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The shadow remains cast! ― The Elder, when choosing to continue after a Game Over.

The Umbran Elder was the leader of the Umbra Witches 500 years before the events of Bayonetta. A speaker of fluent Enochian, she was in charge of her clan's formal aspects and presided over the events that would lead to the Clan Wars.


The Umbran Elder wore a long dress and cape, with a large crescent moon-shaped collar. In the original game, the dress was a lighter colour and the inside of the collar was designed with purple and gold ornamentation. In Bloody Fate, the dress is black and purple, matching her original concept art.

The Elder's face was mostly covered by a headdress, similar to the outfits of apprentice witches, and she also wore a pair of glasses. Like other Umbra, the Elder wore an Umbran Watch on her chest.



The Umbran Elder was present among members of her clan and the Lumen Sages while declaring the punishment for Rosa after she and Balder conceived a child together, thus breaking the rules of their respective clans. The Elder declared that Rosa would be imprisoned for eternity; the witch's daughter, meanwhile, would be forced to live as an outcast and forbidden to practice the dark arts.

The Umbran Elder later presided over Jeanne's initiation ceremony; she was surprised when the lower-ranking Umbra Witch selected Rosa's ostracized child as the opponent against whom she would prove her skills. Believing the outcast's impure blood would violate the tenets of the clan, the Elder attempted to prevent Jeanne from facing her, but Jeanne declared that she and the outcast had fought once before.

Bayonetta 3

Though she does not make a physical appearance, the profile of the infernal incarnation of the Umbran Clock Tower reveals the Umbran Elder's ultimate fate. She was one of many witches who were inside the original clock tower when it fell and their collective souls possessed the ruins of the structure and reincarnated it as a demon in Inferno.

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

The Umbran Elder is depicted alongside her Lumen counterpart on a stained glass window in the opening narration explaining the history of the Umbra and the Lumen. As Bayonetta's memories return, the Elder makes an appearance in several of the witch's flashbacks, including one that shows her corpse as one of many littering the streets of Vigrid during the Witch Hunts.




BAYONETTA - Alternative Opening Umbra Elder Narration

The original opening narration of Bayonetta, as performed by the Umbran Elder

  • The Umbran Elder was originally one of the intended characters to serve as the narrator of the opening portion of Bayonetta, the others being Rodin, Luka, Enzo, and Balder; Ultimately, Antonio Redgrave was chosen instead.[1]
  • Jenny O'Hara and Reiko Suzuki voice the Umbran Elder in the English and Japanese versions of Bayonetta, respectively.
  • Due to her sharing a physical resemblance with Jeanne, and since Jeanne is described as being the "heir" to her clan of Umbra Witches rather than being chosen to be its new leader, fans have theorized that Jeanne is related to the Umbran Elder in some way.