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The Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages

500 years ago there lived two clans in Europe. The Umbra Witches, dwellers of the darkness, and their light-world counterparts, the Lumen Sages. The clans respected each other and their laws, balancing each other out. One day, that balance was toppled. There was a sacred law between the clans, they could not have a child with one another. Rosa, an Umbra Witch, and Balder, a Lumen Sage, conceived a child, Cereza. The man was exiled from his clan and the woman was put in jail, but the child remained with the Umbra raised like a black sheep. The child made a friend named Jeanne. They used to play together until Jeanne became the Umbran Heiress, but to prove she deserved to rule the Umbra she was to chose an opponent to fight her for the most beloved of Umbran treasures, The Left Eye of the World. She chose Cereza, but it was forbidden for she was of impure blood. Jeanne said it was not the first time they fought each other, so the two fought and Jeanne was defeated. Soon after that, Jeanne was ordered to seal away Cereza in order to stop her from awakening the Left Eye which would summon Jubileus, the Creator. Jeanne also killed Cereza's mother, then she stabbed Cereza in the heart sealing her away into a 500-year slumber. Before she was put in a slumber in the bottom of a lake in a coffin, a war had started between the two clans leaving the Umbra victorious. Then, years after the war, the last Lumen Sage, Balder, encouraged the people, with their uncertainty of the witches to start the witch hunts, over years, killing all the Umbra Witches. All but two: Bayonetta and Jeanne.

The Eyes of the World

The Left Eye oversaw the darkness, the moon, and Inferno while the Right Eye oversaw the light, the sun, and Paradiso. One of them belonged to each clans; The Left Eye with the Umbra Witches, and the Right Eye with the Lumen Sages. They both belonged to the heir of each clan and the two watched over the history and the passage of time. If the two were united and awakened they would bring Jubileus back into the world. They look like mere gems but the persons are literally the eyes of Jubileus while the gem is just a symbol. Bayonetta is believed to possess the Left Eye (In reality, she herself is the left eye). She also has fragments of the gem that contains her memories within it of before she was sealed away. Balder, her father possesses (and Is) the Right Eye.

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