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Scent of Love is the theme of Bayonetta (Pachislot), similarly to Mysterious Destiny and Tomorrow Is Mine of the games, Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 respectively. Because it is a gambling game, rather than an action game, Scent of Love's lyrics draw more on Bayonetta's sexual nature more so than any other aspects of her character as a whole. The singer of this song is Helena Noguerra, who also sings Mysterious Destiny as well as Fly Me To The Moon (∞ Climax Mix).

Pachislot Bayonetta[]

Being the main theme of Pachislot Bayonetta, the theme appears frequently throughout the game.


So sudden came our love -
destiny brought it to us.
It left a blue scent
in the air that night.

It was a passionate love.
The air just took over us,
leaving a sweet scent
in the air that night.
A world made for two.

When you held
me inside your arms
the scent of my love
filled up the room
as it surrounds you.

So you said
"Wherever you go -
no matter how far -
I will find you.
I just need to follow,
follow the scent of your love."

It was a childish love -
my jealousy was too much.
We felt it slowly
fade into the night.

Silence filled our love
and two sides cover us,
leaving a deep scent
in the air tonight
as our love is a sin

I wanna wake up all your memories.
My scent lingers inside of your chest.
From now on that's what I'll wear -
the scent of our love.



  • Scent of Love is one of three themes in Bayonetta Pachislot to have lyrics. Others include Red & Black and IT'S SHOWTIME.