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The Giga Cryptid Decisive Unit "Stratocumulus" is a colossal Homunculus and boss enemy in the third game, Bayonetta 3. It was born from Cirrostratus absorbing the remains of Cirrocumulus and Jeanne β3.

Anatomia Complex[]

This colossal Homunculus type was created after the completion of Cirrocumulus and Cirrostratus as an advancement of Singularity's concept of replicating divinity, and with the application of ideas he found in ancient texts.

Unlike the majority of other Homunculi which are modeled after existing lifeforms with an emphasis on functionality, Stratocumulus is designed almost entirely around Singularity's design sensibilities and image of what a malevolent god should be.

Stratocumulus' design specs include both the Cirrostratus and Cirrocumulus cores, and their fusion and absorption of an Arch-Eve's energy are the key to its activation.

Stratocumulus' four tentacle-like arms end in serpent's heads that not only bite into prey, but can also spit fire and emit lasers, allowing it to attack at all ranges. It also has energy cores in its head and abdomen that would at first appear to be vulnerable, but it can shield one of the cores with a powerful barrier, adapting to attacks as needed.


Stratocumulus appears as a gargantuan humanoid with feminine features. Its cyan body is made out of fused Strati and ornate, armor-like chitinous parts. It has a perpetually upturned canid headdress, revealing its eye and protecting a weak point on top of the headdress. It has four snake-like appendages serving as arms. Stratocumulus' body is decorated with pink, cloth-like strips of energy, with multiple serving as a mock "veil" over a weak point on its torso. A flower-like growth resembling the one seen on Iridescent on its back appears to be its main core.


Stratocumulus is one of the Kaiju battles in the game, albeit faced with a more direct approach not unlike controlling a Demon Slave. It attacks with a combination of punches, fireballs, and energy beams.

While Phantasmaraneae is ascended to its true form, The Phantom, thanks to the Deadly Sin ritual performed by Bayonetta, Malphas is directed by Bayonetta β3 in the skies above. The fight has a set time limit, and counts down to The Phantom's cores overheating and exploding; taking damage will reduce the amount of time left.

To ensure a timely completion, the player must switch between Malphas and The Phantom in accordance to the barriers created by Stratocumulus; The Phantom deals damage to the weak spot on Stratocumulus' chest while the airborne barrier is active, while Malphas attacks the core upon the Arch-Homunculus' head when the ground barrier is set. At specific points, Stratocumulus will be stunned, allowing The Phantom to climb up its arms and attack the exposed core on its back directly.

Recommended Weapons[]

Not applicable, as Stratocumulus is fought solely with Malphas and The Phantom.


  • "Stratocumulus" comes from Latin; "stratus", "stretch", and "cumulus", "heap, pile". It is a type of clouds characterized by large, dark, rounded masses.
  • Like the Cirrostratus it evolved from, Stratocumulus' design appears to be based on the Egyptian god Anubis. This is supported by its humanoid part's jackal-like head, and its Anatomia Complex entry citing Singularity's inspiration being ancient texts, and his desire to create a Homunculus with the appearance of what a god would appear as.

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