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Sparcanagh, Wicked Wizard, is the name of a Faerie type enemy introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.


A biped faerie wizard with excellent knowledge of and proficiency in faerie magic. Many of Avalon's most powerful spellcasters are Sparcanath. Their preferred way of fighting is to come at an opponent with an onslaught of spells, not giving them even the smallest of openings to respond. With negative vibes being the source of their magic power, the more they intimidate or scare an opponent, the more powerful their spells become.

Naturally curious, they spend most of their days exploring the forest for ancient writings, hoping to learn about new spells or enhancements. And while most of their spells have practical application, some they discover turn out to be mostly useless. Always anxious to try new magic out, their fellow faeries stand the risk of being debilitated by a spell the Sparcanagh don't yet understand.


  • The direct meaning behind Sparcanagh is unknown. However, there are multiple potential translations;
    • Spar could be a corruption of spéar, Gaelic for "sky".
    • Canagh is a root word also used in Gancanagh, meaning "love-talker", a faerie who seduces women.
      • Altogether, Sparcanagh's intended translation could be "sky-talker".