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The Old Picture Book is a special item found in Bayonetta 3. Purchasable from the Gates of Hell within Rodin's Treasures for 1000 Halos (4100 Halos pre-1.2.0), the book is described as being sealed by something so strong that not even Rodin himself can open it.

The Old Picture Book gives the player access to a special secret chapter that acts as playable teaser for the prequel spin-off Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.


A weathered and worn picture book that somehow found its way onto the shelves at The Gates of Hell. Perhaps having been written far in the past, the cover is nearly completely worn off, and the title is illegible.

Some unknown power so strong that not even Rodin himself can dispel it seals the book, and the content is a mystery. However, the seal is in the shape of three keyholes so with the right keys, the book might someday be opened...


After purchasing the Old Picture Book and completing the game the player must obtain the Tricolored Keys hidden to unlock the seal on the book.

In the original versions of the game (1.0.0 and 1.1.0), the player could find the keys hidden within Ginnungagap.

Blue Key

The blue key is found within Chapter I after completing Verse 4. Jump onto the small platform with a collection of lotuses on it, then turn to the left to see the key.

Green Key

The green key is found within Chapter IV. It is located in the Lotus Field, an area also tied to a Bewitchment and requires usage of the terrain and Demon Masquerade traversal powers to reach.

Red Key

The red key is found within Chapter XIII. Navigate across the collapsing sections of Ginnungagap until you spot a Treasure Chest. Head up the spiral path to the top and you can see two two platforms ahead of you. Jumping on these and then back to the solid ground of your starting point will cause both of the platforms to collapse. The key is hidden inside one of them.

As of update 1.2.0, the Tricolored Keys are automatically obtained on a save file after unlocking access to the Gates of Hell.


When all three keys are collected, the Old Picture Book can be accessed from the Chapter select menu at any time.

Upon opening the book, the player is transported to a top-down perspective of a storybook themed world with a radically different art style from the rest of the game, controlling variant of Cereza as she wanders into Avalon Forest with her Cheshire plush alongside her.

Though sensing that someone or something is watching her from the foliage, Cereza presses further in. Within the forest, she can rustle bushes to collect hidden Orbs and Concocting Compounds, and eventually comes across a plant that hails from Inferno. Realising she can perform her magic on it to make it change, the player is made to play a rhythm based minigame referred to as "Witch Pulse" to change the plant's shape into a bridge.

After exploring as far as she can, Cereza is suddenly stopped in her tracks by mysterious shadowy figures with a multitude of glowing red eyes. The chapter concludes with a message of "To Be Continued...?" before a rush of different scenes are shown as the book's pages turn. These pages feature an unknown voice instructing Cereza to go to Avalon Forest, Cereza performing magic and declaring herself an Umbra Witch, a brief glimpse of Rosa speaking to her daughter before Cereza is seen crying and remarking she "still can't save anyone". The chapter then ends, focusing on another young girl who resembles Jeanne, expressing her concern for Cereza.

Super Mirror 0

In addition to the mandatory Inferno flower that opens the path, two additional flowers can be found within the environment. Upon discovering them and successfully performing the same spell, a jingle will play. Backtracking to the area before the path forks will reveal a chest, and opening it will unlock the Super Mirror 0. This gives Bayonetta her own version of the dress Cereza wears in the secret chapter.



  • The voice actress for Cereza within the secret Chapter, Angeli Wall, also provides her voice when Bayonetta is transformed into her younger self during the Congestus time puzzles.