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Noatun is a new setting featured in the second game, Bayonetta 2 and is a coastal town that sits at the base of the sacred mountain Fimbulventr. Much of the town's aesthetics are heavily similar to the isolated town of Vigrid from the original game but is much larger in scale. Unlike Vigrid's bunched up neighborhood, xenophobic nature, and cliffside placement, Noatun is more open and friendly with its tourists, is directly harbored to the ocean and features lots of interlocking streets and buildings that liken it to the city of Venice.

Bayonetta 2[]

As Fimbulventr is impossible to get to, due to its ability to repel travelers from even getting close to it, the residents of Noatun worship it almost like a god. Similar to Vigrid, Noatun sports heavy religious architecture, showcasing the influence of Fimbulventr's connection to the Trinity of Realities.

After losing Jeanne's soul to the depths of hell, Bayonetta travels to and through the town in order to find the gates that lead to Inferno. Along the way, she encounters heavy scores of angels and ancient religious artifacts related to Fimbulventr's previous inhabitant Aesir that allow her to Witch Walk during the day. Rodin also notes that Noatun had some deep connection to the Gates of Hell many years ago and claims he wouldn't be surprised if a demonic influence were still around. Bayonetta also meets Loki in Noatun, who is also trying to get to Fimbulventr using the town as his route.

Despite the interference of the angels destroying much of the town's streets and buildings, Bayonetta and Loki are able to proceed near the Cathedral of Cascades to get to Fimbulventr before a battle with Glamor sends them flying to the town's outskirts. It is here that they encounter the Masked Lumen for the first time before their battle takes to the skies above the town. Though the fight ends in a stalemate.

After dealing with the Masked Lumen, Bayonetta and Loki are blown away into a moat area that leads into the Cathedral of Cascades, with Loki's power over the Remembrance of Time, the two are able to ascend the cathedral with various structures and restore the Bridge to the Heavens, whilst dealing with angels and a demon along the way.

At the top of the cathedral, Bayonetta and Loki are ambushed by Valor while the two are walking across the Bridge to the Heavens, this fight causes them to plummet back down the cathedral and into underground water, at the end of this battle, Valor cuts a hole into the earth, which sucks both Bayonetta and Loki in, dragging them further underground into a vast cavern with a demonic manta ray lurking inside. Further below this cavern lies the Ancient Ruins, the personal city, and the garden of god, Aesir. The real Gates of Hell also stands here.

Unlike Vigrid, which was left heavily damaged and burning in the original game, Noatun only suffers minor and major damage in certain areas, leaving the city mostly intact.


  • In Norse mythology, Nóatún is the home of the Vanir god, Njörðr. Nóatún itself is said to be found in Heaven.


  • In order to accurately match the aesthetic and architecture that was being aimed for in Noatun during Bayonetta 2's development, the environmental artists traveled to Italy and Belgium to take photographic references of locations such as the Belgian Royal Palace, the Church of Our Lady in Bruges and the walkways and rooftops of Florence and Venice. The photographs were also used to accurately create lighting setups for the various parts of Noatun in-game.