assumed his identity and repurposed the real Sigurd's corpse as a nerve control center for the Aureole Homunculi.


  • The concept of alternate universe variants was originally propositioned in the original Bayonetta, though used the definition of different timelines rather than realities. Hideki Kamiya's director commentary of the game confirmed that by sending her younger self back to her native time, Bayonetta created a separate timeline where she was never sealed away by Jeanne, leading to a variant.[5] The first shown example of a genuine reality variant was later introduced in the "Records of Time" prologue in Bayonetta 2.[2]
    • It is suggested that the primary Bayonetta from Bayonetta 3, and the Cereza from Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, are the same Cereza that was never sealed away. In an interview with director Yusuke Miyata, he declined to answer if the game's Bayonetta was the alternate version from the first game, and went on to state that whether the game's setting is the main or alternate timeline is left to the player's imagination.[6]
  • As a being originally from Paradiso and later dwelling in Inferno as a demon, Rodin does not have a variant of his own across the Multiverse. However, his profile in Bayonetta 3 confirms that he has contact with multiple different versions of Bayonetta and makes weapons for all of them, along with other characters such as alternate Enzos.
    • This does not appear to include demons that were originally living beings on Earth, such as Madama Butterfly, as she is seen being summoned simultaneously by three Variants of Bayonetta with different designs (that of the first two games and of the third). Similarly, the descriptions for some demons differ between games and thus imply they are also Variants, such as Labolas acting as a term for all animal demons and also happen to share the same appearance.
      • Alraune is able to be encountered, contracted, and connected to a weapon in the third game despite having been transformed (seemingly permanently) into a weapon in the second. This would suggest they are Variants, but Viola's notes in the demon profile menu of Bayonetta 3 explicitly references her attempt to devour Jeanne.[7] The game provides no explanation for this.
  • With the exceptions of Bayonettas 1 and 2, no other Bayonetta Variants appear to create butterflies with their footsteps or to have their shadow replaced with that of a demon they have contracted (such as the main Bayonetta with Madama Butterfly).
  • Universe β4:
    • Rosa β4:
      • According to unused files within Bayonetta 3, Rosa β4 was planned to have used Madama Khepri as her chosen demon instead of the Umbran Clock Tower during development.[4]
      • As opposed to Bayonetta and Jeanne's footsteps creating butterflies or moths that rise up from the ground and fade away, and instead of scarabs to suggest Madama Khepri, Rosa β4's footsteps instead spawn letters of the Demonic Alphabet. They are most visible in the cutscene where she summons the Umbran Clock Tower after her chase sequence.
    • Bayonetta β4’s nickname, "The Phantom Thief Witch", is a reference the famous fictional French thief Arsène Lupin who appears to have been an inspiration to her visual motifs.
  • Sigurd's name comes from a hero of Scandinavian legend, said to have slain the dragon Fafnir and won the love of the Valkyrie Brynhild, only to be slain by her plotting after he loses his memories of her and tricks her into marrying another man.
  • The name "Lukaon" may be a portmanteau of Luka and Lycaon, a king of Arcadia cursed in the form of a wolf by the god Zeus, giving rise to the term lycanthrope, another name for "werewolf". Before the game's day one patch, Lukaon's name was spelled as "Lucaon". His name may also derived from Oberon, a figure in medieval and Welsh literature traditionally seen as king of the fairies. While most well-known in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Oberon first appeared in the French epic poem Huon of Bordeaux.

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