Serious Mode

Bayonetta entering Serious Mode before her fight against Fortitudo.
Name Serious Mode
Alternate Names N/A
Type Technique
Creator Unknown
User(s) Bayonetta, Jeanne
Serious Mode is a technique of the dark arts that only appears in the first Bayonetta game. In Bayonetta 2, it has been replaced by Umbran Climax. It is a temporary ability that enables an Umbra Witch to fight at her strongest.

The ability is only activated at certain points in the story of Bayonetta, primarily before a battle against the Auditio. Unlike Umbran Climax, the player is not able to manually activate Serious Mode, and it does not deplete the Magic Gauge.



Jeanne in Serious Mode.

Serious Mode is an ability exclusive to the Umbra Witches, with both Bayonetta and Jeanne being able to enable it before combating a tough enemy. If Bayonetta is equipped with Scarborough Fair (or Jeanne with All 4 One) it allows for every punch and kick attack to be accompanied by a powerful Wicked Weave. If either character is equipped with any other weapon, a powered-up version of it accompanies the regular attack. Due to the limited playable characters in the first game, it is unknown if the Lumen Sages or Rodin possess this ability.


Serious Mode performs the exact same functions for both Bayonetta and Jeanne in the original game. As in normal gameplay, if a combo is performed in Serious Mode, the finisher attack will be the most powerful.


Bayonetta in Serious Mode using Shuraba.

Equipping the Climax Brace will allow both characters to use Serious Mode during any Chapter, however, it will not save any records. Entering Serious Mode is usually seen during cutscenes, and it is signaled by either witch letting down a large portion of their hair. The chains on the Umbran uniform are also woven into the hair when in Serious Mode.

Unlike Umbran Climax, no Infernal Demons are summoned as finisher attacks, except for the Wicked Weaves of Madama Butterfly (or Madama Styx).


  • Serious Mode is automatically enabled during the following Chapters:
    • Chapter IV: The Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude
    • Chapter VII: The Cardinal Virtue of Temperance
    • Chapter XI: The Cardinal Virtue of Justice
    • Chapter XIII: The Cardinal Virtue of Prudence
    • Epilogue: Requiem
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