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Theme of Bayonetta 3 - Al Fine is the second main battle theme of Bayonetta 3. The song is written and performed by Chess Galea, and arranged by Naofumi Harada and Hitomi Kurokawa. Its composition is based on the game's main theme theme, We Are As One, composed by Hiroshi Yamaguchi.

The lyrics appear to foreshadow Bayonetta's ultimate fate and her connection to Luka. Unlike its predecessors Mysterious Destiny and Tomorrow is Mine which featured electronic soundscapes, Al Fine features more traditional instrumentation.

Bayonetta 3[]

Al Fine serves as one of Bayonetta's fighting themes alongside Moonlight Serenade (Eternal Climax Mix), though it plays less frequently than the latter. It most notably plays when fighting alongside Luka against Singularity in the game's climax. An instrumental version of the song also plays during certain tutorials and sequences.

On the Bayonetta 3 Original Soundtrack, Al Fine is included in track 20 of disc 1.


Awoken by whispers of destiny
I reach for you as you're calling out my name
Longing for your touch to bring me back to life
Only you can save me, rekindle this flame

A hundred miles away I hear your heart
It beats for me, we can never be apart
This is the time I knew
I knew you could be the only one to
(We are one, fate has come now)
Come and take away darkness
(In this great moment)

I know you'll miss me when I'm gone
(Magic surrounds you)
Save your tears, this is where we belong
(Our, our love is true!)
My desire, my Achilles heel
You've tamed this cursed beast
The sorrow released

I spread my wings
We will fly into far away galaxies just you and I
And when this ends
Hold on tight to our memories
Don't let them end

I fall weak, I tremble to speak
(Like stars, we glow)
As I take my last breaths, I'm the happiest I've ever been
(Shine on, shine on)
Ocean blue, I look into your eyes
(Trust, we are here now)
I know that you will be here, by my side,
(There's no one else but you)
My Cheshire


  • "Al fine" (Italian for "to the end") is a musical term that instructs the performer to play to the end of the written notation.
  • Chess Galea's vocals are also featured on Moonlight Serenade (Eternal Climax Mix).
  • Ahead of Bayonetta 3's release, fans gave Al Fine the unofficial name "Whispers of Destiny".
  • Jeanne hums a portion of this track whilst taking a shower during the first two Side Chapters.
  • The official lyrics for Al Fine do not match the final version of the song.
    • "I knew you could be the only one to save me"


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