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Torture angels by summoning various devices from the underworld, which were once used to hunt the witches. These devices are infested with curses of slain witches that will magnify the power to terminate the angels." ― Bayonetta Game Manual
Torture Attacks

The devices used for Torture Attacks in Bayonetta

Torture Attacks are special offensive actions summoned by Enochian chants which can be triggered by Bayonetta in certain circumstances by pressing Punch and Kick together. The ability allows Bayonetta to summon an ancient device that was once used to torture her fellow Witches during the Witch Hunts, giving her the ability to use them instead of her enemies.

The specific mechanics of Torture Attacks change slightly throughout the series, but function in a similar way by being high damage dealing attacks against single targets.


Torture Attacks can only be performed against a chosen target when Bayonetta's magic gauge has at least one full bar of magic. When executed, a particular control input must be used to ensure maximum damage and combo points. This usually consists of rapidly pressing Punch, Kick, orShoot to maximise a gauge, which grants bonus Halos if maxed out. These attacks will kill many lesser enemies, such as Affinities, in a single hit and also deal a massive blow to larger enemy's health. While performing a Torture Attack, other enemies will not attack Bayonetta.

Larger enemies and bosses, such as Beloved and Kinship, cannot be subjected to Torture Attacks.

Iron Maiden[]

Torture attacks

This device is used when the command is given from in front of an Applaud, Affinity, or Ardor. Bayonetta first summons the iron maiden with her pose to stall the angel. When the angel looks back, Bayonetta kicks the angel into the iron maiden's spike-lined chamber. As the angel tries to break free, the maiden shuts its door and comically burps from the meal before exploding.



This device is used when the command is given from behind an Applaud, Affinity, or Ardor. Bayonetta kicks the angel repeatedly in the back until they are set in the device. They are then promptly decapitated when Bayonetta snaps her fingers.

Pulley & Chain[]

Torture 1

This device is used when the command is given on an Applaud, Affinity, or Ardor while it and Bayonetta are both in the air. Bayonetta jumps on the angel's head, wraps the chain around its neck, and pulls the angel into the pulley. This device is especially useful as a combo finisher.


DMC TombstoneTorture Attack - Bayo1

The DMC Tombstone

This attack is used when the command is given on an Applaud, Affinity, or Ardor that is flat on the ground. The hands of Hell grab the hands and feet of the angel to hold it in place while Bayonetta summons a tombstone to fall from above. The more the button is pushed during this attack, the more extravagant the tombstone becomes. If the player reaches near maximum megatons, an enormous 10-ton weight will fall on the enemy.

One of the many Tombstones that Bayonetta can summon with this torture attack has the letters DMC carved into it, likely one of the many references to the Devil May Cry series.

Wooden Horse[]

Torture 4

This device is used when the command is given on a Joy. Bayonetta summons the pony and a chain whip. When the Joy attempts to run away, Bayonetta wraps the whip around her torso and pulls her onto the device. Bayonetta then tugs on the whip while pushing the Joy into the spikes with her heel.


Torture 3

This device is used when the command is given on a Grace, Glory, Gracious or Glorious. The vice rises up and traps the angel between its hands. Bayonetta kicks the wheel into action and turns it as the angel tries in vain to hold the spiked hands apart. When the attack is completed the hands' press together, crushing the angel.

Wheel Of Torture[]

Torture 2

This device is used when the command is given on Fairness or Fearless. Bayonetta summons a giant spiked wheel of torture and slams it onto the enemy, pinning it to the ground. She sets the wheel spinning with a kick, the spikes ripping into the angel. A second kick sends the wheel and impaled angel rolling away; the wheel then explodes.


Torture 5

This device is used when the command is given next to Harmony. Bayonetta jumps onto the Harmony's head and pulls an enormous chainsaw from behind her back. She revs the engine and swings it downward. The Harmony grabs the blade to stop it, but Bayonetta overcomes its resistance and cuts it in half. After the Harmony is executed, Bayonetta keeps the chainsaw as a slow but extremely powerful weapon. Keeping the chainsaw until the end of the chapter provides one more Arcade Bullet for Angel Attack.

Panther Punt[]

Used on Dear and Decorations as well as the "Rocket Heads" that appear when fighting Jubileus, this attack can be executed when they are knocked to the ground. Bayonetta winds up a kick and punts the angel, which bounces around the area and damages other enemies. If the torture meter is maxed out, it will fly around until it dies.

Punish Attacks[]

Main article: Punish Attacks

A separate mechanic in the first game accompanying Torture Attacks, Punish Attacks are used on stunned Angels on the ground or in the air by pressing a certain button repeatedly next to them. Punish Attacks vary with button selection and weapons, but some include Bayonetta slapping the angel in the face with Scarborough Fair, stabbing them repeatedly with Shuraba, punching them with Durga, stomping on them with Odette, or whipping them around her with Kulshedra. If a Punish Attack move reaches its max, a Wicked Weave can be executed.

Bayonetta 2[]

Bayonetta 2 features the return of Torture Attacks, including the addition of brand new torture devices to use as well as the return of old ones. The mechanics are identical to the first game in regards to magic usage and button presses. When fighting alongside Rosa in Story Mode, Torture Attacks performed against angels are done so with both of the witches working together.

In addition, Bayonetta 2 also features new variants of Torture Attacks that can be executed upon the demonic enemies of the game too. In lieu of actual torture devices, Torture Attacks against demons prompt Bayonetta to summon a particular Infernal Demon of her own to attack.

Treadmill Of Blades[]


This Torture Attack can be triggered on Acceptance and Accolade when facing their front. Bayonetta summons a large treadmill that leads to a wall of spinning blades. As the angel tries to run to stay ahead of the blades, Bayonetta kicks them into the wall before leaping away.

Spiked Cage[]

The Spiked Cage can be executed upon Acceptance and Accolade from the rear. Bayonetta traps the angel between the bars of a cage and whips it inside with a 3-headed whip. After a final strike, the door seals behind the enemy and Bayonetta snaps her fingers, causing a spiked plate to descend and crush the angel into submission. 


Bear Trap[]

The Bear Trap works similarly to the Pulley & Chain from the first game and can be executed on Acceptance and Accolade when they are in mid-air. Bayonetta pulls at them with a large chain until the enemy is forced into the jaws of the waiting bear trap.

Enrapture Torture Attack

The Rack[]

BYT2 scrn 13

This attack is triggered only on Enrapture. Bayonetta summons the device where the angel is grabbed by the top and bottom. As she pulls at the handle near the base, the device twists and pulls at the angel's body until it is violently torn in two.


This attack is triggered only Fidelity. Upon executing it, the angel is trapped in a cylindrical cage with knives pointing inwards towards it, suspended above a fire. Bayonetta will then rotate the cage over the fire rapidly before finally leaving Fidelity to burn in the ensuing explosion.

Madama Butterfly []

This attack is enacted upon Hideous and Hatred. Madama Butterfly's hands are summoned, picking them up and smashing them against the ground repeatedly before she fully manifests and slams both of her fists down on the demon in a crushing blow.


Another Torture Attack against Hideous and Hatred, but only executed when the demons are in mid-air. Diomedes will uppercut them using his horn as he appears, leaving them spinning before slicing them in half horizontally.


This attack is used against Greed where Bayonetta summons Mictlantecuthli. It flies head-first onto Greed's back and drills into the demon at high speeds in a whirlwind, before it is torn apart from the sheer force.


Malicious' torture attack involves summoning a swarm of Carnage. The insects surround the demon and eventually eat it alive in a gory feast that leaves no trace of their prey behind.


Baal is summoned against Resentment for this attack. The toad demon picks Resentment up with her spiked tongue and repeatedly slams it to and fro and eventually into the ground. After a moment, Baal pulls the demon into her mouth and devours it.


Sloth's torture attack involves Bayonetta summoning Hydra. The summon appears directly beneath Sloth and entangles its body with her numerous tentacle head heads, the demon's limbs sticking out of the mass. Sloth is then slowly squeezed by Hydra's heads until his limbs are torn off of his body. If not killed by the attack, Sloth takes a moment to regain his limbs before returning to combat.

Bayonetta 3[]

Bayonetta 3 features new mechanics for Torture Attacks that differ from earlier instalments. Instead of using magic, Torture Attacks can be performed on any enemy that has been stunned, launched by an Infernal Demon, or buried into the ground. Additionally, Torture Attacks no longer require an additional QTE, instead being performed instantly as soon as Punch and Kick are pressed. More than one Torture Attack can be triggered at once if multiple enemies meet the required conditions, though they do need to be individually executed when the prompts appear.

The boss fight against Rosa β4 sees the use of specific torture devices against Bayonetta.

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden[]

This attack can be triggered against Stratus, Nebulosus, Mediocris, Affinity, or Hideous when launched into the air. Bayonetta snaps her fingers which summons the Iron Maiden to bind the target in its spikes. It then quickly shuts its doors and burps before exploding.



This attack can be triggered against Stratus, Nebulosus, Affinity, or Hideous whenever they're grounded or buried. Bayonetta summons a tombstone to crush her enemy. It also has a chance to drop an enormous 10-ton weight.



This attack can be triggered against Grace or Glory when they're on the ground. Bayonetta summons a vice to trap the angel. It then turns its own wheel and swiftly crushes them between its claws.


Wheel of Torture[]

This attack can be triggered after performing Gomorrah's Gripping Bite special attack on Floccus, Fractus, Pannus, Duplicatus, Beloved, Valiance, or Pain. After the enemy has been launched, Bayonetta summons the Wheel of Torture from a portal and throws it at the enemy, ripping them apart with the wheel's spikes.



This attack can be triggered against Floccus or Fractus if they have been stunned by a demon, spit out by Kraken after finishing its Diamond Maw move, or thrown by Malphas after using the Talons of Solomon attack. Bayonetta binds the Homunculi in a barrel before multiple swords pierce the barrel at once.


Treadmill of Blades[]

This attack can be triggered against Floccus or Fractus if they have been slammed down by Malphas's Talons of Solomon. It's also possible to trigger this if the Homunculus has been stunned and slammed to the ground afterwards via one of Bayonetta's normal moves. Bayonetta summons a large treadmill with a wall of spinning blades underneath the Homunculi. Although they attempt to run away, they soon loses their balance and are shredded to bits.


Spiked Cage[]

This attack can be triggered against Mediocris or Acceptance whenever they're on the ground. Bayonetta summons a spiked cage to entrap the enemy and a spiked plate quickly descends and crushes them after they try to escape.

Bear Trap

Bear Trap[]

This attack can be triggered against Cavum, Radiatus, Lacunosus, Mediocris, Pannus, Duplicatus, Acceptance, Grace, or Glory whenever they're in the air. Bayonetta snaps her fingers which causes the bear trap to appear from a portal. The enemy is quickly hooked up a chain. Soon after, the enemy is quickly pulled into the the jaws of the bear trap.


The Rack[]

This attack can be triggered against Cavum or Radiatus whenever they're grounded. Bayonetta snaps her fingers and the Homunculi is grabbed by the top and bottom by two twisting grabbers. The device activates and pulls at them hard enough to rip them in two.



This attack can be triggered against Lacunosus whenever it is on the ground. Bayonetta summons a rotisserie to trap the Homunculi within it, spinning them around rapidly to roast them in flames.


Missile Strike[]

This attack is triggered only against larger enemies such as Cumulonimbus and Asperatus when they have been successfully stunned. Bayonetta summons three small missiles to strike the stunned Homunculi before jumping onto a larger missile and flying right at them for massive damage.