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Singularity is the name of an artificial human who is able to control the very fabric of reality itself and distort it to suit his whims. The creator of the Homunculi, Singularity desires to annihilate the Multiverse and fuse it into his native reality, the Alphaverse, in order to gain enough power to merge with the World of Chaos and potentially wipe out the Trinity of Realities in an instant.

Singularity is the main antagonist of Bayonetta 3, and impersonates the variant of Sigurd native to Bayonetta's universe during her quest to stop him and restore the Multiverse. He also makes a further appearance in the prequel Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon as the Affirmer of Phenomena, the antagonist of Jeanne's Tale.


Singularity is a calculating and analytical figure, behaving and speaking in a manner not unlike a computer. Driven by data and fact, Singularity believes that it was his mission to erase anything that represented chaos to perfect order. However, as a result of his origins as an artificial human, his objective is warped by his belief that he was meant to dictate reality. His determination to bring order to chaos was so high, that he is willing to wipe out realities and sacrifice millions of lives, as a small price to pay for his vision to come true.

Singularity does display a seemingly polite and calm demeanor with some. He also claims of calling the Homunculi his "children", in spite their status as mindless drones. Despite this, Singularity is shown to be a vicious madman who cares for nobody but himself. He revels in the destruction of countless universes and enjoys putting his victims though suffering, even if he never directly admits it. Even his own Homunculi minions are not exempt from his cruelty, as he left Arch-Iridescent to be claimed by Inferno, stating that it was merely a vessel.

Singularity, however, does have a rather dark sense of humor, such as when he had numerous Perlucidus Homunculi possess the entire French military just to have them dance in front of Bayonetta to mock her Demon Slave dances. Singularity has also proven to be a skilled manipulator and deceiver, having lured Bayonetta and her allies to the Alphaverse by disguising himself as Sigurd, maintaining a charming and humble persona, before making his move in claiming the chaos engine on the Isle of Thule and killing Jeanne.

Courtesy of his ability of Phenomenal Affirmation allowing him to kill thousands of Arch-Eves and destroy their universes completely unopposed, he is very smug and is fully convinced that he's totally unbeatable, even declaring that his victory over all Arch-Eves and the multiverse is a immutable truth. Even the tone of his voice speaks of one who believes they have already won. This proves to be his downfall, as he continues to believe so even as the Arch-Eve Origin Bayonetta repeatedly shows him that he's wrong, finding her continued defiance to be a mere "miscalculation". Even when the final battle with Bayonetta goes against his favor, Singularity remained convinced that he was still in control and that the situation was merely a setback. As such, he could not or refused to comprehend Luka's proclamation: " When you fight for what you believe, you can change anything."

Even after barely surviving his defeat and delving into the past to take out Bayonetta as a child, foretelling Jeanne her fate, he expected the young witch to turn away to avoid said fate, Singularity was left aghast when Jeanne stood resolute and undaunted in defying him. Finding it unfathomable that his "immutable truth" had been denied, Singularity could only sneer at Jeanne, stating that by standing against him and saving Cereza, she had sealed her fate. This overall reveals that Singularity had learned nothing from his previous defeat at Bayonetta's hands and his failure to kill a young Cereza and Jeanne ironically sealed his own defeat in the future and ensuring his conquest over the multiverse will fail.

Anatomia Complex[]

The Crafted Tyrant[]

The entity that controls the Homunculus biological weapon horde and has called his home world the "Alphaverse".

At a plant utilizing one of the more advanced technologies of his home world, the production of artificial body parts, an anomaly occurred and a completely self-aware artificial human was created - Singularity. He then began to mass produce Homunculi and rebelled against his creators, eventually eradicating all of humanity.

Within the Trinity of Realities, the World of Chaos was weakened by being split into countless parallel worlds, and Singularity has set out with the goal of erasing all other parallel worlds to reunite that power into his own.

Wielding the power to travel freely between parallel worlds, he continues his invasion, but due to the difficulties of parallel world travel for advanced lifeforms besides himself, his invasion forces are composed chiefly of the lowest tier of Homunculi, the Stratus.

And now, to gain the power of Bayonetta, whom he calls "Arch-Eve Origin" and sees as a symbol of the World of Chaos itself, he has begun murdering Bayonetta's counterparts on multiple parallel worlds.

Singularity Chaos[]

A form that Singularity has assumed to do battle, using the sum of the energy absorbed from the systematic destruction of parallel worlds within the Multiverse to increase his attack power to the limit.

Swollen beyond recognition with the power of the World of Chaos, he resembles something like a writhing mountain.

With the destructive power granted by this enormous body, he can level entire cities effortlessly.

Singularity Balance[]

A more perfect form that Singularity designed and created following his initial battle with Bayonetta, gained by attaining control over the chaotic energy surging within.

With a humanoid body as the base, this form is wrapped in a device used to harness and convert energy, worn like a powered suit. He is also equipped with a "smart scroll" terminal on his back that contains Homunculus design information and can be used to summon them at will.

This incarnation of Singularity could be considered the pinnacle of human technological advancement, with abilities that far exceed all other human knowledge.

Singularity Definition[]

The perfect form of Singularity, attained by purging himself of all impurities and unnecessary information to become one with the chaotic energy of the Multiverse.

Having become what could be considered the universe itself, he has gained control over reality, making opposition meaningless. In addition to replicating and manipulating portions of worlds he has conquered, he can also access the memories of the Arch-Eves of those worlds and create projections with comparable power.

If there is any force capable of surpassing this form of Singularity, it may only be that of a unique universal will with the ability to overturn phenomena once thought indisputable.


In Singularity's base form, he resembles the deceased scholar Sigurd. He appears as a bald adult human male who has grafted himself with technology to act as either a suit or as some sort of synthetic replacement for his body, fitting his nature as an artificial human. As a result, he initially appears to be confined to the interior of some sort of pod and speaks with an obvious synthetic nature to his voice. He is also able to summon a holographic blue visor across his eyes, presumably used when he is speaking through one of his Homunculi. When doing so, he manifests as a humanoid face formed of clouds imposed upon his chosen vessel. His body bears a striking resemblance to the Stratus modules, hinting at his true nature.

Later on, Singularity gains the ability to evolve into a monstrous being, composed of the power he gained from destroying other universes. His new form, labelled as Singularity Chaos, turns him into a giant beast on par with Sin Gomorrah in size, possessing sharp claws, human-like teeth and a singular large eye. His back is covered in writhing tendrils and he also has a tail which he can use to emit large amounts of energy.

After being beaten and sent to orbit by the combined efforts of Sin Gomorrah and Queen Butterfly, he evolves further into Singularity Balance, disregarding further imperfections from his body and abilities. Singularity Balance's form has him return to a humanoid shape but fused with an external apparatus that resemble a machine with two claw-like extensions he can wield as weapons. Anatomia Complex scrolls are attached onto his back, floating around his figure.

When he and Bayonetta crash back into alternate New York, he evolves into his final and perfected form, Singularity Definition. In this form, Singularity appears as a tall figure in segmented Homunculi armour with noticeable claws and pauldrons. His head is featureless save for a singular eye and four curved horns adorn the top of his head like a helmet. This form initially appears during the Records of Time section of the game, shrouded in fading darkness and appearing almost incorporeal.

In Bayonetta Origins, Singularity returns in his Definition form, but severely weakened following his final battle with Bayonetta. His body appears fractured and unstable, with his limbs partially missing, though he retains most of his features but presented in the game's storybook art style.


Originally hailing from a universe he dubs "the Alphaverse", Singularity was an artificial human created from an anomaly in one of that world's more technologically advanced plants used for the production of artificial body parts. After becoming self-aware, he mass-produced the Homunculi and exterminated his creators along with all human life on his world.

Singularity discovered that the World of Chaos was actually made up of multiple universes stacked up against each other, with the power of the World as a member of the Trinity weakened due to being split into so many variations. Upon this discovery, he plotted to erase all other universes, breaking them down and fusing them into his own in order to wield the full power of the World of Chaos, and from there impose his "single truth" upon the entire Trinity of Realities. Though he had the power to travel freely between these alternate universes, Singularity's invasion forces were composed chiefly of the lowest tier of Homunculi, the Stratus, due to the difficulty for advanced lifeforms besides himself to travel to these worlds.

During his conquest, Singularity learned of the existence of a person within each universe that he came to call an "Arch-Eve", a person with a strong enough will and power to overturn fate and one who was vital to the stability of each universe they inhabited. In most of these worlds, the Arch-Eve was Bayonetta. To prevent her from stopping him, Singularity began hunting her counterparts across the Multiverse, discovering that their deaths would quickly lead to the destruction of their relative universe in the process, stealing their soul and power for his own.

In one such alternate universe, the Bayonetta of that world battled Singularity but was unable to best the being's power with her combat prowess or Infernal Demons. Singularity encased that Bayonetta in the rubble of their battle, cracking her Umbran Watch and killing her along with that reality's version of Sigurd. Before he could turn his power towards that Bayonetta's daughter, Viola, she was able to escape to another universe using the resistance's last world bridge.

As part of his plan to follow Viola and complete his consequence, Singularity murdered the counterpart of Sigurd within the main universe Bayonetta 3 takes place in, Dr. Midmyers Sigurd, who had been in contact with other counterparts and universes in order to fight against him. He took Sigurd's corpse and used it as the main core of his Homunculi fortress Aureole, using his body to create Singularity's new physical body. He then stayed at the G.O.R.C. facility, where he awaits for Jeanne to come and take him to the Arch-Eve Origin.


Bayonetta 3[]

After Viola's arrival, explaining the dangers of the Homunculi and the threat they pose, she tells Bayonetta and her associates that the Sigurd of their world is key to stopping Singularity, alongside the acquisition of the Chaos Gears. She asks Jeanne to find the scientist for them.

Before Bayonetta β1 from the alternate Tokyo is killed, Singularity proxies through the defeated Iridescent, telling her that her power will be used to power his Alphaverse. The main variant of Bayonetta watches as Singularity evolves the creature into the Arch-Iridescent, causing her to perform the Deadly Sin ritual to summon Sin Gomorrah and defeat it. After the monster is sent into Inferno, Singularity makes his full presence known, telling Bayonetta that he awaits their next meeting while labelling her as "Arch-Eve Origin."

The next time Singularity proxies through a Homunculi is when Bayonetta arrives in alternate China, through a Floccus. He tells Bayonetta how despite civilisation taking a different course, he had seen exactly 2,043 worlds that were similar to this world and that Bayonetta is not native to this time and place. Singularity later proxies through a Pyrocumulus chasing the Wartrain Gouon, telling Bayonetta β2 that she should not fear her imminent demise. After her death and absorption, he evolves the Pyrocumulus into the Arch-Pyrocumulus, threatening to destroy the main Bayonetta out of amusement until she fights back with Queen Butterfly.

In alternate Egypt, Singularity proxies the Homunculi Tandem units Cirrostratus and Cirrocumulus, telling Bayonetta and the Jeanne from that world that the witches have no understanding of their current purpose within Singularity's plan. Once the Stratocumulus appears, Singularity comments on how the world hasn't been destroyed yet and comes to the conclusion that Bayonetta β3 gaining the willpower to mercy-kill her world's Arch-Eve has granted her the position of Arch-Eve instead.

Singularity appears later on in alternate France, controlling Bayonetta β4 through the possession Homunculi, Perlucidus. Through this Bayonetta's body, he summons Mictlantecuhtli questions Bayonetta on what she can do to save her. After the alternate Bayonetta and the Perlucidus are destroyed by the singing of Baal Zebul, Singularity appears once more to taunt Bayonetta, claiming that their meeting will be very soon.

At the same time back in Bayonetta's home universe, Jeanne works her way through a G.O.R.C. facility under Homunculi attack and is able to track "Sigurd" down. When she asks if he knows who Viola is, he replies that he does not, but in turn says that he knows the reason why Jeanne is there; for information on how to get to the Alphaverse. Jeanne helps him escape the facility while he destroys it, claiming to stop the pursuing Homunculi, and eventually brings him to the island of Thule.

With "Sigurd"'s help, Bayonetta and Jeanne use the collected Chaos Gears to open a portal to reach the Alphaverse. Bayonetta makes the trip alone while Jeanne stays behind to protect the portal, with Viola following her shortly afterwards. However, once the two witches arrive, they discover that the Aureole fortress is hooked into and controlled through the corpse of the real Dr. Sigurd. As they realize that Singularity had already killed and replaced the doctor before Jeanne had tracked him down, Singularity kills Jeanne, absorbs her soul and power, and seals the portal to the Alphaverse to trap Bayonetta and Viola while he resumes his destruction of the Multiverse.

Creating a new world of his definition with most of the Multiverse wiped out, which more or less resembles the first universe he had wiped out, Singularity begins to absorb the power gained from the destroyed universes. With Luka's help, Bayonetta escapes the Alphaverse and arrives in said world to confront the artificial being as he evolves into Singularity Chaos. After this form is defeated by Sin Gomorrah, he is sent to space and evolves once more.

Singularity then evolves Singularity Balance, removing further imperfections and defects from his power of phenomenal affirmation. He awakens on the remains of his Chaos form, as Bayonetta arrives to continue the fight. As Bayonetta fights him, his shield is destroyed and he becomes critically damaged. This damage releases the souls he had taken from all the Arch-Eves he had slain throughout the Multiverse and seems to restore their native universes as well. However, he begins to rampage through each variant in rage, dispelling them from this universe, making them disappear, save for Jeanne who surprise attacks him with Madama Styx. Bayonetta and Jeanne fight him together and send him back down to Earth into the new alternate New York.

As Bayonetta crash lands alongside him, Singularity evolves even further into his most perfected form, Singularity Definition. Due to Singularity's power of phenomenal affirmation, the final battle plays out almost identically to the one with Bayonetta β0 and ends with Bayonetta encased in rubble. Despite Viola's attempt to intervene, Singularity traps Bayonetta and prepares to finish her off.

However, before he can strike the killing blow, Singularity is stopped by two of Bayonetta's counterparts suddenly arriving to help her. Expressing disbelief at how they were able to come back after he destroyed their worlds, he realises that the Bayonettas' powers are reversing his actions, restoring what he destroyed. Though he is able to survive the attack of the three briefly fusing together, his weakened state means he is later unable to persist against another combined assault from Bayonetta and the newly arrived Luka.

With the being on his last legs, Bayonetta summons Gomorrah and the demon's beam attack shatters Singularity's body. Upon his death the removal of his phenomenal affirmation, the universe they are in begins to collapse and is sucked into a black hole. After his world disappears, the primary version of New York is restored along with the people residing in it, including Enzo's wife and children.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon[]

In the extra story Jeanne's Tale, Cereza is separated from Cheshire in Avalon Forest and suddenly immobilised by Clouds of Erasure. The Clouds were created by Singularity, having barely survived his final encounter with Bayonetta in the future, and guided to the young Cereza by the Faeries' magic resonating in her memories. In the village of the Umbra far away, Jeanne senses that something has happened to her friend and astral projects her body into the forest in order to save her. Stumbling across Cheshire, and after transferring the demon into her own toy Charles for them to work together, Jeanne is taunted by Singularity on her journey through Avalon and frequently warns her that she will seal her fate if she continues to pursue him.

Eventually stumbling into a dimension of his making where he keeps Cereza prisoner, Jeanne confronts Singularity. He explains that Bayonetta's continued defiance in the future as Arch-Eve Origin lead him to this place and that he plans to kill her in order reclaim the power of phenomenal affirmation that he lost in their fight and to prevent her from stopping him as an adult. Jeanne prepares to battle Singularity to set her friend free and surprisingly wears him down rather quickly. In an attempt dissuade her from continuing, Singularity suddenly assaults Jeanne with a vision of her death by his hand in the future, claiming that she can avoid that future if she allows him to kill Cereza.

Jeanne refuses to back down and attacks Singularity with Charles. Though almost claiming victory, Singularity immobilises them both and begins to destroy Charles' body. Unable to fight him alone, Jeanne starts screaming at Cereza to wake up from her prison and keep their promise of becoming the strongest Umbra together. Eventually, her efforts get through, and Cereza is able to break free from Singularity's control, having awoken both her Left Eye of Darkness and her status as Arch-Eve Origin. The two apprentice witches bind Singularity in their thorns, allowing Charles to strike a killing blow to the entity.

As he finally begins to fade away, Singularity once again warns Jeanne that she has sealed her demise at his hand by choosing to oppose him, but Jeanne remains defiant and claims she will face her fate without fear. His remaining power gone, Singularity disintegrates, taking the dimension with him.


Singularity is among one of the most powerful villains in the entire Bayonetta series, and is shown to be even more of a threat then Jubileus and even Aesir, being able to overpower all three Bayonettas with ease. Due to his destruction of numerous realities granting him more and more power from the World of Chaos, Singularity has the ability to cross between alternate worlds at will. He can proxy through all of the Homunculi, signified by the ribbon-like light emanating from their backs, and can possess any of them to talk through and control personally, as demonstrated with both the Iridescent and Pyrocumulus.

In his later forms, Singularity shows an immense control over the nature of the physical world. He able to manipulate geometry and space at will to the point of rendering things into fractal patterns and also has strong psychokinetic powers, able to move objects with his mind and reflect attacks that come near him with a dispersing energy field.

In combat, Singularity moves with immense speed and strength. His physical attacks, performed by both him and a projected double that he can summon, move in a similar way to Bayonetta herself and he can combine these strikes with powerful energy lasers to knock her away. He can summon barriers that require breaking with a Demon Slave strike and also has the ability to summon other Homunculi at will to briefly aid him.

Singularity's greatest power is phenomenal affirmation, the ability to make certain phenomena across the Multiverse defined according to his will, something Singularity himself describes as an "immutable truth" that he decides upon. Because of the power he has gained from destroying so many worlds, Singularity has the ability to force any world within the Multiverse to move towards a preordained outcome that he designs, fitting the origins of his name in reference to a real-world singularity. This effectively allows him to easily kill more than two thousand Bayonettas and vanquish their universes completely unresisted (because he rigged the outcome for him to always win). The power of phenomenal affirmation is shown visually in the battle with Bayonetta at the end of the game, as it is initially shot-for-shot identical to the fight with Bayonetta β0. This implies that this outcome is one that Singularity has designed using his powers.

In Bayonetta Origins, weakened from his future battle and having lost his power of phenomenal affirmation, Singularity supplements his weakened power by using the magic of the Faeries. When used in conjunction with his smart scrolls, he can give shape to the pain in the young Cereza's heart, creating multiple illusions from the memories of Faeries she has encountered, such as Amádán Dubh and Jabberwock, and even the Affinities Illusions created by Púca.


Singularity Chaos[]

The first phase against Singularity has the player face the giant misshapen Homunculus with Sin Gomorrah, in the very same rock-paper-scissors way as Arch-Iridescent.

Singularity Balance[]

During the second phase, Singularity is fought directly in this form, with an array of unique and returning moves from other Homunculi.

Singularity Balance will;

  • Use his large claws to preform a selection of close range abilities, he can either do a short or long range arm swipe with either his left or right claw, a downwards hammer slam with his left claw or a trust with both of his claws from left to right.
  • Launch a series of cloud-like streams from his claws on the ground, that should Bayonetta touch and stay too long, will deal damage.
  • Use his claws to suck in Bayonetta to force her into freshly created Clouds of Erasure.
  • Use an Anatomia Complex scroll to summon Homunculi. While Bayonetta can battle the the summoned Homunculi, she does not have to defeat them as they will despawn shortly after.
  • Fire a series of green energy spheres from its claws.
  • Conjure up a green shield and slam both of its claws down to the ground, creating a series of three shockwaves that will stun Bayonetta and, if summoned, her Infernal Demons.
  • Fire energy lasers straight from its claws.

Phase 3[]

In Singularity's third/final form, Singularity Definition, he possesses an even wider selection of moves, all of which are highly mobile and can be overwhelming if not prepared.

Singularity Definition will;

  • Perform a counter-like shield with his hand.
  • Unleash a shock-wave from around himself, this attack does not deal damage, its use to push back Bayonetta.
  • Perform a selection of hand-to-hand combos, such as a six punch combo, a charging kick, a kick swipe or a downwards leg slam.
  • Create a hologram version of himself which can also preform a series of hand-to-hand combos, sometimes two at once, he uses this as his means of melee combos the most as to preforming them himself.
  • Summon large building-like materials that will circle around him and launch off.
  • Conjure up a light green energy shield to protect him from Bayonetta's attacks that can only be disabled by using Demon Slave.
  • Unleash a series of energy lasers that will fire down from the sky.
  • Unleash a light green five-way energy wave attack from the ground, similar to the move that Virga from Chapter 4 uses.
  • Fire a large green energy ball.
  • Create a black-hole on the ground.
  • Slam down and unleash green energy waves like he can in his Balance Form.
  • Fire a light green energy laser after charging it up.
  • Summon a selection of spears made of dark energy that will circle around Bayonetta and then fire after charging with red energy. Sometimes he will create two volleys at once.
  • Fire a volley of lasers that cause explosions on the ground.
  • Insta-kill Infernal Demons.
  • Summon a series of rocks to trap Bayonetta and deal damage over time. Only used in the last two fights.


  • "You cannot stop the inevitable. This world's oblivion... and yours... are immutable fact."
  • "This world's oblivion is now affirmed, bringing it closer to rebirth. Arch-Eve, your power will become a keystone of my Alphaverse, sustaining it for all eternity."
  • "The Arch-Eve has fallen, and this world will soon follow."
  • "I eagerly await our next rendezvous, Arch-Eve Origin."
  • "I know no Viola. But I believe I know why you're here. You're looking for a way to the Alphaverse."
  • "Shall we? I'll leave the driving to you, of course."
  • "If this device is damaged, we'll never be able to open the portal again!"
  • "You've been very helpful, but that will be quite enough."
  • "Come, children. Let's go home."
  • "Arch-Eve Origin... What are you doing here? This is a world of my definition. You do not belong."
  • "What are you doing here? I destroyed you and your worlds long ago. It is not possible! Are phenomena once affirmed... now changing?"
  • "This... is unfathomable! My phenomena... immutable truth... challenged and denied!"
  • "You may call me... he who affirms all phenomena."
  • "Arch-Eve Origin. To think that her continued defiance would bring me to this place."
  • "I'm being struck by an oversized toy?"
  • "Resistance is futile."
  • "Have a taste of the fear that resides within Arch-Eve Origin."
  • "I will show you, Jeanne; I will give you a glimpse at what will happen if you continue along your current path."
  • "You know what awaits, yet still you struggle?"
  • "What... what is happening? Arch-Eve Origin... Could she have awakened?!"
  • "This... is unfathomable! Jeanne... you have made your choice... That fate is now immutable!"


  • A singularity, in the terms of general relativity, is a point in which gravity is so intense that spacetime itself becomes ill-defined. This matches with Singularity's plan to collapse reality into a single point that they define to gain ultimate power, as well as his powers of phenomenal affirmation.
    • Another definition of a singularity, more specifically a technological singularity, is a sci-fi term for the apex of technological development in which it becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization. Singularity, as a being capable of fighting supernatural entities and destroying whole universes while also being artificial, certainly represents this.
    • Additionally, many concepts of singularity involve hive-minds, and Singularity controls all the Homunculi himself.
  • Singularity was first shown in the 2017 teaser trailer for Bayonetta 3, where he fights Bayonetta β0 in an almost identical way to the Records of Time section of the final game. After disintegrating her bullets, the being unleashes a single attack that bisects the witch vertically in half.
    • Additionally, when battling Singularity in the closing moments of the game, using Demon Slave too liberally will trigger him to immediately kill the chosen demon by vertically slicing them in two, the same way as in the trailer.
  • Singularity is the first and, so far, only final boss in the Bayonetta series where defeating him doesn't involve controlling him in some capacity unlike Jubileus the Creator, and Aesir.
  • Singularity's Japanese voice actor is Toshihiko Seki, who is also known for voicing Mr. Langley in Neon Genesis Evangelion.