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The Light Humanoid Generic Module "Stratus" is the name of a basic Homunculus in Bayonetta 3.

Anatomia Complex[]

The most basic type of the Homunculus artificial lifeform, created by Singularity through advanced application of nanomachine technology and capable of replacing any and all human body parts and organs.

The Stratus type can also fuse together to form various other types of Homunculi.

Possessed of no intelligence to speak of, they are incapable of acting autonomously and are controlled mentally by Singularity, and the ribbons of light that extend upwards from their bodies are bundles of of neural fibers that act as telepathic receivers.

In addition to being several times more agile than the average human, they can also liquify their bodies and transform their arms and hands into various weapons.


Stratuses are humanoid Homunculi with a luminescent cyan-green androgynous, barefoot body adorned with the white and black plating and the light tether characteristic of all Homunculi. Their heads have a white chitinous plate where a face would normally be.

Wavy, cloud-like chitinous vambraces and greaves adorned with cloud patterns while curved tassets cover their thighs.


The Stratus is the most basic, and consequentially, most common type of Homunculus. It's most often seen accompanying other Homunculi or being spawned by more specialized Homunculi such as the Genitus. They are usually equipped with rapier-like energy blades or three-bladed claws at the forearms, or golden longbows.

Recommended Weapons[]

As the most basic form of Homunculus, Strati can be defeated with minimal difficulty regardless of the weapon chosen to fight them.


  • "Stratus" (plural "strati") is Latin for "stretch", and is the name of a specific cloud formation distinguished by its low altitude, gray-to-white coloration, and flat, hazy appearance.
    • Despite the plural form of "stratus" being "strati", the game refers to a group of Stratus units as "Stratuses".

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