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The Light Covert Combat Unit "Uncinus" is a stationary Homunculus that burrows beneath surfaces when danger is detected. It usually serves as an extra layer of defense for larger Homunculi.

Anatomia Complex[]

A stationary Homunculus type that reacts to approaching entities and attacks.

Often deployed to defend vulnerable areas of especially gigantic Homunculi, it attacks nearby enemies with laser blasts.

When it can't move from its position, it can hide beneath the surface to later appear and attack instantly when an enemy is detected.


The Uncinus resembles a snake, with most of its body hidden underground.


The Uncinus is immobile, waiting for Bayonetta to approach its position before emerging and firing lasers at her; if she is too close for the laser to hit, it will try to bite her instead. Should she move out of range from it, it will burrow back underground.

Recommended Weapons[]

Uncini are fairly fragile and can be defeated with any weapon; however, ranged weapons are preferable due to their tendency to appear in pits of quicksand.


  • "Uncinus" (plural "uncini") translates to "hook" in Latin, and is the name of the species of fine clouds that resemble hair strands with hooked terminations.