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Púca is a villainous Faerie and the self-proclaimed leader of the faeries of Avalon Forest. He is the primary antagonist of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.


An unsettling figure who surfaces from the shadows, then dissolves within them just as quickly. He can command many of the faeries of Avalon, and seems to have interest in Cereza and Cheshire's whereabouts.[1]

His name is Puca, and he claims himself to be the king of the faerie kingdom. He is bent on complete domination of Avalon, and commands an army of faeries in order to accomplish this.

Being neurotically cautious, he order lower faeries to constantly patrol the forest for any invaders and extinguish them upon sight, no matter how helpless or innocent they may be.

He dons a cape several times taller than his own height, and acts overly haughty to anyone in his presence, albeit with a peculiar way of speaking.

Not one to fight his own battles, he prefers instead to create strategies for how to eliminate his opposition. A talented user of faerie magic, he has succeeded in creating an illusion of the angel Affinity that he can control to his own will. His power should not be underestimated.

Originally a researcher serving under the former faerie king. Puca deciphered many human writings and, in turn, was able to create numerous inventions for the kingdom. He showed the talent of a brilliant scientist.

The Elemental Cores also happened to be Puca's design, and their introduction to faerie society changed radically. He was praised for his contributions to the kingdom, but he continued to seek power with an obsession, and eventually started to devise a plan to overthrow Avalon.

Once the faerie king revealed his son would be a human boy, Puca used this to create unease within the kingdom, building an army that he would lead to bring the kingdom to its downfall.

He had hoped to acquire Lukaon's immense power for himself, but having his spirit hidden and his body guarded by Morgana's magic, his only remaining option was to create a seal on the body with the Elemental Cores that would prevent Lukaon from ever recovering it.

And once he finally does obtain Lukaon's power, he immediately thinks of taking his plans for conquest outside of Avalon...only to have his life snuffed out by a single crushing blow from Morgana, who had been waiting for the moment patiently.


When he first appears, Púca is depicted as a crowned humanoid silhouette with a large cape, giving the impression of a regal figure that is seemingly taller than the other faeries.

However, his actual appearance is a diminutive Pawn-type faerie with purple accents. He has an enlarged cranium resembling a large crown and riding on a white rocking horse, as well as an oversized stained-glass cape with pointed tail-ends.


While at first glance he was mysterious and cunning with a regal aura, he is really arrogant, prideful and flamboyant, yet humorously clumsy. But he is still cunning no less, along with being power hungry. His theatrics and extravagant tendencies belie his ruthlessness, having betrayed the original king of Avalon Forest and cursed his son to claim the throne for himself. In addition, he disagreed with the old king's dream of a world where humans and faeries lived together in harmony, leading to his coup d'état. Instead, Púca ensured any human who entered their forest were to be killed and the souls of human children, the whisps, to be tormented for his enjoyment, further showcasing his sadism and dislike for non-faeries.

Though Púca likes to present himself as the true king of Avalon Forest and the Faeries, he is in reality a despotic usurper, having turned the once peaceful Avalon Forest into a wretched and dark place where the faeries torment others for sheer enjoyment. As such, he takes immense offense to anyone not showing the proper deference for his station, likely knowing that he does not possess royal blood as Prince Lukaon does, making him appear insecure regarding his position. As such, Púca is desperate to claim Lukaon's soul to gain its power and thereby ensure his claim as legitimate.

Despite his arrogance, Púca is pragmatic when it suits him as he attempted to strike a bargain with a captive Cheshire in capturing Cereza. Furthermore, in spite of his clumsy antics, Púca was noted to be a very intelligent builder and gifted magician; he can be credited for the creation of the Elemental Cores, as well as cursing Prince Lukaon, and conjuring a powerful magical barrier around the forest to prevent anyone from leaving freely.



  • Púca, also known as pooka, are mischievous shapeshifter faeries in Celtic folklore. They were bringers both of good and bad fortune to those who happen to encounter them, while also having the power of human speech that made them known to embellish the truth.
  • Despite Púca being capable of speaking enochian and the human tongue, his archaic use made it difficult for Cereza to properly understand him, thinking it was "dialect" that made it hard to discern what he was saying.