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The Light Humanoid Assault Unit "Nebulosus" is a Homunculus in Bayonetta 3, and a more menacing evolution of the fodder enemy, Stratus.

Anatomia Complex[]

An enhanced Stratus type that has been given flight capabilities for assault, greatly increasing its operational parameters.

The enhanced musculature it has to aid with flight stabilization has also increased its overall size, and it has been given improved attack capabilities such as the ability to instantly deploy and attack with a specially designed spear.


Nebulosus takes the appearance of a taller, better-armored Stratus, and can manifest a long spear at will. Its armor is tinted black and purple instead of the usual white.


The Nebulosus can attack from a considerable distance, using its spear to perform lunges and sweeping strikes while flying out of reach.

Recommended Weapons[]

Alruna can pull Bayonetta towards it in order to prevent it from flying away, while Viola's parry is a more reliable method of avoiding damage from its sweeps than dodging.


  • "Nebulosus" (plural "nebulosi"), composed of the Latin words "nebula" (fog, mist, cloud) and "-osus" (full of, overly prone to), translates to "misty, foggy". It is the name given to a nebulous cloud, with no discerning details.

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