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Umbran Clock Tower, also known as the Spire of the Forbidden, is an Infernal Demon introduced in Bayonetta 3. A manifestation of the original clock tower that was once a symbol of the Umbra Witches in their home of Vigrid, the building has been transformed by their lingering souls into a living fortress.

Book of Infernal Demons[]

A clock tower and symbol of the Umbra that once stood proudly on the cliffs on the edge of Vigrid, quietly keeping time as the world turned.

During the Great War between the Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages 500 years ago, the tower was knocked over and into a pit by attacking angels, with the Umbran Elder and several other witches who were defending the tower still inside.

The witches and the tower all plunged into Inferno, and the souls of the witches merged with the wreckage of the tower, which was ultimately reborn as a cursed fortress.

The structure is full of countless weapons, seemingly manifestations of the witches' lingering resentment, and any being that approaches is instantly greeted and decimated by them.

Because it is a building, it can not move from the location where it appears, but its nigh-impenetrable walls offer the most solid defence in Inferno.


Much like the real building it was created from, the Umbran Clock Tower is just that; a clock tower that rises high above the ground. It is adorned in the symbols of the Umbra Witches and topped with a red crescent moon not unlike found in other Infernal Demons.

Unlike the original tower, the demon is coloured a deep purple in its bricks, with yellow lights glowing from windows around its four sides. Each level of the tower opens up to reveal a different assortment of weapons, including mechanical claws, giant Gatling guns, grenade launchers, and a bell which can trigger Witch Time when it is rung. The clock itself can open to reveal a set of eyeballs. The zigzag pattern under the clock portion now resembles teeth, and when the top section of the tower detaches its jagged underside is able to crush and shred enemies.


Bayonetta 3[]

The Umbran Clock Tower demon makes its apperarance when Bayonetta is forced to fight against a Homunculi-controlled Rosa β4, who wields the Tartarus weapon to which the demon is bound. After besting her in combat, Bayonetta then takes the weapons for herself and uses them fighting against Bayonetta β4, allowing her the ability to summon the tower as part of Demon Slave and fuse with it using Demon Masquerade.


The Umbran Clock Tower can deploy a wide array of weapons from within its interior that allow it to handle enemies at both close and long range. While it cannot move, it can still rotate each of its segments to target enemies more effectively. Additionally, Bayonetta can have it call in a suit of Umbran Armor for her to use instead with the option to switch between the Umbran Clock Tower and the Umbran Armor at will so long as she has magic left.

The Umbran Clock Tower's Demon Masquerade allows Bayonetta to suspend herself in the air, moving without any loss of height. However, she cannot hover for very long and cannot slow her descent in this form, making it less useful than the Masquerades of Madama Butterfly and Malphas if Bayonetta needs to cross large gaps.



  • Umbran Armor Summon (R)
    • Deploys Umbran Armor that Bayonetta can pilot. Press R again to switch back to the clock tower.
  • Fuel Efficiency
    • Improves Umbran Armor magic energy efficiency.
  • Fuel Efficiency II
    • Further improves Umbran Armor magic energy efficiency.


  • Gate of Judgment (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Punch)
    • Opens the first floor doors to pull enemies inside and attack. Enemies with vitality still remaining are ejected.
      • When piloting Umbran Armor, this command performs a forward-facing reverse tackle.
  • Resonance Of Strength (Rotate Left Stick+Punch)
    • Deploys spinning blades from all floors that slice all nearby enemies.
      • When piloting Umbran Armor, this command fires a barrage from both arm cannons while spinning.


  • Hermit's Gaze (Rotate Left Stick+Kick)
    • Opens an eye in the clock face and glares, enraging enemies into attacking Tartarus.
      • When piloting Umbran Armor, this command fires both leg cannons to the front and rear.
  • Emperor's Dread (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Kick)
    • Separates the top of the tower and smashes it down repeatedly.
      • When piloting Umbran Armor, this command stomps on the ground creating a shockwave.


  • Priestess's Tears (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Shoot)
    • Deploys gatling guns from the second floor and fires a hail of bullets into the sky that rains down after a slight delay.
  • Advent Of The Star (Rotate Left Stick+Shoot)
    • Fires the second floor gatling guns while spinning the entire floor at high speed, mowing down nearby enemies



  • According to the Book of Infernal Demons, the Umbran Clock Tower is 44 metres tall and weighs and 196 tons.
  • The clock face on the Umbran Clock Tower is stopped at the same time that the original one was destroyed.
  • The names of the Umbran Clock Tower's attacks (excluding Umbran Armor Summon) reference the major arcana of tarot cards.
  • Several parts of the Umbran Clock Tower contain sentences in Umbran script[1]:
    • The writing on the bell reads SOUND JOY TO SISTERS AND DOOM TO FOES.
    • The writing on the gate reads GAZE INTO THE DARKNESS/BEHOLD LIGHT AND GLORY.
    • The sentence surrounding the Umbra insignia on the gate reads MAY DARKNESS GUIDE YOU ALONG THE TRUE PATH.