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The Gates of Hell is the 14th track of Disc 1 of the Bayonetta Original Soundtrack, and the 28th track of Disc 1 of the Bayonetta 2 Original Soundtrack. The theme features smooth jazz and trumpet instrumentation by Youhei Ichikawa. Its primary role in both installments is playing while the player accesses The Gates of Hell shop.


The Gates of Hell plays in Bayonetta most notably when the player shops at 'The Gates of Hell' in between chapters. However, the theme is also featured in certain cutscenes when the player visits the location during the storyline. The Gates of Hell can also be heard when the player accesses the game's gallery.

Chapters Featured In[]

  • Prologue: The Vestibule
  • Chapter I: The Angel's Metropolis

Bayonetta 2[]

The Gates of Hell, as well as the shop it is heard in, returns in Bayonetta 2. The theme is played for the exact same purposes - whenever the player visits the shop, or accesses the gallery. It also plays in early cutscenes in the story.

Chapters Featured In[]

  • Prologue: World of Chaos
  • Chapter I: Noatun, The City of Genesis


In Other Media[]

A different version of The Gates of Hell briefly plays in Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, when Bayonetta visits Rodin at The Gates of Hell early in the movie. This version has a more aggressive sounding horn section in comparison to the games.


  • The only storyline cutscenes the track plays in both happen to be their respective game's Prologue chapters and first chapter.