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The following is the list of Umbran Tears Of Blood for the second game, Bayonetta 2.


Chapter 1[]

  1. Right side of Noatun, on the docks.
  2. On a pedestal in the plaza (will need Crow Within to reach it).
  3. In the cathedral on the railing, after defeating Valiance (near the right)

Chapter 2[]

  • On a fallen pillar in the destroyed cathedral

Chapter 4[]

  • On the powerlines after facing Urbane

Chapter 5[]

  1. On the crumbling archway window to the left
  2. Pole on the left of the entrance to the underground graveyard
  3. Platform left of Loki that's lower than the others

Chapter 7[]

  • On the right pillar-like lung

Chapter 8[]

  1. On the left wall after fighting the Golem
  2. In the room with the water on the windows above

Chapter 9[]

  1. On the crumbled column on the left after fight the Malicious
  2. Side of the area you drop into after beating Urbane

Chapter 10[]

  1. Right on lone rock floating
  2. On leftmost boulder beside Muspelheim portal

Chapter 13[]

  1. On curved wall structure
  2. On remains of bridge in lava tunnel (try not to land on it)
  3. Under first window in room with green light

Chapter 15[]

  • On edge of destroyed bridge

Chapter 16[]

  • On left wall, reachable by Crow Within