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Nothingness is the special, divine power held by Lord Aesir. After his split, this power was then given to his good personality, Loki, in the form of his magic cards.[1]


As described by Loki, the power of "Nothingness" is the power to erase anything and everything from the world almost to a fresh start. Being the true power of Lord Aesir, this power was proficient enough to utterly destroy the Eyes of the World.[1]


  • When comparing the arrangement of Loki's cards to the Major Trump set of Tarot cards, it is shown to be the counterpart to the Wheel of Fortune' card. Embodying the meanings of fate and destiny, it is a very fitting card to allow humanity to be independent from the Eyes. Aesthetically, the "Wheel" is replaced by what appears to be a black hole.


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