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The Chemical Weapon Dissemination Unit "Spissatus" is a static Homunculus unit who perpetually lets out a poisonous gas that damages Bayonetta when approached.

Anatomia Complex[]

A stationary Homunculus type that is placed in designated areas and produces poisonous gas.

The gas that it creates internally has no effect on Homunculi, and by spreading it over a wide area it causes damage to enemies and suppresses the area in which it has been deployed.


The Spissatus shares the same general appearance as the Genitus and Humilis, being a roughly cylindrical Homunculus with fused Strati being visible in its center. Its distinguishing feature is the cluster of leaf-like objects on its top.


Spissati cannot move, but constantly generate a cloud of poison gas that damages Bayonetta as long as she remains within it.

Recommended Weapons[]

Long-ranged weapons and projectiles are advised when fighting Spissati, as they are immobile and cannot harm Bayonetta as long as she stays out of the poison gas cloud.


  • "Spissatus" (plural "spissati") is Latin for "thickened", and is the name of a species of cirrus cloud consisting of dense, thick strands that can sometimes block out the sun.

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