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Umbran Climax (referred to in the game systems as Supercharge[1]) is a technique featured in Bayonetta 2. Similar in behaviour to Serious Mode from the original game, Umbran Climax allows Bayonetta to dramatically increase her attack power at the expense of her magic for a short duration.[2]

The ability is activated by pressing the "L" button and can only be activated when the magic gauge is full, similar to Torture Attacks.


Umbran Climax essentially acts as a brief boost in strength that lasts until the player's magic is drained of one full gauge. When Bayonetta has collected enough Moon Pearls to increase the size of the gauge to a maximum of three complete gauges, the technique can be activated multiple times in a row. Umbran Climax can also be cancelled early before the gauge is drained, but must be filled to full in order to use again.

In regular gameplay, each standard attack with Umbran Climax activated conjures a Wicked Weave, with different weapons and combos summoning different Infernal Demons through them. The end of combos also cause an Infernal Weave to manifest the particular demon almost completely for an extreme area-of-effect attack.


The precise effects of Umbran Climax depend on the character currently being used, though all follow the trend of a brief power up to strength.


Bayonetta and Jeanne's Umbran Climaxes function in the same way as each other. When it is activated, the witches glow a distinct purple color and Bayonetta's hair becomes long and flowing, mirroring the appearance of Serious Mode in the first game.

The strength of Bayonetta and Jeanne's attacks are increased alongside their overall range and area-of-effect thanks to the Wicked and Infernal Weaves, and many enemies including bosses can be stunned by them. If either witch is not at maximum vitality, activating Umbran Climax will slowly regenerate their health for the entire time it is activated. Additionally, both Bayonetta and Jeanne become resistant to being stunned themselves when getting hit with an attack during Umbran Climax and also become immune to time manipulation magic such as Light Speed from enemies like Balder.

The mechanics of stunning and regeneration are not present when playing on ∞ Climax difficulty.


Unlike her fellow witches, Rosa's Umbran Climax conjures the Umbran Armor for her to pilot instead of Wicked Weaves or demons. She is able to use all of its attacks for the duration of the magic gauge, including its Charge Modifiers.

Bayonetta and Jeanne can use the Umbran Armor as their Umbran Climax as well if equipped with the Earrings of Ruin accessory.


When playing in Tag Climax mode, Balder's version of Umbran Climax is mechanically similar to Bayonetta and Jeanne, though is obviously based around the beings of Paradiso instead of Infernal Demons. When activated, Balder gains his peacock feathered wings that he shown baring when fought as a boss.

When activated, Balder is able to create huge slashing attacks with his glaive weapon when using Punch, with each combo finisher summoning one of the Cardinal Virtues for the same area-of-effect attacks as Infernal Weaves. The particular angel summoned depends on the combo being used. Balder's magic also drastically increases in strength and size when using his Kick moves.


Also found in Tag Climax mode, Rodin's variant of Umbran Climax creates a red shockwave around him and allows him to take the form of The Infinite One when triggered.

In this form, all of Rodin's attacks can no longer be charged up, but deal significantly more damage and possess a greater range when attacking, allowing him to exceed the damage limits of any other character.





  • Umbran Climax mimics the ability of the Climax Brace accessory in that it gives the player access to Serious Mode outside of boss battles, though only given how much magic Bayonetta has rather than being permanently activated. However, the Climax Brace's new ability in Bayonetta 2 gives the player unlimited magic, making it possible for Umbran Climax to be constantly activated.
  • Umbran Climax's regeneration of health is similar to the use of the Star of Dinèta accessory through taunting opponents, though at an incremental speed rather than regaining large portions through each taunt.
  • Jeanne's hair doesn't grow in Umbran Climax if she is played using either the D'arc, Uniformed (Old Hairstyle), Cutie J, or the Nintendo Old Hairstyle costumes. If one plays as Jeanne using her default appearance from Bayonetta 2, as she already sports long hair, there are no cosmetic alterations made when using Umbran Climax.