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The Mega Humanoid Exothermal Decisive Unit "Pyrocumulus" is a boss type of Homunculus introduced in Bayonetta 3.

Anatomia Complex[]

A gigantic humanoid Homunculus based on the Cumulonimbus type, with defensive and resistance capabilities that are fully adaptable to the location in which it is deployed.

As a result of being deployed to a volcanic region, it has gained both resistance to extreme heat and the ability to cloak itself in flame for increased offensive potential.

It can also influence its environment, creating what would under other circumstances be considered natural disasters, and can cause lava to erupt by slamming the ground.


Pyrocumulus resembles the Cumulonimbus, albeit with more musuclar arms and shorter legs; it walks on all fours, with a posture and mannerisms reminiscent of a gorilla. Its arms are shrouded in flames, and it has long "hair" extending out of the top of its head.


Pyrocumulus spends most of the battle's first phase clinging to one of the arena's walls, and can swipe at Bayonetta or create shockwaves with a ground slam. It can also fire beams from its eye that trigger magma explosions where they hit, and will frequently try to tilt the platform Bayonetta is standing on to knock her into the surrounding lava or smash her with its fists. Occasionally, it will call down burning rocks from the sky or jump directly into the platform- both of these are telegraphed by circles showing where they will land.

The second phase of the battle has Bayonetta control one of Wartrain Gouon's turrets. In this phase, Bayonetta must simply shoot Pyrocumulus whenever she has the opportunity while making sure to destroy the debris it throws at her; when it gets close to Wartrain Gouon, Bayonetta must shoot the target on its fists to interrupt its attack.

Recommended Weapons[]

Fighting in an area surrounded by lava, Pyrocumulus is best faced at longer range as to avoid environmental damage. To that end, it is recommended to use Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo for its range, as well as the immunity to lava damage in Demon Masquerade form.

Cruel Altea or Cassiopeia are good alternatives in consequent playthroughs, as they too have a mid-to-long range of attack and good damage.

Pyrocumulus can be knocked off the walls with Phantasmaraneae, as it is immune to lava damage. Doing so will unlock a Bewitchment.


  • "Pyrocumulus" has roots in both Latin and Greek; "cumulus", Latin for "heap, pile", and "pyros", ancient Greek for "fire". It's the name of a cloud associated with fire or volcanic eruptions.
  • During the intro and even though out the course of the battle, Pyrocumulus will make monkey/chimpanzee-like calls, which is fitting due to its design resembling a type of prime-ape.
  • Fitting with the culture of the Universe it's faced in, Pyrocumulus is inspired by the Chinese myth of the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. In its base form, Pyrocumulus acts not unlike a gorilla. The reference to the Monkey King is made even more obvious when it becomes Arch-Pyrocumulus, gaining a cloud-shaped flying vessel and an ever-extending staff, a direct reference to Sun Wukong's staff, Ruyi Jingu Bang.

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