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For the character from Bayonetta 3, see Variants#Lukaon.
I will give you power to save your mother... ― Mysterious Boy to Cereza

Prince Lukaon is a character introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. He is the half-human prince of the faeries in Avalon Forest who was sealed away by evil faeries long ago. He bestows Cereza with the magical ability to infuse Cheshire with various elemental powers, so the two can help him gain his freedom.


The White Wolf

A wolf dwelling in Avalon with a mane white like winter snow.

"The white wolf... guide you..." Just like the boy in Cereza's dream said, the wolf appears before Cereza and Cheshire, as if to lead them through the forest.

Effortlessly evading each of Cheshire's initial attempts to slash at him, it seems that his nimble movement is the reason he is able to survive the dangerous Avalon Forest in the first place.

Somehow aware of the location of the Elemental Cores, he appears before Cereza to show her where they rest.

Inside the white wolf there is revealed to be the spirit of Lukaon, the true successor to the faerie kingdom, who was forced to escape there following a dispute for the throne.

As noble as the prince he is, he has struggled to protect and help all of the innocent who have somehow wandered into Avalon. While doing this, he has come across a fair number of young Umbra Witches, which he finds somewhat puzzling, but he works with the girls to try and help them escape Avalon.

The only way he can think of for them to accomplish this is for the girls to sacrifice their demon to restore his true power. Alas, every girl yet has met a tragic end before they can finalise their plan, which pains him greatly.

After Lukaon's spirit left the wolf's body to return to its own, the wolf simply reverted to its natural self, and disappeared into the forest.


A curious boy who enters Cereza's dreams and invites her to the forbidden land of Avalon.

Once Cereza enters the forest, he appears before her again in an ethereal form. He promises Cereza a great power if she will only destroy the Elemental Cores that sleep in the forest, breaking the seal that has been placed on him.

Meeting Cereza from time to time along her journey, the two slowly learn about each other, and their common goal of each wishing to reunite with their mother. This similarity, along with his handsome face, makes Cereza realise she might have just a tiny crush on Lukaon.

He was born from the love between an Umbra Witch and the previous faerie king who ruled the faerie kingdom.

His father was a pacifist who wished to do away with many of the cumbersome traditions of the past, and envisioned an Avalon where faeries and humans could live together side by side. Lukaon, sharing the blood of both, was meant to serve as the symbol that would unite these groups together.

But one day, there was an insurgence led by a scheming faerie who succeeded in dethroning the king. With Lukaon's own life in danger, in a last minute attempt to save her son, Lukaon's mother transferred his spirit inside the white wolf, and he escaped into the forest.

Releasing the seal would require the life of a demon born on the night of a full moon. Lukaon has found many young witches lost in the forest whom he has tried to persuade to help him, guiding them with the white wolf.

Lukaon's reasons for doing this were never only to save himself, he simply wanted to see the girls released from the forest safely. Unbeknownst to him, it was his very own mother who had tricked these girls into Avalon in the first place.

Even not having reached full maturity, there exists inside him truly phenomenal power. After having his seal finally released, he awakens the abilities he inherited from his father, the great faerie king.

Seeing Cheshire as nothing but a tool for his ends, he finds himself in confrontation with Cereza. But having witnessed the bond that has formed between Cereza and her demon, he reconsiders his own actions.

In his last moments, he tires pleading to Morgana to remove the hatred from her heart, and not have others suffer for his own sake. He then finally falls to eternal rest, cradled softly in her arms.

The True Heir to the Throne

Lukaon after returning to his faerie form by partially absorbing Cheshire's soul to remove the seal on his own. Though the full extent of his power is still not realised, he boasts strength several hundred times over that of ordinary faeries.

Possessing innate talents from both parents and having started practising from a young age, he knows spells for every situation. His physical strength is equally a threat; he can reduce even the thickest tree trunks in Avalon to splinters with a single swoop of his claws.

He is kind-natured in spirit and does not enjoy fighting, but when the situation has become unavoidable, he will show his enemy no mercy. Once engaged, he will not relent until his opponent's demise is certain, attacking repeatedly with swift, determined strikes.

Though still young, he already possesses both the power and maturity needed to succeed the throne, making him the prime obstacle to Púca's ambition, and reason to seal Lukaon away using the power of the Elemental Cores.

Born between faerie and human, something strictly forbidden in Avalon, he grew up despised and neglected by the other faeries. Still, he shows no spite for his parents - on the contrary, he cares about both deeply, and has trained himself daily to be stronger, so his father and mother may be proud of him.

The time spent with his mother Morgana, learning magic, forms many of his most cherished memories. He is both grateful to Morgana for showing him how to be strong, and proud that he is able to carry on his mother's teachings.


Lukaon is a good-hearted, kind, gentle and charismatic boy, his personality is quite modest despite his status as a prince. However, after losing his body and his family to Púca, plus being confined to solitude for many centuries affected his mind, making him an overly anxious and desperate person, almost bordering on ruthless because he was determined to do anything to get his body back and be free even if it meant murder. Most of all, he wishes to reunite with his mother, Morgana, a desire that Cereza understands all too well.

Though Cereza deeply sympathized with Lukaon, his end goal of syphoning Cheshire's power to free his body led her feeling betrayed leading her to thwart his efforts. On his part, Lukaon initially didn't understand how Cereza could befriend a demon like Cheshire, as he knows the fate of Witches who make pacts with demons. Despite his desperation in wanting to be free, Lukaon still has enough reason in him to back down, as after Cereza and Cheshire defeated him yet saved him from falling to his death, Lukaon ended his plans. He was grateful to the two of them despite the circumstances and even attempted to stop his mother from attack Cereza when her plan to free Lukaon fell to pieces, unable to see his mother so full of anger and contempt. Ultimately, Lukaon was able to convince his mother to let go of her anger and allow himself to pass on, as he was able to reunite with her if only for a brief moment.


Human Form

In his human form, Lukaon is a slim, handsome boy with pale pink skin, medium-short platinum blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and as part of his faerie heritage, pointy ears. Being a member of royalty, he wears elegant white and light blue robes, white stockings, dark brown boots and wears a gold headdress that symbolizes her royalty.

Wolf Form

In his wolf form, Lukaon is a medium-sized white wolf with glowing blue eyes and black paws.

Faerie Wolf Form

In his monstrous wolf form Lukaon is a giant white-haired wolfish creature with leaves protruding from his bright blue fur, sharp claws, small deer antlers on his head, and his eyes glowing deep blue.

Every time he uses a different type of elemental magic his body changes color: red if he uses fire magic, blue if he uses water magic, yellow if he uses stone magic, and green if he uses wood magic.


Lukaon is the son of the King of the Faeries and the Umbra Witch Morgana. When the prince was just a child, Púca started a coup, murdering his father and banishing his mother. Before being banished, Morgana separated Lukaon's soul from his body in order to save his life and put him in the body of a white wolf, giving Lukaon the chance to escape without being recognized.

Although he managed to escape from Puca, fearing that he would one day return, he locked his body in a magical diamond prison. Lukaon was forced to live in the body of the white wolf for many centuries in solitude.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the lost Demon

Lukaon began to appear in Cereza's dreams telling her to go to the forest of Avalon and look for him because he would help her save her mother. In a discreet manner in his wolf body, Lukaon guided her and Cheshire through the forest.

Lukaon began to appear in Cereza's dreams, she asked him for his name and he gave it to her, as the trip progressed Cereza began to develop feelings for him, not only because Lukaon was remarkably attractive. but because after so much Cereza would finally have what she always wanted, a friend.

When Cereza finally reached the heart of Avalon she found Lukaon locked in a large crystal, she congratulated Cereza for having managed to reach the heart of the forest, Cereza tried to get Lukaon out of the crystal but he told her that he was here, revealing that he is the white wolf. Lukaon proceeded to tell Cereza his sad story, leaving her very distressed since she had also gone through the same thing as him. Lukaon told her that there was a way to free him and break her curse by telling her that the way to do it was to sacrifice Cheshire, Cereza was horrified and disgusted with the idea and although she wanted to help Lukaon, she refused to do that.

Lukaon was stunned by Cereza's response, he told him that demons are just tools, not friends, but Cereza told him that he was wrong, she wanted to help him but she would not sacrifice Cheshire to do it. Lukaon was filled with sadness and desperation and told Cereza that it was his last chance to be free, so he firmly began to absorb the vital essence of Cheshire. Cereza begged him to stop, hearing the pain in the girl's voice Lukaon hesitated but in the end he stood firm with her decision and with a great howl he took on his monstrous fairy wolf form.


Being the prince of the fairies, Lukaon has great mastery over the magic of his species, even in his wolf body he shows the ability to use them.

  • Telepathy: Lukaon has the ability to communicate telepathically without the need to speak.
  • Oneiromancy: Lukaon can travel and communicate through dreams.
  • Elemental Magic:As a faierie prince, Lukaon can use the elemental magic of his species.
    • Pyrokinesis: Lukaon can create and manipulate fire at will.
    • Hydrokinesis: Lukaon can create and manipulate water at will.
    • Geokinesis: Lukaon can create and manipulate earth at will.
    • Dendrokinesis: Lukaon can manipulate nature at will, conjuring vines and pods capable of immobilizing, defending and attacking enemies.
  • Energy Projection: Lukaon can fire powerful beams of energy, in his case from his snout.
  • Shapeshifting: Lukaon can shapeshift as he can transform from an ordinary wolf to a monstrous fairy wolf.


  • Prior to Prince Lukaon's debut in Bayonetta Origins, another faerie named Lukaon appears in Bayonetta 3, although introduced as a variant of Luka rather than Lukaon and not originating from the primary universe. It is possible Lukaon is also a variant of Prince Lukaon who survived into adulthood.
  • The name "Lukaon" may be a portmanteau of Luka and Lycaon, a king of Arcadia cursed in the form of a wolf by the god Zeus, giving rise to the term lycanthrope, another name for "werewolf". This is supported by Lukaon's spirit appearing in the form of a wolf, and its stronger form sharing a great resemblance to Luka's Strider form.