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Salamander, Mischievous Firestarter, is the name of a Faerie type enemy introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.


A faerie wizard with a flaming staff. Though a wizard by name, they are limited to using flame magic. Still, the flame magic of faeries can be quite powerful, and Salamander are able to create raging flames that can grow many times larger than their tiny stature. While other faeries typically would value their assistance on the sidelines, sometimes their spells slip out of their control and fry their allies.

Though flame magic is something that has existed among the faeries for ages, each faerie's aptitude is decided for the most part at birth and can range drastically. Salamanders display more natural talent than other faeries, and they show a bit of pride regarding this.

Salamander sometimes will sneak into human villages to play tricks by setting things on fire, so they are typically associated with fire to humans as well. Only, as faeries are not known to use flame magic, they are simply considered to be faeries drawn to the flame.


  • In European mythology, a salamander is a lizard-like creature with an affinity for fire, proposed to be the quintessential fire elemental by the writer Paracelsus. Its name was believed to come from the behavior of the salamander animal hibernating in rotting logs that were used as firewood, where the animal would appear.