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The Greatest Jubilee is the 17th track of Disc 4 of the Bayonetta Original Soundtrack. It serves as the final boss theme of the first game, Bayonetta.


The Greatest Jubilee only appears in the final chapter as the boss theme of Jubileus, The Creator, following Bayonetta's re-awakening by Jeanne.

Chapters Featured In[]

  • Epilogue: Requiem

Bayonetta 2[]

The final boss themes of Bayonetta 2 are Aesir and The God Of Chaos!?, with both replacing The Greatest Jubilee. A few similar instruments and melodies can be heard in Aesir, but only if listened to very closely.



  • The Greatest Jubilee is one of the few major themes in the series that only has one purpose.
  • The title directly refers to Jubileus.