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Spriggan, Stern Defender, is the name of a Faerie type enemy introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

Wielding shields larger than their bodies, they require strategic binding from Cereza and back attacks from Cheshire, as they are otherwise impenetrable from the front.

Cheshire's plant form allows him to pull the shields away from Spriggans, and send them flying back at their wielders.


A quadruped faerie that uses a large shield to protect itself and other faeries from enemy attacks. Receiving formal training from its biped seniors, it is capable of fending off most attacks from the front. Unfortunately, just managing that requires most of its concentration, which also means it is rarely successful in being of any help to its allies. It also seems so fixated on protecting itself that it forgets to attack.

Spriggans' shields were forged from adamant ore during Avalon's feudal period. The shields are maintained by the Spriggans collectively and kept in near flawless condition. If any are ever lost, it is considered the group's responsibility.

The curly tip design at the shield's top often snags on things in the forest and most Spriggans wish it could be removed.


  • Spriggans are creatures of Cornish folklore. Their name comes from "spyrysyon", "spirits" in Revived Late Cornish,