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Truth In Its Purest Form is an achievement/trophy in the first Bayonetta game that is unlocked by finding all of Antonio's Notes in the game.


"Collect all of Antonio's Notes"


You must find all 28 of Antonio's Notes. The wiki Walkthrough has all their locations:

Chapter I: The Angel's Metropolis

Chapter II: Vigrid, City of Déjà vu

Chapter III: The Burning Ground

Chapter V: The Lost Holy Grounds

Chapter VI: The Gates of Paradise

Chapter XII: The Broken Sky

Chapter XV: A Tower to Truth

The last one is immediately unlocked as soon as you find all of them. The achievements will then be unlocked.


  • The Xbox 360 achievement adds 30 points to the player's Gamerscore.
  • The PlayStation 3 trophy gives the player a 'Silver' trophy.