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Supernatural Beings are powerful beings of supernatural origin.[1] Members of this race appears in Bayonetta 2.


Much of their nature is unknown, though the role of supernatural beings seemingly involve that of high responsibilities such as ruling over the given realms. Because of their amazing prowess they're often mistaken as genuine gods, although they truly have no connection to any faith, moral, or religious teachings.[2] The appearance of a supernatural being witnessed appears like that of a dark skinned humanoid or that of a blue-hued humanoid with eccentric clothing made up presumably of magic or ordinary clothes.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]

Supernatural Beings are capable of magic much like that of an Umbra Witch or a Lumen Sage, although said magic is perceived as different according to Bayonetta's comments. Much of the scope of the power witnessed by Supernatural Beings often revolves around the Remembrances of Time, allowing them to restore objects to their former state as well as allow for various time-manipulations. They can also utilize Trump Cards, cards with magical effects, and large arms that manifest similarly to Wicked Weaves.[2]

They also possess freighting godly powers such as Nothingness and the Eyes of the World, capable of bringing forth cosmic-related consequences.[2]

List of Supernatual Beings[]


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