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Time for the Climax! is a notable music track from Bayonetta 2. It is featured several times throughout the game, most notably while Bayonetta summons an Infernal Demon as a climax finisher. It was arranged by Masami Ueda using the beginning progression of Let's Hit the Climax! and melody of Theme of Bayonetta 2 - Tomorrow Is Mine.

Bayonetta 2[]

Time for the Climax! first plays in the game's opening when Bayonetta summons Labolas to defeat a traitorous Gomorrah. It plays in subsequent chapters in a similar capacity, including the final fight against Aesir.

It is track 24 of disc 1 on the Bayonetta 2 Original Soundtrack.


In Other Media[]

Time for the Climax! is a background music option while playing on the Umbra Clock Tower stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Other tracks available for the stage are Mysterious Destiny, Tomorrow Is Mine, Let's Hit the Climax, One of A Kind, Riders of the Light, Red & Black, After Burner (∞ Climax Mix), Friendship, Let's Dance, Boys!, and The Legend of Aesir.

Bayonetta's victory theme in Super Smash Bros. is composed using the opening progression of Let's Hit the Climax!.


  • For smaller climax finishers throughout the game, the track Summoning the Infernal Demon (2nd Climax Ver.) plays instead.