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The Light Ranged Support Unit "Radiatus" is a Homunculus in Bayonetta 3, and a more menacing evolution of the fodder enemy, Cavum.

Anatomia Complex[]

A Cavum variant with a unique mutation that has changed the shape of its barrel.

Its laser energy output has also increased, and it is able to fire the energy from its mutated barrel in a scattered blast.

While this mutation was not intended by Singularity, he recognized its noteworthy usefulness in battle and affirmed the phenomenon as a new type of Homunculus.


The Radiatus has a similar body shape to the Cavum, but possesses a darker purple coloration and a shorter barrel that resembles a six-pointed star.


Unlike the Cavum, Radiati have a very short charge time for their beam attacks and can fire a rapid burst of energy if forced into close range. They can also fire a cluster of homing projectiles and retain the ability to leap quickly to reposition themselves.

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