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Omne, the Controller of Creation, is a powerful omniscient being that was formed by a miraculous union of the powers of Paradiso and Inferno. This being was summoned by both Balder and Bayonetta during their final battle with the God of Chaos, Aesir.[1]

Book of Infernal Demons[]

An omniscient being formed by a miraculous unison of the powers of Paradiso and Inferno.

The past leaders of the Umbra and Lumen clans, though they were aware of Omne's existence, were unable to summon it to this realm. It took the combined power of light and darkness, united in the bond of father and daughter, to finally summon Omne successfully.

Possessing the qualities of both darkness and light, it can defeat even the most despondent of chaos.

*Note: Despite the fact that Omne's entry is within the Book of Infernal Demons, it should be mentioned that the entries within the book records beings which are summoned. Meaning not all beings within the entries, such as Omne, are actually demons.


Omne resembles a fusion of Jubileus and Queen Sheba, with Jubileus on its right side and Sheba on the left. It has long strands of "hair" with angelic faces and skulls adorned on the top portion of its "hair".[1]


Formed by a powerful union of power from Paradiso and Inferno, the omniscient being came into existence. Although this being's existence was known through the leaders of both the Lumen Sages and Umbra Witches, they were unable to successfully summon it to the world.[1]


Bayonetta 2[]

After Loki destroys both of the Eyes of the World at the climax of the game, Aesir's power dissipates and leaves him vulnerable to attack. After he is subdued, Bayonetta and Balder combine their powers and are able to summon Omne. The giant creation powers up and then dropkicks Aesir so intensely, it separates his soul from his body, sending his body flying through the sky where it is promptly eaten by Jeanne summoned Gomorrah.[1]


Omne is a powerful being, described as an omniscient being from the combined power of the Inferno and Paradiso. It is considered so powerful, its summoning required the combined powers of a Lumen Sage and an Umbra Witch with a special, familial connection. It is currently the most powerful summon witnessed. When summoned, Omne possesses extreme combat prowess and power far greater than Aesir, as it is capable of performing a dropkick on the supernatural being so strong, it separated his body from his soul.[1]



  • Omne's voice is actually altered vocal clips by Grey DeLisle (Jeanne and Jubileus) and Hellena Taylor (Bayonetta and Sheba).
  • Omne is the second character in the series and the only one in this game, to do a climax at Infiniton strength, the first being Queen Sheba from the first Bayonetta game.
  • Omne's eyes share the same red and blue color scheme of the Eyes of the world.
  • "Omne" appears to be derived from the Latin word 'Omnisciēns' which means an all-knowing person of knowledge and wisdom. Omne is also further derived from the word 'Omnis' which means 'all' and 'everything', referring to Omne's appearance as a hybrid of both the angelic Jubileus and demonic Sheba, the goddesses of their respective realms.


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