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The Light Flotation Combat Unit "Pannus" is a type of Homunculus faced in Bayonetta 3. It's able to split into multiple smaller versions of itself.

Anatomia Complex[]

An explosive Homunculus type that resembles a jellyfish and can float in midair.

It splits apart upon being attacked, and when it can no longer split it self destructs, dealing heavy damage to the surrounding area.

Designed as a bioweapon that is not only unconcerned with its own survival but actively invites attack in an attempt to destroy targets along with itself, it is mainly sent into battle against large enemies like Infernal Demons.


Pannus takes on the appearance of a cyan jellyfish with short, spinning appendages at the bottom and fused Strati visible in the center of its body. It also seems to have metallic horns on its bell which seems to greatly resemble a tiara.


In combat, Pannus uses its spinning lower body to rush at Bayonetta. It can also split into multiple smaller Panni, and shoot spherical projectiles. When it grows too small to split further, it pursues Bayonetta for a short time before self-destructing.

Recommended Weapons[]

Should enough damage be dealt to it, a Pannus can hypothetically be defeated before it has a chance to split; in order to ensure that it has no opportunities to divide, Madama Butterfly or an Infernal Demon with equally quick combo attacks should be used to stunlock it until it is defeated. Failing that, weapons with strong ranged attacks are ideal for preventing the small Panni from getting close enough to explode.


  • "Pannus" (plural "panni") is Greek for "shred", and is a name given to a type of fractus cloud that forms close to the ground near a larger cloud and has a wispy, ragged appearance.

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