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The Umbran Tears Of Blood are a series of collectibles that can be obtained in Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2, and Bayonetta 3. They take the form of crows with a shining red aura and a blood-red jewel worn around the neck, though they require speed to capture due to their habit of flying away when approached. The crows will return to their perch once Bayonetta walks away.

Bayonetta 3 introduces Familiars that also hold Tears of Blood.


In the game Bayonetta, the Umbran Tears Of Blood are obtained through collecting both the crows and completing Achievements/Trophies and give one Tear for every one completed. There are a total of 101 Umbran Tears Of Blood to find. Obtaining all of them unlocks the Climax Brace.

In the game Bayonetta 2, the Umbran Tears Of Blood are obtained through the collection of Umbran Crows which give the player a stamp that can be used to upload to the Miiverse. They can also be obtained by completing the Bewitchments of the game. There are a total of 20 Umbran Crows and 30 Bewitchments, giving 50 total Tears to find.

In the game Bayonetta 3 the Umbran Tears Of Blood are obtained through the collection of Umbran Crows, Umbran Toads, and Umbran Cats, and collecting all three Umbran Tears of Blood in a given Chapter unlocks an extra "Phenomenal Remnant" version of that chapter; these Chapters offer greater challenges than the levels they are based upon, but offer bonus rewards including accessories and even new weapons. One of each type of familiar is present in Chapters 1 through 13, for a total of 39 Tears of Blood.


The Witches' Tears of Blood

From Antonio's Notebook:

Beginning in the 15th century, the whole of Europe has been swept by a madness; a tragic event unprecedented in the whole of human history – the witch hunts. As a result, the dark clan of Umbra Witches were wiped from the pages of history forever. Working at the behest of the powers that be, and making use of their ancient magical arts, the witches watched over the passage of time within the human world.
Or at least they did, until suddenly being swept up in waves of persecution, and finally crumbling away under the pressure of the people’s harsh recriminations. The women’s sorrowful blood-stained tears crystallized into bright red gemstones, and according to Vigridian legend, are said to be scattered everywhere. These stones, filled with their feelings of regret, are known as Umbran Tears of Blood.
To this day, the people of Vigrid believe that should one hundred of these stones be brought together as one, enormous calamity shall befall the land. Yet, no one has actually seen one of these gemstones, the ultimate of witchly souvenirs. They must be found for you by a crow, a beast whose heart lies in resonance with the departed witches. These crows act as the witches’ loyal servants, protecting their tears from falling into human hands.

Familiars (Bayonetta 3)[]

Shadow Cat[]

Shadow Cat
Familiars that protect Umbran Tears of Blood, taking the forms of jet black cats.
Far more agile than normal cats and distrusting of all humans, they run from all who approach at top speed, making their capture a trial for even elite witches.

Shadow Cats will run in a looping path at high speed until Bayonetta catches them.

Ichor Toad[]

Ichor Toad
Familiars that protect Umbran Tears of Blood, taking the forms of murky black toads.
More indolent than regular toads, they prefer to stay hidden in one place and croak incessantly. Despite the noise, they are skilled at hiding and finding them can be difficult.

Ichor Toads do not move and let out a conspicuous croaking, but are often hidden in obscure locations,

Midnight Crow[]

Midnight Crow
Familiars that protect Umbran Tears of Blood, taking the forms of deep black crows.
As they fly about seemingly at random, spotting one can itself be a daunting task. Even when approached as carefully as humanly possible, they often take wing again before you can get close.

Once approached, Midnight Crows fly away along a predetermined path but are very hard to catch the first few times. One often must examine their path and make use of their Masquerade abilities.


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