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The Parasitic Control Module "Perlucidus" is a Homunculus that specializes in controlling targets by attaching itself to their spine. It is faced as part of Baal Zebul's rhythm mini-game in Chapter 12.

Anatomia Complex[]

A parasitic Homunculus type that has the ability to attach itself to organisms and assume mental and physical control.

While not much of a threat on its own, it is able to draw power out of a host that exceeds its normal limits, turning even a fairly normal human into the equal of a musclebound soldier.


Perlucidus is a small, vaguely insectoid Homunculus with a long spike protruding from its head. It uses this spike to burrow into a victim's spine, allowing Singularity to enslave them. Humans under the control of a Perlucidus have glowing green eyes and the Homunculi's characteristic light tether emerging from their backs.


Perlucidis are first faced indirectly, as controllers for their human hosts in Chapter 12. Afterwards, they attack Baal Zebul and must be defeated by pressing the correct buttons as they approach the demon.

Recommended Weapons[]

Not applicable, as it is fought exclusively with Baal Zebul in the form of a rhythm minigame. The human hosts can be defeated with any weapon, although care must be taken not to be swarmed by them.


  • "Perlucidus" (plural "perlucidis") translates to "allowing the passage of light" in Latin, and is the name given to a cloud variety.