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The Records of Time: The End Universe refers to the universe in which was present only during the second game, Bayonetta 2 in the mission, "Records of Time: The End". Assuming to follow very similarly to the Main Universe, Hideki Kamiya revealed that the events showcased in that mission take place in an alternate universe.[1]

In this timeline, this version of Bayonetta does not encounter the Masked Lumen until she is thrown back in time to 500 years ago during the Witch Hunts. In addition, the Witch Hunts were much more chaotic and intense, with not only far greater numbers of Angels like additional Worships and even the appearance of high-ranking Angels like Valiance, as well as the Umbra Witches managing to deploy numerous Umbran Armors to fight, but even Infernal Demons such as multiple Insidiouses began freely manifesting without Witch summoning and started attacking both Angels and Witches.

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