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Platinum! is an achievement/trophy in the first Bayonetta game that is unlocked by getting 10 Platinum medals in 10 different battles.


"Earn 10 Platinum Medals. Must be earned in 10 different battles."


To earn a Platinum Medal you need good scores in the three Combat Ratings. That means you will need to be quick, take little to no damage and have a really high combo score.

For the combo score:

To earn a high combo shoot with Scarborough Fair (Shoot) at enemies that are too far away then close in. You can increase your attack value by taunting enemies (LB or L1), but enemies become aggressive and harder to stagger while enraged. Learning how to Dodge Offset will help keeping combo counters going.

For timing, remember that a Verse only truly begins with a battle and usually ends afterwards, sometimes you'll have to move forward for another fight. So keep your battles quick.

For damage you will either need to master dodging (plus Witch Time), using the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa or simply picking off the enemy before they reach you. Your best bet is to just go for Pure Platinum, take no damage whatsoever, if you get hit 1-3 times then its possible you will simply get Gold instead of Platinum or Pure Platinum.


  • The Xbox 360 achievement adds 10 points to the player's Gamerscore.
  • The PlayStation 3 and 4 trophy gives the player a 'Bronze' trophy.