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Odette is the name of a pair of demonic blue ice skates that have the ability to freeze enemies whilst attacking. They are unique among all other weapons in that they can only be used in the foot slot. When moving around while wearing these skates, Bayonetta will skate instead of run, increasing her movement speed and leaving a cosmetic trail of ice crystals. They also allow her to walk over lava without taking damage. Jeanne's equivalent for Odette is Karen.

In-Game Description[]

These skates hold the soul of the demon witch Odette, who traded her soul for eternal youth, transforming into a swan. Residing in the frozen hell of Cocytus, legend has it that Odette made a pact with the stubborn demon queen Odile, allowing her to fall to her preferred circle of hell. Odette, said to have prided herself on her ice magic abilities, lends these skates the terrifying ability to summon the cold.


Odette are a pair of blue ice skates. Their insides are made from a grey material with their outside being made from a crystalline blue material, shaped like the head of some sort of monster or demon with sharp teeth and three glowing eyes. On the sides there are two long, golden tubes that resemble the large exhaust pipes from a modified motorbike, their blades are a very light silver with a blue spine, it is united to the shoe part by brown coloured latches.

How to Obtain[]

This weapon's LP is divided into three parts in Chapter VI

First Piece: Just as the level begins it is located in a chest behind you.

Second Piece: Located soon after the first, in the area where you fight the two Inspired. Near the entrance there's a pile of rocks; destroy these to reveal a chest containing the LP piece.

Third Piece: Given to you later in the chapter as a reward for defeating a Joy.

Unique Traits[]

Odette will increase Bayonetta's movement speed and cause her to "slide" for a moment when she stops. This can allow for longer reaching jabs and kicks and gives the player the ability to slide their dodges, granting a noticeable boost in mobility against game bosses. Executing kick attacks with Odette also causes enemies to become frozen solid for a short duration, with multi-kick flurries increasing the chance of this occurring greatly. Once frozen, enemies may be lifted and thrown using Madama Butterfly like cars and dumpsters. This freeze can be afflicted upon all non-boss enemies in the game other than Kinships, Braves, and Beloved.

Wicked Weaves: While equipped, all Wicked Kicks will glow white and will be of the ice element.

Jumping Pirouette: After skating for a certain amount of time (5 swizzles; listen to how many times she pushes her feet when moving), Bayonetta will have a big trail of wind following behind her. Letting go of the joystick and immediately tapping Kick will result in Bayonetta performing a jumping pirouette, doing damage to any enemies that touch her blades. Holding down the Kick button will have you spin around in the air longer.

  • Your wind trail is kept after performing this move if continuing to skate, meaning it can be performed consecutively. You can jump around normally to keep your wind trail, but doing anything else such as attacking or performing Dodge Offset means you will have to skate again to get it back. Despite it doing bigger amounts of damage than the Bullet Climax spin, it's harder to pull off as you need enough time to build your momentum and put yourself in a position where you'll get multiple hits. It's best to get your wind momentum built up before you start a fight, otherwise use this move with caution.

Bullet Climax: When executed, this will cause Bayonetta to spin with one skate outstretched, hitting nearby enemies in quick succession with its blade. Two of these attacks in a row are usually enough to freeze an Angel solid.

Charge Modifier: Holding down Kick will transform Bayonetta's kick attacks into either a flurry of quick kicks or a set of spinning sweep kicks. Rapidly pressing the button during the animation will increase the number of kicks or sweeps, allowing her to freeze enemies more rapidly.

Unique Combo: KickKickKickKick. A set of four kicks, each of which can be charged into a flurry of kicks. If the fourth and final kick is charged the last kick will also let loose a Wicked Heel Kick. This combo can also be executed after the PunchKick and PunchPunchPauseKick combos if the kick is charged, effectively creating rather unique PunchKickKickKickKickKick and PunchPunchPauseKickKickKickKickKick combos that can't be performed with any other feet weapons.

Fire Immunity: Equipping Odette will allow Bayonetta to skate on the shallow molten ground without taking damage. Though Fire Affinities and Ardors will still have immunity to her kicks and cause damage to her if she touches them. This can make navigating certain boss fights much easier, as she no longer has to jump between 'safe areas' to get to certain bosses' weak points. This also extends to the unique "Ice" stage of the final boss, allowing Bayonetta to navigate the arena without being frozen.


Karen is Jeanne's version of Bayonetta's demonic ice skates, Odette, and they function exactly the same as them, but like Jeanne's other weapons they are recolored to match her sense of style.

In-Game Description[]

Cursed to dance endlessly, Karen, banished to the icy hell of Cocytus, now finds her soul sealed within Rodin's handiwork. The blades of these skates are able to release incredible cold, giving those skilled in leg techniques frightening power; however, those without the power to fight the curse will find themselves losing control of the skates and dancing endlessly until their death.


  • Odette is named for the protagonist of the ballet Swan Lake. Odile, mentioned in the game description, is the black swan and her rival. Hideki Kamiya initially planned for the weapon to be named Odile, because it would "match the story better", according to his own words, but he decided to stick to a name more people were familiar with, thus Odette.
  • Cocytus, mentioned in the description is the lowest circle of hell where in Lucifer flaps his wings to freeze a lake made of his tears.
  • The perfume gives Bayonetta a tutu and two white feathers on her head when she wears Odette, making her look like a figure-skater; this also references the weapon's origins in ballet.
  • Karen is a reference to The Red Shoes, an old fairy tale by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. In the fairy tale, Karen is a spoiled and vain child who becomes obsessed with her new expensive red shoes, which she obtained through trickery, and she is cursed to dance in them eternally even after death, as a warning to spoiled children everywhere.
  • The LP used to unlock Odette and Karen is named after Waldteufel's "Les Patineurs, Op. 183, or 'The Skater's Waltz'."