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The Heavy Enhanced Armor Unit "Murus" is a Homunculus boss that resembles a large snail, and attacks with fast bladed whip-like appendages.

Anatomia Complex[]

A large, mollusk-like Homunculus type.

Protected all over by an extremely durable iridescent exoskeleton, it boasts extremely high defense against external attacks.

It possesses a pair of tentacles that end in hardened tips like sharp axes, which it wields to slash at enemies.

It can also concentrate its own lifeforce and fire an extremely powerful laser, but in order to do so it must split and open its exoskeleton, exposing its body and leaving it vulnerable. Also, while its thick shell provides protection even from the savage blows of Infernal Demons, it is not airtight and is vulnerable to attacks like poisonous liquid.


Murus is a massive Homunculus resembling a large snail with two massive blades at the front. These blades can extend on two feeler-like appendages and whipped around at high speed. Its body is partially comprised of a hard shell composed of the same material as other Homunculi, while the other half is made of countless Stratus units. It has multiple small feet on each side that resemble more of a crustacean, as well as four lager "legs" at the front of its body.


The Murus has numerous attacks; in close quarters it can lash out with its blades, trample Bayonetta, or roll into a ball and charge at her. It attacks with a powerful laser at long range, but makes itself vulnerable when it does so. It can also harden its armor, causing it to take minimal damage from most attacks- this is recognizable by the crystalline appearance of the hardened armor.

Occasionally, it will produce Erasure clouds around itself. While they will disperse after a while, Bayonetta will take damage if she comes into contact with them.

Recommended Weapons[]

While the Murus's hardened armor makes most attacks ineffective against it, the poison rain Baal's song can call down is able to bypass its armor, dealing significant damage.


  • "Murus" translates to "wall" in Latin, and is a type of cloud that is described as such as well, descending from a cumulonimbus cloud.