• Can anyone tell me where they got the information of this here? I like to know the actual source. 

    • When Hideki Kamiya was asked about the relationship between Bayonetta and Luka, he simply stated: "She teases Luka; like a toy, but will never commit, he'd die long before her."

      I don't doubt this as Kamiya on his Twitter has stated many times that they will never be together. Plus he has said that very emphatically on his Twitter after all those rude replies he makes towards the idea. But I want to know where the source of this came from. That's all. If anyone who worked on this page can tell me that would be great. 
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    • I personally have no idea right now but i've been looking for it on your behalf.

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    • Are you one of the developers of the page? I mean it's not far off as Kamiya on his Twitter states Bayonetta and Luka are never going to be together. I mean she has no romantic interests in him at all. But that statement needs a citation so those who see it will have information. 

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    • I am not. I am simply an editor that came around a year or two ago.

      The wiki has been around a while and the two administrators usually here are inactive right now. 

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    • Damn that's a shame. I hope they can respond to me sometime. I know most of their sources come from Kamiya's Twitter and the Platinum Games official site. I just hope they know. They wouldn't have made that up as this site is strictly based on fact. Though, I do appreciate your help. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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