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Rodin's Treasures are a collection of unlockable items that can be purchased at The Gates of Hell throughout all of the Bayonetta series. With the exception of on item, the Treasures are primarily for cosmetic purposes, changing the costume of the selected playable character.

For costumes that add extra features to gameplay in both games, see the Nintendo Content added in the Wii U and Switch ports of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2.

Umbran Elegances[]

Umbran Elegances are perfumes for witches made from unique fragrances and allow Bayonetta to change into a special costume that matches its associated weapon. Each fragrance can be only be bought after the related weapon is obtained and must then be bought for 30,000Halos at the Gates Of Hell.

Umbran Elegances cannot be obtained by Jeanne (with the exception of the Chain Chomp elegance in Bayonetta 2) and only function when Bayonetta is wearing her default costume. If using one of the Couture Bullet outfits, the effects of the Umbran Elegance will not appear.

Each Umbran Elegance must be set in the Items menu. Once done, they will automatically change Bayonetta's appearance when she equips the appropriate weapon.


Umbran Elegance #1[]

Kulshedra Elegance
Associated Weapon: Kulshedra
Appearance: Gives Bayonetta long arm-length gloves, thigh-high boots, and turns her glasses into a bat-like mask, styled after a dominatrix motif.

Umbran Elegance #2[]

Kilgore Elegance
Associated Weapon: Lt. Col. Kilgore
Appearance: Gives Bayonetta the large Stetson Crown hat and yellow scarf worn by the associated weapon's namesake in Apocalypse Now. She also wears a pair of large black sunglasses.

Umbran Elegance #3[]

Odette Elegance
Associated Weapon: Odette
Appearance: Gives Bayonetta a ballet costume, complete with a tutu. It also adds a small white headpiece made of white swan feathers that lay over her hair, matching those worn by Odette in the ballet Swan Lake.

Umbran Elegance #4[]

Sai Fung Elegance
Associated Weapon: Sai Fung
Appearance: Gives Bayonetta a two-piece outfit that shows her midriff. She also wears a pair of baggy black pants with a golden chain-belt. This elegance is made to resemble Bruce Lee's tank top and black pants from the movie Way of the Dragon.

Umbran Elegance #5[]

Durga Elegance
Associated Weapon: Durga
Appearance:  Gives Bayonetta elemental cat ears and a tail. The element corresponds to the current elemental state of the Durga equipped. When equipped to the hands, she will have a pair of cat ears on top of her head. When equipped to legs, she will have a tail.

Bayonetta 2[]

Umbran Elegance #1[]

Rakshasa Elegance
Associated Weapon: Rakshasa
Appearance: Gives Bayonetta a facial mask and belly dancer like decorations in her hair and around her chest. It also has a short green-tinted skirt that reveals itself when executing a Wicked Weave.

Umbran Elegance #2[]

Kafka Elegance
Associated Weapon: Kafka
Appearance: Gives Bayonetta a green, pointed Robin Hood-style hat with yellow feathers on its side and a red scarf around her neck to fit with the archery motif.

Umbran Elegance #3[]

Chernobog Elegance
Associated Weapon: Chernobog
Appearance: Gives Bayonetta a pair of devil-like horns on her head, a pair of bat wings on her back and an arrowed tail just above her waist.

Umbran Elegance #4[]

Takemikazuchi Elegance
Associated Weapon: 武甕槌 Takemikazuchi
Appearance: Gives Bayonetta a sun-like tiara on her head, a yellow velificatio around her arms and shoulders, and a rope cord belt around her waist.

Umbran Elegance #5[]

Chain Chomp Elegance
Associated Weapon: Chain Chomp
Appearance: Gives Bayonetta a moustache that resembles Nintendo character Mario as well as his famous red hat but labelled with a B instead of an M. Jeanne can also equip this as her only Umbran Elegance and has Luigi's moustache and a green hat labelled with a J.



Main article: Rodin's Treasures/Costumes (Bayonetta)
Super Mirror 2

Extra costumes are unlocked after purchasing the Super Mirror in Rodin's Treasures. Completing the game on Normal or higher difficulty will unlock the Super Mirror for purchase at the Gates of Hell for 100,000Halos when you load the save you've completed the game on. After purchasing the Super Mirror, Couture Bullets will be unlocked and available for purchase for 100,000Halos each. Each bullet is a new costume that changes Bayonetta and Jeanne's appearance. Some bullets are only available to Bayonetta, while others are exclusive to Jeanne.

Description: A magic hand mirror that is able to store Couture Bullets used to temporarily change one's appearance. It is currently on sale as a set with a special Couture Bullet allowing one to change into an elegant and charming oriental kimono known as the Umbran Komachi.
Use: Pressing Bx rb/B r1 to go into the sub-menu on the Chapter Start screen.

Bayonetta 2[]

Main article: Rodin's Treasures/Costumes (Bayonetta 2)

As in the first game, extra costumes can be purchased from the Gates of Hell after buying the associated Super Mirror. This time, up to four different Super Mirrors can be purchased for 100,000Halos from the shop and the subsequent Couture Bullets associated with them available for purchase for 100,000Halos each afterwards.

Bayonetta 3[]

Main article: Rodin's Treasures/Costumes (Bayonetta 3)

As opposed to the older games, Bayonetta 3 features a different take on Super Mirrors, where instead one Super Mirror equates to one costume, and instead of Couture Bullets, the player purchases Couleur Bullets to customize said costumes.

Super Mirrors each cost 4000Halos, save for Super Mirror 0, which costs a mere 100Halos but requires finding a secret item.

Platinum Ticket[]

Platinum Ticket (Bayonetta 3)
Bayonetta - Collect 10,000,000Halos total while playing through the game. These halos do not have to be saved up all at once, and even halos you spend on other things still count towards this number. After collecting all of the halos, the Platinum Ticket will be available for purchase at the Gates of Hell for 999,999Halos.
Bayonetta 2 - After finishing Chapter X, the Platinum Ticket will be available for purchase at the Gates of Hell for 9,999,999Halos
Bayonetta 3 - Purchase at The Gates of Hell for 999999Seeds after finishing the game.
A platinum plate equivalent to the number of halos needed to restore the heavenly powers of the fallen angel, Rodin. If you were to hand this over to him... ― Bayonetta 1&2
A platinum plate equivalent in value to the number of halos needed to restore the heavenly powers of the fallen angel, Rodin.
However, with halo circulation dwindling, Rodin has graciously agreed to accept an equivalent amount of Seeds in exchange for the right to face him.
As proof of payment, he now offers a platinum-plated plastic replica of the original.
― Bayonetta 3
In Bayonetta 1, buying the Platinum Ticket allows the player to engage in a secret boss fight with Father Rodin. Father Rodin is the game's most difficult encounter despite being a hidden boss. Defeating him unlocks the weapon of his namesake to use in combat.
In Bayonetta 2, buying the ticket will allow you to fight Rodin in his demon form as The Infinite One. As with the first game, he is the hardest boss to fight despite being completely optional. Defeating Rodin will once again reward you with the same weapon from the previous game.
In Bayonetta 3, purchasing the ticket will hang it up in Viola's room, and it can be accessed to fight Rodin at any time with either Bayonetta, Jeanne, or Viola. Defeating him will reward you with the same weapon as before, but with added skills and masquerade moves, as well as Devil Rodin himself for the Demon Slave mechanic. Alternately, losing to Rodin enough times will result in him putting up the same weapon and Devil Rodin for sale for 9,999,999Seeds.

Bayonetta 3 Treasures[]

Old Picture Book[]

Main article: Old Picture Book
A weathered and worn picture book that somehow found its way onto the shelves at The Gates of Hell.
Perhaps having been written far in the past, the cover is nearly completely worn off, and the title is illegible.
Some unknown power so strong that not even Rodin himself can dispel it seals the book, and the content is a mystery.
However, the seal is in the shape of three keyholes so with the right keys, the book might someday be opened...

A book that appears for purchase at The Gates of Hell after completing the game. The book can only be unlocked after finding the three keys hidden throughout the chapters.

Couleur Bullets[]

Couleur Bullets
Bullets used with Super Mirrors to change the color of costumes and hair in an instant.
Each costume requires its own Couleur Bullets.

Couleur Bullets are items applied to Super Mirrors in Bayonetta 3 that allow the player to customize Bayonetta's costume colors. There are 49 Couleur Bullets to purchase in total, including the Original palettes for Variant costumes. Save for the Training Frock, each costume has access to the same color customization.

Couleur Bullets each cost 1000Halos, except for Bullets for the Super Mirror 1 and 2, which go for 1500Halos each.

Figure Box[]

Figure Box
A box containing a palm-sized figure.
They are apparenty being sold throughout Inferno, but for some reason almost exclusively contain figures of people close to Bayonetta.

Figure Boxes are collectible items found throughout the Chapters or purchased at The Gates of Hell that unlock 3D Models to view in the Gallery.

Each Figure Box purchaseable at The Gates of Hell costs 300Halos.

Card Pack[]

Card Pack
A pack for cards from a game currently popular in Inferno.
However, the contents have been switched out by someone and what's currently contined can't be used to play the game.

Card Packs are collectible items found throughout the Chapters or purchased at The Gates of Hell that unlock concept art to view in the Gallery.

Each Card Pack purchaseable at The Gates of Hell costs 800Halos.

Viola's Room Items[]

One of the things Halos can be exchanged for besides costumes are decorations for Viola's room, which also serves as the map view for the game. Each decoration can be purchased during a different chapter. For detailed locations, check Locations.

Sleeping Dog Statue[]

Sleeping Dog Statue
A trinket modeled after a famous dog statue in front of Shibuya Station, used by many as a meeting place.
It's said that carrying this will bring you face to face with someone you've ben missing for a long time.
Location: Chapter 1 Verse 10, Checkpoint 4 - The Gates Of Hell
Cost: 1200Halos

Lofty Office Statue[]

Lofty Office Statue
A trinket modeled after a famous sightseeing spot with a somewhat unusual observation deck.
It's an extremely detailed replica, and for some reason everyone who visits the building buys one on the way out.
Location: Chapter 2 Verse 5, Checkpoint 2 - Abandoned Square
Cost: 1500Halos

Handy Lantern[]

Handy Lantern
A miniature lantern modeled on the giant lantern hanging in the entrance to a famous temple.
Unfortunately, for safety reasons, this lantern does not light up.
Location: Chapter 3 Verse 5, Checkpoint 2 - Temple Gate
Cost: 1900Halos

Catapult Magnet[]

Catapult Magnet
A magnet Rodin modeled on a dragon-shaped catapult he saw during his travels, made out of leftover materials.
Because it's an attempt at replicating the workings of the device it's based on, it can move in a similar fashion, but it's useless as a magnet.
Location: Chapter 4 Verse 6, Checkpoint 3 - Training Grounds
Cost: 1000Halos

Warrior Figure[]

Warrior Figure
A figure Rodin modeled on giant warrior statues found throughout a certain land he visited, after being moved by the power they projected.
There's only one for sale, but over 1,000 prototypes were made before it was completed.
Location: Chapter 5 Verse 9, Checkpoint 4 - Sightless Tower
Cost: 1600Halos

Mystic's Painting[]

Mystic's Painting
An ink ainting Rodin received from a mountain mystic he happened to meet during his travels.
Quite fond of it, Rodin hung it in his shop for a while, but sensing a strange presence coming from it, he quietly placed it with the other items for sale.
Location: Chapter 6 Verse 7, Checkpoint 2 - Requiem Tower
Cost: 2400Halos

Wind God Hourglass[]

Wind God Hourglass
An hourglass with a statue of Malphas attached.
Because you have to remove the Malphas statue to turn it over and use it again, it's destined to become a paperweight.
Location: Chapter 7 Verse 6, Checkpoint 3 - Cheshire's Oasis
Cost: 1700Halos

Poison Toad Cushion[]

Poison Toad Cushion
A cushion made with a cloth adorned witha mural design Rodin learned from locals.
Its texture and comfort level place it among his masterworks.
Location: Chapter 8 Verse 1, Checkpoint 1
Cost: 2300Halos

Ceremonial Mask[]

Ceremonial Mask
A ritual mask with a design based on the face of a god worshipped in certain desert locations.
The back is covered with strips of paper written in the local language.
Location: Chapter 9 Verse 5, Checkpoint 2 - Temple Entrance
Cost: 2200Halos

Miniature Arch[]

Miniature Arch
A miniature Arc de Triomphe.
Although a fairly common souvenir, this version procured by Rodin has a secret compartment.
Location: Chapter 10 Verse 6, Checkpoint 3 - Road to the Arc
Cost: 2000Halos

Sightseeing Bus Plate[]

Sightseeing Bus Plate
A tin ornament designed after the sightseeing buses seen zipping about Paris.
The commitment to vintage detail can be seen n the material and aged look.
Location: Chapter 11 Verse 1, Checkpoint 1
Cost: 1400Halos

Tourist Spot Magnet[]

Tourist Spot Magnet
A magnet from a collection bearing photos of sightseeing locations.
All of the photos were taken by Rodin.
Location: Chapter 12 Verse 5, Checkpoint 2 - City in Darkness
Cost: 1100Halos


  • Shuraba was originally intended to have an Umbran Elegance. The costume's concept art appears similar to Bayonetta's default appearance, except the circular golden moon ornaments that normally hang from her arms are attached to form four disembodied arm-like appendages and hands made from her hair. This Elegance was most likely cut due to limited resources.
  • Pillow Talk was intended to have an Umbran Elegance. The concept art of the fragrance was supposed to make Bayonetta wear a long black dress and a black hood, giving her a resemblance to Darth Sidious from the Star Wars franchise like the weapon references. This fragrance was most likely cut due to resource issues.
  • The Couture Bullets themselves appear to be bullet-like tubes of lipstick, with the interior of the Super Mirror designed much like a six shot revolver's chamber. This can be seen when changing your costume in both games.


Umbran Elegance Fragrances[]


Bayonetta 2[]