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Switch to crow form and dive into a nearby enemy. Can also be performed mid-air. ― Gates of Hell description

Umbran Spear is a technique that can be bought after purchasing the Crow Within technique. It is activated by pressing Lock On (Right Bumper or R1)Lock On (Right Bumper or R1) in quick succession. Umbran Spear costs a single Magic Orb to cast.

When executed Bayonetta will transform into a crow and dart towards her target at incredible speed and deal very slight damage while also staggering the target if it is small enough.

With the very high movement, this ability can allow Bayonetta to string together long combo chains against enemies that are spread out, even when wielding short-range weaponry like Shuraba or Durga.

In comparison to other distance-closing abilities, such as Stiletto and Heel Slide, Umbran Spear is much quicker to both execute and moves to the target almost instantly. It can also be used to move from the ground to the air easily, and from air to ground as well. The range of the Umbran Spear is also much farther than Stiletto and Heel Slide, being the same range that Bayonetta can target enemies from, which is almost the entire length of the Lost Chapter: Angel Slayer/Alfheim arenas.