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The energy Loki gave me has made me realize a new power. ― Bayonetta, Chapter V of Bayonetta 2

Snake Within is a technique of the dark arts that debuted in the second game, Bayonetta 2. It is one of the four Beast Within abilities, and the only one exclusive to the sequel. In the games, Snake Within is primarily used to travel at a faster speed underwater.


In Bayonetta[]

Snake Within is not available in Bayonetta.

In Bayonetta 2[]

Snake Within is an ability that is automatically enabled for the player following a tutorial in Chapter V. The technique is activated by double-tapping the right trigger while underwater. Once activated, Bayonetta takes the form of a large, dark blue serpent wearing a golden tiara. Atop the tiara are the gemstones of Bayonetta's guns, Love is Blue, as well as her Witch Heart. The jump button can be pressed repeatedly for small additional dashes of speed while moving. To exit Snake Within, the player must press the right trigger again, Punch, or Kick, as the player is able to remain in Snake Within while being still.


Centipede Within[]

Jeanne's variant of Snake Within does not turn her into a serpent, but instead transforms her into a giant, red centipede wearing a white crown with the gemstones of Jeanne's guns, All 4 One. Like Bayonetta's snake form, the crown also has Jeanne's Witch Heart attached to it. Centipede Within is only accessible by playing as Jeanne in Story Mode.

Cobra Within[]

Rosa's variant of Snake Within transforms her into a large, black garter snake wearing a golden crown. Designs of crescent moons decorate the head of the snake. Rosa's chains also overlap over the snake's body, and her witch heart again lies on her crown.


Snake Within is a technique first introduced in the second game following Bayonetta's battle with Valiance. When in the outfall of the battle, having been washed up in the sea, Loki transfers some of his power to Bayonetta via a kiss. Bayonetta then awakens and is able to use the ability. From then on, Snake Within is used to navigate large portions of underwater areas, especially in Chapter V. Several underwater Muspelheim portals in obscure locations can only be reached via the use of Snake Within. If the player presses Punch to exit Snake Within, Bayonetta attacks with a large fang attack before reverting to her normal form.



  • Bayonetta's serpentine form is referred to as "Snake Within" while Rosa's is referred to as "Cobra Within", even though Bayonetta's serpentine form resembles a cobra and Rosa's resembles a normal snake.