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Temporal Control is described as the ability to literally see everything in an instant. This powerful technique is the precursor to the speed boosting capabilities both Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages utilize.[1]

Notes On The Topic Of Magic - I[]

As "Overseers of History," they possessed the ability to literally see everything in an instant, also known as Temporal Control. This technique sharpened all of the five senses, and pushed one's emotional energy to its very limits. It is a world where a falling drop of water can become a crown, and a humming-bird slowly and elegantly flaps its wings. Temporal Control is not just simply being able to recognize this world, it also enables one to boost their physical abilities and move freely within that single moment. Temporal Control requires a sound body and mind, and complete grasp of Spirit Energy. Antonio Redgrave[1]


Under the effects of using Temporal Control's techniques, a user's five senses are sharpened, as well as their emotional energy pushed to it's limits. However, performing techniques under Temporal Control requires a sound body, mind, and complete grasp of Spiritual Energy to perform.[1]

Light Speed[]

Balder (Masked Lumen) using Light Speed

Masked Lumen using Light Speed.

Main article: Light Speed

Light Speed is the temporal control-related technique used by the Lumen Sages, which allows the user speed themselves up. Despite it's immensely powerful capabilities, however, those with Witch Time are still capable of reacting after the moment it is used with presumably either Witch Time or astounding reflexes. Gameplay suggests that Light Speed may be slightly more powerful than Witch Time; enemies appear completely frozen, while Witch Time only slows down enemies.[2]

Witch Time[]

Main article: Witch Time
Witch Time B2

Bayonetta using Witch Time

Witch Time is the other temporal control-related technique performed by the Umbra Witches. This technique, alike Light Speed, allows a witch to speed themselves up, moving at incredible speeds. However, various enemies and beings alike are capable of matching the speed of Witch Time, essentially canceling out its effects.[3]


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